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Jul 19

An Equivalence Principle "Paradox"?

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iPhone bay club brief note
Clearly the geodesic paths are tensor invariant as are the relative disclinations of neighboring light cones in curved spacetime. We cannot make global Fourier transforms like in special relativity for qft propagators.
The measured energy of test particles eg photons depends on state of motion of the detectors relative to the local invariant gmd field ds^2. Therefore, in a typical gravity redshift calculation
dt = ds/(gtt(r))^1/2 = ds'/(gtt(r'))^1/2
For the measured time distortion ds - ds' for a null geodesic connecting events r & r'.
guv must be in same detector representation for r & r'!
Eg for SSS gtt = 1 - rs/r both r & r' have static lnif detectors
Key issue is
A photon is exchanged between coincident lif & lnif, will there be a frequency shift or not?
Remember lnif sees black body real unruh photons whilst coincident lif sees only virtual zpe photons as dark energy!
On Jul 18, 2010, at 5:34 PM, JACK SARFATTI wrot
PS I mean to say that if we track signals from geodesic probe falling into a black hole, we will not see any redshift at all! We will see a sharp cut off of signal when probe passes through horizon of course.
The usual argument only works for a transmitter adiabatically lowered on a steel cable from a hovering rocket at fixed distance from the event horizon.
There is no paradox only an inconsistent violation of the equivalence principle in the text book argument that incorrectly erases the absolute difference between coincident lif & lnif.
On Jul 18, 2010, at 5:21 PM, JACK SARFATTI wrote:
iPhone message (brief)
Curvilinear metric e.g.
gtt = 1 - rs/r
Is for static lnif
A coincident lif should be like static lnif at r --> infinity
When v ~ 0
Pound Rebka experiment Harvard Tower clearly both lnif
Atoms in sun & supernovae lnif from pressure gradients
What about Gps satellites in lif orbits? Is precision good enough to distinguish satellite finite r from r infinite?
Problem is with probe falling freely into black hole. One can argue signal from geodesic probe near event horizon should blue shift to us far away not redshift! Of course signal from hovering rocket near horizon will redshift.
Assuming lif same as coincident lnif seems inconsistent with equivalence principle. Also Unruh effect shows absolute physical difference between coincident lif and static lnif near horizon of black hole whose g force is
g(lnif) = (rs/r^2)(1 - rs/r)^1/2
Compared to
g(lif) = 0
When they are momentarily coincident at fixed r
Am I only one to notice this?
Where is my error?

Jul 18

What is life, what is consciousness?

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Antony Valentini banned discussion of this topic at Michael Towler's Tuscany Conference Aug 28-Sept 4 on David Bohm's theory. David Bohm would have had to disinvited since he was very interested in this question raised by Erwin Schrodinger in a little book "What is Life?"

My argument is that there is no ordinary consciousness without signal nonlocality.
Dead matter has signal locality with nonlocal entanglement.
The elan vital is signal non-locality violating quantum theory in a more general post-quantum theory.

Matter is piloted by the mental qubit field in Bohm's theory.

Ordinary quantum theory with signal locality, but nonlocal entanglement, has action of the qubits on the matter but no compensating back-reaction of the matter on the qubits. It is the back-reaction of certain electrons in our microtubules on their qubit that evokes qualia - our conscious experiences, memories, will etc.

This back-reaction requires non-equilibrium pumping e.g metabolism in living matter - thermal equilibrium is death.

