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Feb 21

The latest warp drive controversy continues

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Here are a couple of more articles that comment about another recent article in the February 17, 2010 issue of New Scientist, in which it is asserted that any kind of a warp drive traveling close to the speed of light would prove to be lethal for any human occupants of such a starship.

To read the complete articles, click here and click here.

The Home Secretary has rejected a last-ditch appeal for him to block the extradition of Gary McKinnon to the US on computer hacking charges.

Alan Johnson said he had considered demands for him to intervene in the case but had decided that the extradition would not breach Mr McKinnon’s human rights.

“As the courts have affirmed, I have no general discretion,” he said in a statement.

“If Mr McKinnon’s human rights would be breached, I must stop the extradition. If they would not be breached, the extradition must go ahead.”

I find the unwavering determination of both the US, and the UK, to get this troubled young man prosecuted, quite suspicious.  He did not destroy any networks.  Admittedly, he did leave what amounted to cyber-graffiti, taunts. But I suspect this determined effort is more about his penetration of ultra-classified data regarding a deep black US space program. 

I've been doing some preliminary research on these ongoing rumors of a deep black US space program, and I must say, there is a real paucity of information out there. So, I'm asking Stardrive readers and members if any of them might be able to provide me with additional information, or at least steer me in the direction of someone else who might be able to.  Please contact me here at Stardrive, or at lensman137@sbcglobal.net.  Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

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Feb 19

Monumental Breakthrough in Solar Cell Technology

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PORTLAND, Ore. — By growing arrays of silicon wires in a polymer substrate, researchers have demonstrated what they say are flexible solar cells that absorb up to 96 percent of incident light.

This is a truly revolutionary technological development.  Not only is this a threefold improvement in efficiency, but it is far more economical to produce. And the great thing is, it was developed right here in the USA at CalTech.  To read the rest of the article, click here.

Feb 19

Now You See It: How To Spot Quantum Behavior

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Distinguishing quantum behavior from its classical counterpart is harder than it sounds. Now a group of theorists have worked out how a few simple measurements can do the trick.

To read the rest of the article, click here.

I will first be vague out of necessity as this is a glimpse of things to come seeing through the glass darkly, or, perhaps it will not pan out at all as a not-even-wrong premonition.

The fractional quantum Hall effect (FQHE) has fractionally charged quasi-particles that are real electrons attached to several quantized magnetic flux vortices. It only happens at very low temperature in a magnetic field in 2D layers in certain materials. Well quarks are also fractionally charged. Indeed, the fractions 1/3 & 2/3 appear both in quarks and FQHE. If this is more than a superficial analogy then I predict exotic quark-gluon plasmas with quark charges +- 1/3, 2/5 & 3/7 ... & 2/3, 3/5, 4/7

The hologram principle is that 3D physics is the hologram image of 2D physics of some kind of topological quantum field theory with an order qualitatively different from the macro-quantum coherent order of spontaneous broken symmetries of the Higgs-Goldstone mechanism.

Well, it's getting clear that the 2D hologram is in our future and is creating us as a simulation using essentially the Wheeler-Feynman idea. The 2D hologram spherical shell horizon at whose center we always are is the total future absorber consistent with the electromagnetic arrow of time - that we at least almost always see retarded electromagnetic waves not advanced waves. This is retrocausality without retrocausality in a self-consistent Novikov loop in time as the mechanism for fine tuning the early universe to have small entropy relative to the future universe.  Furthermore, the 2D hologram is essentially in the dark energy dominated de Sitter phase of our future. The total entropy of our hologram universe is proportional to the area of our future hologram spherical shell horizon. The dark energy density in our past is proportional to the reciprocal area of our future horizon. Therefore, it follows simply, that the enormous dark energy density of the moment of inflation is a very tiny entropy of 1 Bekenstein BIT. The entropy of our observable universe between our past particle horizon and our future hologram horizon quickly approaches the de Sitter limit of about 10^123 BITs and there is no mystery at all in how our universe is fine-tuned. At least that's how it's beginning to look to me.

This idea will become clearer in time if there is anything to it.

Feb 19

From Our Future Eternity To Here?

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Super-fast spacecraft and a giant, humming triangle hovering above the house of Michael Howard, the former Home Secretary, feature in the latest release of UFO-related files at the Public Records Office.

To read the rest of the UK Times article, click here.

Be sure to download these latest UFO files from the UK Ministry of Defense (MOD) at the UK National Archives website.  Having just gone through them all, I can assure you that it's very worthwhile reading.


Here's some more amusing and amazing tales from those inveterate UFO video entertainers at Project Camelot, and the irrepressible Seattle Exopolitics Examiner, Alfred Lambremont Webre.

BR [Bill Ryan (Project Camelot)]: Anyway... I’m a little concerned here, Bob, that you were interrupted just now because you were telling the story about two things that you felt gave you a great sense of relief when you disclosed them yesterday. One of them was the reality of the star gate, the portal, the wormhole, the jump room, the network so that you could one moment be in Area 51, the next moment in Pine Gap. And that prompted Arthur to show his Australian visa in his ... Was it a visa?

HD/A: It’s a visa.

KC: More than that.

BR: And the second thought? Please continue, because I want to hear this one.

BD [Bob Dean]: It’s a matter of interest to me and it always has been, that one of the largest national security agency facilities in the world is at Pine Gap, but what most people have no understanding of is that underground at Pine Gap is one of the largest extraterrestrial facilities on the planet! Our remote viewers have been looking in on that place for years and years and years.

And what I found terribly amusing -- not that there’s that much humor in this whole damn thing -- but that facility in Australia at Pine Gap apparently is an extraterrestrial R & R center. And people say: What do you mean, R & R? It’s a military term meaning rest and relaxation.

And I thought, how obvious, you know. It makes sense. Aliens are here, having to deal with the human race, they need rest and relaxation.

An alien spa in Australia?  What can you say?  I wonder who does the cooking?

For a good laugh and the rest of the article, click here.

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