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Cap'n Jack Sarfatti Frank Tipler's latest paper on nonlocality as evidence for a multiverse http://bit.ly/9AtCTb
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John Gribbin an Leslie Mitts find this pleasin' to the eye.
Jonathan Vos Post What have experts said in the month since he published: "I show that observations of quantum nonlocality can be interpreted as purely local phenomena, provided one assumes that the cosmos is a multiverse. Conversely, the observation of quantum nonlocality can be interpreted as observation evidence for a multiverse cosmology, just as observation of the setting of the Sun can be interpreted as evidence for the Earth's rotation."? What do you really think about this? Is he driven by his religious noosphere omega point agenda? Or is the theory valid?
'bout 23 turn o' yer hourglass ago · Arr! · Jack Sarfatti Murray Gell-Mann makes similar argument in the quark and the jaguar book - it applies only to Max Tegmark's Level 3 - it's fairly well known. Not much new there.
'bout 23 turn o' yer hourglass ago · Arr! · Jack Sarfatti Also Henry Stapp discusses it. As I recall, the many-worlds theory i.e. Level III in Max Tegmark's classification violates CFD (Counter Factual Definiteness) and therefore is consistent with locality. This is because Stapp professes that an equivalent formulation of Bell's theorem is that the statistical predictions of quantum theory are incompatible with both CFD and locality.
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