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Star Gate
 Back From The Future
The Second Quantum and Relativity Revolutions
From radioactivity to retroactivity.
Jack Sarfatti
A memoir and essays by and about the strange adventures of a  radical conservative theatrical physicist trapped in  our destiny matrix holographic virtual reality multiverse of time loops and space twists.
Including a new paper by Fred Alan Wolf
American Book Award Author
Taking The Quantum Leap
Foreword 6
Jackie at Cornell in the late 1950’s by David Green 10
Slim Virgin’s History “Jack Sarfatti” 19
Background 20
Education 20
Academic career 21
Research, ideas, and reception 21
Fundamental Physics Group 21
Research into Uri Geller 23
Physics-Consciousness Research Group 25
Publication and research outside academia 26
DARPA/NASA 100 Year Star Ship Study 30
Man on a Pendulum by Colin Bennett 31
The Book 38
Escape from Destiny’s Matrix 43
Back From the Future 44
Marinetti’s Futurist Manifesto Resurrected in Post-Modern Physics 47
The Divine Invasion: Did Wheeler’s IT Come From The Future BIT? 50
The Once and Future Hologram Mind of GOD 52
Is it the secret meaning of the Free Mason Symbol? 52
The Destiny of the Universe 56
Decoding The Cipher of Genesis 57
How the Hippies Saved Physics 59
Weird Science by Alex Burns, 21C (1996) 63
Master of the Vortex 64
Encounters with VALIS 69
Into the Pandemonium 73
SDI: Rust In Peace 76
Victory at Sea 80
Strange Loops and God-Phones 80
‘Who is Number One?’ 82
Unlocking the ‘Destiny Matrix’ 84
Quantum Physics and the ‘Meanings of Life’ 87
The Non-Lethal Warfare Imperative 89
Parallel Universes In Collision 93
The Beatnik Physicist by Tony Gantner, 2011 94
Sarfatti’s Spark by Rina Shelly Orid, 2011 102
Stephen Hawking’s Grand Design or Grand Illusion? 104
Tony Gantner continued 105
Intelligent Design, Good, Bad or Bogus? 108
Flying Saucer Physics: Covert Black Ops, Zero Point Energy, Anti-Gravity? 110
Paul Hill’s book on Flying Saucers (early 1950’s) 110
Foreword to Report on UFOs by Edward J. Ruppelt, 1955 113
October Sky 1953 - Merlin’s Super Kids 124
The Mists of Avalon 133
Photo of Glastonbury by Hank Harrison 134
Rina Shelly Orid Lost in The Mist 134
The Michelangelo Code 139
Bob Toben, Fred Alan Wolf Space-Time & Beyond 141
Jean Cocteau, French Surrealism meets Italian Futurism 144
Brendan O’Regan, CIA’s SRI Remote Viewing 145
Dr. Kardec, Baphomet and The Knights Templar 147
Solomon ha-Zarfati AKA Rashi de Troyes (1040-1105) 154
Cabalist Carlo Suares 156
(Balthazar of Durrell’s “The Alexandria Quartet”) 156
The Woman and The Child 160
Psi Wars! Uri Geller, Dennis Bardens, Her Majesty’s Secret Service 161
“Dr. Sarfatti, may I take you to dinner?” 162
Does the World Hang Perilously on Stretched G-Strings? 164
Enigma of the point particle 166
Vibrating Strings and Branes in 11 Dimensions? 168
Afternoon of The Magicians 172
My World Line: The Tibetan Connection 172
The Cradle Will Rock: Tea With Benito Mussolini’s Mentor Margherita Sarfatti 175
The Pope’s Jew 177
The Occult Third Reich 179
Hitler’s 1923 suicide attempt foiled at last moment! 182
Ciao! Manhattan 186
Alleged Jewish Sarfatti Ancestory of Queen Victoria According to Martin Dunn-Sarfatti 191
Post-Inflation Emergent Hologram Gravity 198
CIA's not so 'fair game' of spies, lies, and fMRIs? by Gary S. Bekkum 212
Herbert Gold’s Bohemia 230
John Updike allegedly got into the act 231
Causality-Violating Quantum Action-at-a-Distance Lecture at SFSU 235
Making Star Trek Real 238
ISSO Research in the Physics of Consciousness 242
Henry Stapp’s Bohr-Heisenberg idealistic model of presponse 245
Jack Sarfatti’s Bohmian realistic model of presponse 245
Space-time approach to non-relativistic quantum mechanics 246
Reviews of Modern Physics, Vol. 20, p. 267 (1948), Feynman  246
The Cat’s Cradle Principle: Collision of History with Destiny 249
Epilogue Back  From  the  Future 257
Physics Today: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 259
Nobel Physics Laureate Brian Josephson’s “How To Run A Conference.” 264
Jack Sarfatti and the Shadows on the Wall by Alan Waite   267
GroupThink and the Myth of the Cave 268
Science and the Cost of Discipleship 269
Sarfatti and The Cave 275
Jack Sarfatti and the Breaking of Chains 283
Valentini Towler Conference Controversy: Shadows on the Wall 292
Science, Integrity and Mythos 303
Transcript of the Interview 309
Physics Notes 356
Intelligent Design? 366
From Eternity Back to Here-Now 368
Holographic Universe Conjecture 372
Consciousness in the Universe 380
A brief history of my contributions to acausality in quantum physics by Fred Alan Wolf 381
Have Scientists Finally Discovered Evidence for Psychic Phenomena? 381
Retrocausality and Signal Nonlocality in Consciousness & Cosmology 405
Emergent M-Matrix Gravity 433
End Notes 445

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