From Blog http://araqinta.blogspot.com/2010_07_14_archive.html

"Certain invitees to a workshop on the Foundations of Physics received from the organisers letters withdrawing their invitations. The letter to Brian Josephson asserted:
"It has come to my attention that one of your principal research interests is the paranormal ... in my view, it would not be appropriate for someone with such research interests to attend a scientific conference."
While a similar letter to David Peat asserted:
"It has come to my attention that you are the author of books on Jungian synchronicity and quantum physics, and on connections between Native American Indian thought and modern physics ... in my view, it is not appropriate for an author of such books to attend a scientific conference."
April 26, 2010: A communication has now been sent by the organisers explaining the background to the letters, which seems to have had a strong political element though this was not asserted directly. It was suggested (and there is no doubt much truth in this) that those in control are so prejudiced against the paranormal that belief in the reality of telepathy, etc. can disqualify one for consideration for a job. It was, fundamentally, to protect young researchers looking for jobs that the disinvitation letters were sent.
Such attitudes are pervasive. Scientists who have reason to believe that telepathy is real dare not state this publicly, since this admission could have disastrous effects on their career path. For example my Ph.D. supervisor and head of the Cavendish at the time, the late Sir Brian Pippard, told me once privately that he was quite sure that telepathy existed as his mother always seemed to have accurate knowledge of what was happening to his brother who was fighting in World War I. But he did not tell of this publicly until well after his retirement, as after-dinner speaker at a parapsychology conference.
Orwell, in his book 1984, imagined a similar situation, in a totalitarian society where one could be charged (ref. Wikepedia) with thoughtcrime: In the book, the government attempts to control not only the speech and actions, but also the thoughts of its subjects, labelling disapproved thought as thoughtcrime.
Thoughtcrime is alive and well in the scientific community today, as the politics that underlies this affair clearly demonstrates."
Unfortunately, this is not an anomalous case within the mechanistic science regime. An interesting article on the subject - The Psi Taboo in Action - can be found on Dean Radin's Entangled Minds blog.
Similar unwarranted smear tactics have been used against Rupert Sheldrake, the scientist who dared propose Morphic Resonance. His case is particularly of importance to myself as his book, "The Presence of the Past: Morphic Resonance and the Habits of Nature" was another one of my bibles of the 80's. More so, I once sent him a link to one of my own articles via email several years ago, and despite my having no credentials to speak of, he was still gracious enough to thank me.
Ever the optimist, Sheldrake writes:
"Here on Earth we are facing climate change, great economic uncertainty, and cuts in science funding. Confidence in materialism is draining away. Its leaders, like central bankers, keep printing promissory notes, but it has lost its credibility as the central dogma of science. Many scientists no longer want to be 100% invested in it.
Materialism's credit crunch changes everything. As science is liberated from this nineteenth-century ideology, new perspectives and possibilities will open up, not just for science, but for other areas of our culture that are dominated by materialism. And by giving up the pretence that the ultimate answers are already known, the sciences will be freer—and more fun."
- Rupert Sheldrake, "My Dangerous Idea"
Sadly, because of the unfortunate times in which live, his graciousness, perhaps, is something he knows now might be in his best interests to avoid. Below is an old news report, but I think it's place is here and now."
Jul 16

Our past Alpha Point particle horizon (future light cone of the inflation point) pre-selects the history quantum state of our observable universe in the multiverse.

Our future Omega point event horizon (past light cone of the proper time point at infinity) post-selects the destiny state of our observable universe in the multiverse.

We are the intermediate "weak measurement" in the Here-Now.

"The universe has a destiny—and this set fate could be reaching backwards in time and combining with influences from the past to shape the present. It’s a mind-bending claim, but some cosmologists now believe that a radical reformulation of quantum mechanics in which the future can affect the past could solve some of the universe’s biggest mysteries, including how life arose. What’s more, the researchers claim that recent lab experiments are dramatically confirming the concepts underpinning this reformulation. ...

In his radical reinterpretation of quantum mechanics, Aharonov argues that two seemingly identical particles behave differently under the same conditions because they are fundamentally different. We just do not appreciate this difference in the present because it can only be revealed by experiments carried out in the future.

"It’s a very, very profound idea," says Davies. Aharonov’s take on quantum mechanics can explain all the usual results that the conventional interpretations can, but with the added bonus that it also explains away nature’s apparent indeterminism. What’s more, a theory in which the future can influence the past may have huge—and much needed—repercussions for our understanding of the universe, says Davies. ...

Aharonov and his colleagues had long predicted that for certain very specific quantum experiments carried out in three successive steps, the way that the third and final step is performed could dramatically change the properties measured during the second, intermediate step. In this sense, actions carried out in the future (the third step) would be seen to affect results of measurements carried out in the past (the second step).

In particular, over the past two years, experimental teams have carried out repeated tests with lasers that show that by tweaking the final step of the experiment they can introduce dramatic amplifications in the amount by which their laser beam is deflected during the intermediate steps of the experiment. In some cases, the observed deflection during the intermediate step can be amplified by a factor of 10,000, depending on choices made in the final step.

These strange results can be explained simply by Aharonov’s picture: The intermediate amplification is the result of the combination of actions carried out both in the past (the first step) and the future (the final step). It is far more awkward to explain the results using traditional interpretations of quantum mechanics"


