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  1. Not all three statements are consistent it is claimed.
  2. 1) Hawking radiation is in a pure state.
  3. 2) The information carried by the radiation is emitted from the region near the horizon, with low energy effective field theory valid beyond some microscopic distance from the horizon.
  4. 3) The infalling observer encounters nothing unusual at the horizon.
Well 1) cannot be true since if Hawking radiation is black body it is not in a pure state it is a mixed state with a reduced density matrix that is not an idempotent projection operator.
So what is all the fuss about? ;-)
Throw away 1) and keep 2) and 3)?
Furthermore, there is no reason to go hog wild that the universe obeys unitarity at all levels of organization. Why should probability be conserved in the first place? Life does not seem to conserve probabilities. When Feynman gave an early lecture on his Lagrangian formulation of quantum theory Dirac was there with Einstein and Dirac asked Feynman if his theory was “unitary.” Feynman said he had no idea of what Dirac even meant at that time. Valentini has an extended quantum theory that is definitely not unitary for example. Feynman also asked why observables have to be Hermitian operators. Hermitian operators generate unitary transformations.
Unitarity is in Hilbert qubit pilot wave space what orthogonality is in the spacetime continuum. There is nothing sacred and absolute in either. There is no compelling reason to say that inner products of quantum states are invariant under time evolution. It works in a limited range of experiments - scattering experiments - very primitive smashing of things together - brute force not very subtle.
The S-MATRIX is a crude tool that has been elevated into The Golden Calf by the Priests of Orthodox Physics.


Yes, and I have solved it
See slides 25 & 31 of lecture 8 of mike Towler's Cambridge Bohm lectures
Pilot Q BIT field is mental in sense of David Chalmers
Feedback back-reaction IT hidden variable matter to Pilot Field excites qualia excitations in Pilot 
This back-reaction is missing in orthodox QM and that is why no-cloning et al
Back-reaction induces Valentini's signal nonlocality with non-random post quantum strings like what I am writing right now.
It's same idea Einstein used to go from special relativity to general relativity.
Post quantum gravity = Conscious Universe
Post Quantum Wheeler Dewitt Pilot Wave Function of Universe QBIT with back reaction from 3-geometry IT is Hawking's conscious mind of I.J. Good's GOD(D) retrocausal CTC software running on past and future horizon hologram plates (screens) in sense of dS/CFT RG flow from future post selection dS Omega UV fixed point to past Alpha IR fixed point at inflation phase transition. See Strominger's Harvard paper. CFT dilation on the horizon hologram screens maps to time evolution in bulk 3 geometry hologram image. Small entropy at IR Alpha Creation is explained as is Arrow of Time without fine tuning. Pretty picture.

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Or to put it another way, to by-pass the fundamental issue of conscious experience. To claim that the multiverse "solves" this problem is to go outside of science. Sure, the multiverse may indeed be a reality. But that should come out of fundamental physics AND be a falsifiable assertion, not to solve qualia, the hard problem or whether consciousness is the fundamental reality in the universe or not.
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