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A ~ NLP^2 = area of our future horizon hologram computer spherical shell screen pixelated in Planck area BITs

the Hawking-Unruh horizon temperature is

T ~ hc/kBN^1/2L

T^4 ~ 1/N^2

Stefan-Boltzmann law

Poynting vector (power per unit cross-section area) ~ T^4

P ~ hc^2/NLP^2 ~ 10^-27 10^21 10^66/10^123 ~ 10^60/10^123 ~ 10^-63 ergs/sec

pretty damn small - the peak frequency of this advanced black body radiation is f ~ 1/N^1/2Lp

This power P from the future is focused into a single quantum of volume N^1/2 LP^3 over a cosmological time period of N^1/2LP/c giving the dark energy density

N ~ 10^123

(hc/NLP^2N^1/2LP^3)N^1/2LP/c ~ hc/NLP^4 ~ 10^-7 ergs/cc

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