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If, in a meta-material the magnetic permeability is positive while the electrical permittivity is negative for some frequency and wave vector bands then the impedance will be purely reactance phase shift between voltage and current, i.e. Z pure imaginary (phase shift of 90 deg from infinite argument of the arctan). The effective Ohmic resistance in ACĀ  circuits in this case would seem to be zero like in a superconductor. There should be no Ohmic heating in this regime. Indeed, the speed of light itself is formally imaginary, but that is of no consequence here since we are only dealing with the non-radiating virtual photons in the reactive near field of the capacitor-inductive "propellantless propulsion circuit" and also, perhaps, for lossless electrical power transmission lines over long distances?
Note that random virtual photons are a form of zero point vacuum fluctuations, but the near fields are non-random Glauber macro-quantum coherent states of immense numbers of virtual off-mass-shell photons f =/= ck all in the same region of f-k space.

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