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Star Gate




Making Star Trek Real




Jack Sarfatti










I assume, as a working hypothesis, that UFOs are real mechanical craft of an advanced intelligence that has been interfering in our history perhaps since the beginning of our species. The Garden of Eden story, for example, would have been how pre-scientific humans, our ancestors, would describe their own creation by an advanced intelligence using genetic engineering. Similarly, for the immaculate conception of Jesus Christ that would be an example of human cloning with the Star of Bethlehem being a UFO.  This advanced intelligence is most likely from our future descendants who have mastered time travel and are creating themselves in what Russian physicist Igor Novikov has called a “globally consistent loop in time.”




The Pentagon’s DARPA with NASA has launched a “100 Year Star Ship” project. I was one of the first thirty “visionaries” invited to formulate it in early 2011 near Sausalito, California. The distances and the Einstein time dilations to the stars and beyond are too big for conventional rocket propulsion. The only way such a goal can be achieved is with low power Star Gate Warp Drive super-technology. The UFOs have such super-technology already in my opinion – and also in NASA astronaut moon-walker Edgar Mitchell’s opinion. We simply have to catch up and catch up quickly to avert the impending destruction of civilization in a perfect storm of primitive tribalism, climate-change[1], political incompetence and organized crime destroying the world financial system.[2]




I will also assume, as part of this “war game,” that the advanced intelligence piloting us has sophisticated EMP rendering our conventional weapons impotent and obsolete including mind-control much more powerful than that envisioned in the “Manchurian Candidate” for example. There have been profound advances in “presponse” experiments and the CIA SRI Remote Viewing experimentson the brain showing that conscious experiences act backwards in time exciting neural activity precognitively. We now understand this as “signal nonlocality” that violates orthodox quantum theory in the same way that Einstein’s 1916 General Theory of Relativity of the gravitational field violates his earlier 1905 Special Theory of Relativity. All of this will be explained in detail in this book. That is, orthodox quantum theory is a limiting case of a larger post-quantum theory that explains the “hard” mind-matter problem of how we have inner conscious experiences (aka “qualia”).




Finally, I will show that the “Hermetic” idea that our observable universe is alive and conscious in a piece of the cosmic landscape multiverse, makes perfect sense in the new hologram virtual simulated Matrix reality theory of Lenny Susskind, Seth Lloyd and others in a way that is consistent with the latest accelerating universe dark energy observations of precision cosmology. In fact, just as the cooled black body retarded radiation from the hot Big Bang comes from close to our past cosmic horizon, so does the dark energy come as advanced Hawking cooled black body radiation back from our future cosmic horizon. This basic idea was already found in the work of John Archibald Wheeler and Richard P. Feynman at the start of World War II.




I am a “lazy dog” and I don’t want to waste time reinventing the wheel on the orthodox mainstream physics needed for you to get even a glimpse of what we must do in order to survive and fulfill our Manifest Destiny in our Matrix Reality. Therefore, I will refer the reader to easily accessed Wikipedia articles some of which I will modify to suit my objectives. Wikipedia got off to a rocky start especially in my case where my numerous enemies and detractors used it to make me look much more eccentric and out of the box than I am. It has gotten much better in recent years especially due to a secret group called “Slim Virgin” who totally changed the formerly libelous distortions about me into an accurate picture the last time I checked. Of course, MIT physics professor historian David Kaiser’s book “How the Hippies Saved Physics” has helped immensely. I am the most cited person in the index of that book which has been reviewed in all the major media including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Nature, Scientific American, American Scientist, Physics Today et-al. Now that we have saved physics, it is time for us in true Super Hero style to save the planet! ;-)







[1] I am not endorsing the view that climate-change is primarily man-made here. It may be mostly caused by changes in the Sun’s activity. Whatever the cause, it is happening.

[2] September 15, 2008 collapse of the sub-prime mortgage bubble with global repercussions and a $16 trillion US Debt (much of it from our Iraq and Afghanistan wars of course).