Jul 15

On Jul 14, 2010, at 3:35 PM, j f w wrote between quotes:
"Sorry, this isn't right.  The electromagnetic index of refraction has nothing whatsoever to do with the stiffness of spacetime.  I repeat, the EM index of refraction has nothing to do with the stiffness of spacetime. It only applies to the action of materials on the propagation of electromagnetic waves in FLAT spacetime."
I replied:
You don't know that for a fact. It needs to be tested. You may be correct, of course I realize that from the beginning. However, there have been many failures of nerve before in theoretical physics not taking the formalism seriously. The curvature coupling is not G, it's G/c^4 - so let's see what the actual experiments will show. Let's put it this way - if this G/c^4 does not work, then nothing will and there are no real flying saucers that do what Paul Hill says they do.  Nothing else can possibly work within known laws of physics. If you have anything better to propose please do. I will stick to this until actual experiments prove it wrong.
jfw "So putting a small amount of electromagnetic energy into a metamaterial with a large negative index of refraction will do nothing whatsoever to the spacetime in which it exists.  Because the total energy in the region of spacetime to be distorted, the metamaterial notwithstanding, is decades of orders of magnitude too small to do the requisite distortion.  Jupiter masses of exotic material are required to distort spacetime the way Jack seems to think small amounts of EM energy in metamaterials will do.'
For the record, I bet James is dead wrong on this. If he is right, there is no hope for man to get to the stars because the energy requirements are impossible to meet. That means all the UFO data is misinformation - you can't have both ways.
jfw "There is no cheap lunch in the advanced propulsion business."
If there is no 5 cent lunch then there is no no advanced propulsion possible - I mean no warp drive, no star gates, no REAL flying saucers, we are alone in the cosmos, doomed to drown in our own $H%T.
On Wed, 14 Jul 2010 13:19:45 -0700 JACK SARFATTI writes:
At Bay Club on iPhone so this is brief
Newton's gravity force is an inertial force. Saucers have zero g-force on them. They are local inertial frames on timelike geodesics whose shape they control with small amounts of near EM field negative energy density in a superconducting meta  material thin fuselage with large negative permittivity and  permeability from the almost zero speed of light inside the meta  material.
From: JACK SARFATTI [mailto:sarfatti@pacbell.net]
Sent: Wednesday, July 14, 2010 12:30 PM
To: PM
Subject: Re: Gravitatomagnetic Analogs of Electric Transformers -- Puthoff & Woodward
No you don't get it. Unless G/c^4 is increased by at least 40 powers of ten - all of these effects are TOO TINY for propulsion for the reasons jfw gave! You are not comprehending the problem here. There are no credible reports of saucers spinning at 100,000 RPM as they fly.

Jul 14

History of my discovery of signal nonlocality

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Memorandum for the Record

I first got the idea that Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen entanglement could be used for communication back in 1961 at Brandeis University and discussed it with Sylvan Schweber and other faculty at Brandeis. I got the idea from reading David Inglis in Reviews of Modern Physics.

I did not properly realize the contradiction with orthodox quantum theory (passion at a distance - unitarity ----> signal locality) until ~ 1995 reading p. 30 of Bohm & Hiley's Undivided Universe . There they say that the Born probability rule is a test particle approximation violating the action-reaction type principle i.e. action of quantum potential Q on the hidden variable beable with no direct "back-action" of the beable on its piloting Q. This back action corresponds to Antony Valentini's much later "sub-quantal non-equilibrium. I gave two papers on this published as abstracts at two of the Hameroff Tucson meetings 1996 & I think 1998? i.e. II & III

"The same theme was taken up during the most fiery panel of the conference — the concurrent session on consciousness and physical reality — which began with an eloquent plea for a renewed materialism, ‘realistic monism’ from Galen Strawson (leading to an all-too-brief exchange with John Searle). This led naturally to Stuart Hameroff’s linking of pan-experiential philosophy with fundamental spacetime geometry. After M. Hirafuji’s paper on DNA quantum effects and astrophysicist S. Malin’s coupling of Whitehead and quantum mechanics, proponents of various quantum creeds all sharpened their knives for the final confrontation with the inimitable Jack Sarfatti. Presenting a Bohmian take on the Penrose-Hameroff microtubule model, Sarfatti was asked whether configuration space (in which qualia and consciousness occur in his version) actually existed in a real physical sense. This generated a lot of heat (and decibels) which spilled over to furious post-conference exchanges on the Internet and major features in PC World and MSNBC on quantum computation and consciousness. The spirit of Tucson II, for better or worse, was most evident in this session."
Keith Sutherland

I called Q* the sub-quantal non-equilibrium post-quantum generalization of Bohm's sub-quantal equilibrium Q.

Q has signal locality "passion at a distance" (A. Shimony)

Q* has signal non-locality violating the no-cloning theorem.

QUANTUM-D: What is back-reaction?
Feb 19, 1996 ... Normally in quantum mechanics this "back-action" is not taken into account..... More detail about Jack Sarfatti's ideas can be found at: ...
www.fourmilab.ch/rpkp/rhett.html - Cached - Similar

I associated "signal nonlocality" as the necessary, though not sufficient, condition for the generation of inner conscious qualia at the 1996 Tucson meeting.