From quantum field theory we know that matter comes in two distinct forms real and virtual with qualitatively different effects on measurements. Virtual matter is inside the quantum vacuum in the form of zero point energy. Real matter forms are excited states outside the quantum vacuum. Technically, there is a tight constraint between energy, linear momentum and rest mass for real matter that is broken for virtual matter. If we ignore gravity then we can get away with ignoring virtual matter and sweep it under the rug to a great extent with the exception of small radiative corrections like the Lamb shift of spectral line in atomic hydrogen and the Casimir force between uncharged flat closely spaced conducting plates of metal. However, we cannot do so when we include gravity because then even virtual matter must warp spacetime in order to obey Einstein’s equivalence principle. It turns out that virtual light in three dimensions of space must anti-gravitate the way the dark energy accelerating the expansion of space in our observable universe does. Oddly enough, virtual electron-positron pairs in three dimensions must gravitate the way dark matter does. We will come back to this fascinating clue. However, the physics changes in unexpected ways if space is reduced to two dimensions. In fact, this is the case for both our observer-dependent past and future cosmological horizons that are spherical surfaces surrounding us at their centers. This gets us the idea that we are three-dimensional hologram image simulations projected from both our past and future two-dimensional horizons that are analogous to the hologram plates or “screens.” Indeed, MIT’s Seth Lloyd and others have argued that our cosmic horizons are quantum computers with us as the programs. This is a very crazy idea, but to paraphrase Niels Bohr to Wolfgang Pauli, is the hologram simulated reality idea crazy enough to be true? If so, it would give deeper meaning to John Archibald Wheeler’s “IT FROM BIT” provided we also add the inverse “BIT FROM IT” in an Oroborus “Law without law” “universe as a self-excited circuit” related to Novikov’s “globally self-consistent loop in time.” We will come back to this web of ideas when we also change “BIT” to “QUBIT.” The big problem here that Lenny Susskind calls the 800 lb gorilla in the room is that the dark energy density from virtual light in quantum theory is at least 120 powers of ten too big. My computation that the virtual light is maximally red-shifted advanced Wheeler-Feynman-Hawking black body radiation back-from-our-future cosmological horizon one Planck length thick solves that problem neatly using only orthodox mainstream elementary physics.


Although Einstein showed that space (-time) is warped (curved) by matter and the warping, in its turn, tells matter how to move in a two-way feedback loop, nevertheless, we will see in detail that Newton was correct that proper non-inertial accelerated motions are absolute deviations away from slower-than-light (timelike) inertial “geodesic” motions. The geodesics are the straightest paths in curved four-dimensional space-time. They can and do appear as curved orbits when projected down to three-dimensional space. Although, proper accelerations of objects are absolute essentially as Newton thought, the local laws of motion expressed as tensor differential equations from his calculus do not depend on the motion of the detectors that measure these motions. This is called the principle of general covariance. However, any theory of physics can be made “generally covariant.” However, Einstein’s General Relativity has a second independent idea known as the “equivalence principle” that a state of uniform proper acceleration, the same for all the particles in an extended object, cannot be locally distinguished from Newton’s gravity force. The key word here is “locally”. You know when you properly accelerate. You feel the g-force as “weight.” But we feel weight standing still here on the surface of Earth. Does that mean that we are continually really accelerating even though we are standing still? Yes, Dorothy, you are not in Kansas anymore. That’s the way it is in the topsy turvy curved spacetime we live in that defied common sense. We shall come back to this key idea of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity of the gravitational field. In fact, we never feel a “gravity force” at all because in fact there is no such thing. What we feel as g-force are the quantum electrodynamic reaction forces needed to push us off a timelike geodesic in curved four-dimensional space-time. We are weightless on a geodesic as in the case of Felix Baumgartner’s Red Bull Stratos who was approximately in geodesic motion in the early part of his fall from the edge of Earth’s atmosphere thirteen miles up where and when air friction could be neglected to a good approximation. The space-time fabric warp (curvature) field is a dynamical field exactly like the electromagnetic field.  The curvature field consists in the patterns of neighboring geodesics that are influenced by local concentrations of energy, pressure and stresses of matter. Non-gravity forces pushing the test particles off their natural Aristotelian force-free geodesic motions cause Newton’s absolute proper accelerations of test particles of matter. Test particles are small pieces of low density matter that do not generate a self-gravity field to a good approximation as distinct from large and/or high density matter like the Earth that do generate significant amounts of spacetime curvature.


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