Closed timelike curves via post-selection: theory and experimental demonstration

"Closed timelike curves (CTCs) are trajectories in spacetime that effectively travel backwards in time: a test particle following a CTC can in principle interact with its former self in the past. ... we report the results of an experiment demonstrating our theory's resolution of the well-known `grandfather paradox.' ... This paper proposes an empirical self-consistency condition for closed timelike curves: we demand that a generalized measurement made before a quantum system enters a closed timelike curve yield the same statistics– including correlations with other measurements – as would result if the same measurement were made after the system exits from the curve. That is, the closed time-like curve behaves like an ideal, noiseless quantum channel that displaces systems in time without affecting the correlations with external systems. ...  they (CTCs) are based on (Aharonov's) post-selection ... In other words, no matter how hard the time-traveler tries, she finds her grandfather a tough guy to kill. Because P-CTCs are based on post-selected teleportation, their predictions can be experimentally demonstrated. ...  The teleportation circuit forms a polarization interferometer whose visibility was measured to be 93 ± 3% ... The probe qubits are never found in the states 01 or 10: time travel succeeds only when the quantum gun misfires, leaving the polarization unchanged and the probe qubits in 00 or 11. Our suicidal photons obey the Novikov principle and never succeed in travelling back in time and killing their former selves. The required non- linearity is due to post-selection here: no CTCs nor any
evidence of the nonlinear signature of a P-CTC has ever been observed in nature up to now. ... Unlike Deutsch’s CTCs, our P-CTCs always send pure states to pure states: they do not create entropy. As a result, P-CTCs provide a distinct resolution to Deutsch’s unproved theorem paradox, in which the time traveller reveals the proof of a theorem to a mathematician, who
includes it in the same book from which the traveller has learned it (rather, will learn it). How did the proof come into existence? ...
Jul 12

Memorandum for the Record
The Destiny of the Universe
A radical reformulation of quantum mechanics suggests that the universe has a set destiny and its pre-existing fate reaches back in time to influence the past. It could explain the origin of life, dark energy and solve other cosmic conundrums.
July 9, 2010
"who were expelled from the academies for crazy & publishing obscene odes on the windows of the skull,"
Howl, Alan Ginzburg
Where Art, Angst, Love, and Strong Coffee Meet
Elders of Bohemia
"I love this book! It is a fascinating and hilarious magical mystery tour of that unmapped land called Bohemia." writes Pat Conroy, author of The Prince of Tides.
Review of Herb Gold's book, Bohemia, Where Art, Angst, Love and Strong Coffee Meet
(Simon & Schuster, 1993, ISBN 0-671-76781-X) by Jack Sarfatti
Herbert Gold is a distinguished author and journalist in San Francisco. He has just published a history of Bohemia (Simon and Schuster, March 1993) that will appeal to both cultures literary and scientific. Gold has joined company with John Updike whose books, The Witches of Eastwick and Roger's Version explain the "New Physics" better to the public than Hawking's editors did in the over-hyped Brief History of Time,which has now been turned into an under-whelming interactive CD ROM peddled by Scientific American. It's not a Big Bang for the buck! :-)
I first met Herb Gold when I was an 18 year old physics major at Cornell. Tom Pynchon was in some of my classes. Gold was filling in for Valdimir Nabokov who was off writing the screenplay for Lolita. Herb introduced me to European literature (Dostoyevski, Goethe's Faust, Tolstoy, Proust). I would see him outside of class either in Willard Straight Hall or in Noyes Lodge where Kirk Sale, Richard Farina, Peter Yarrow, Tom Pynchon and other emerging literati and people of talent would gather...
Gold's prose in this book is very rich with literary images. If one were to check them all out one would get a very good liberal education.
"America may not have been greened, but it was boheemed."
"Like ailanthus, the tree of heaven, Bohemia grows in any alley where there's a bit of fertile dirt and noninterference."
"The Bohemian physicist ... contributes a balanced scientific non establishment for this expanding society. I don't mean to disparage the work, either. ... among all the blatherers there sometimes appears a breakthrough thinker. Originality has always required a fertile expanse of fumble and mistake. That's the beauty of the option. Your wastrel life might turn out to be just what's required to save the planet."
"Sarfatti's Cave is the name I'll give to the Caffe Trieste in San Francisco, where Jack Sarfatti, Ph.D. in physics, writes his poetry, evokes his mystical,  miracle-working ancestors, and has conducted a several-decade-long seminar on the nature of reality and his own love life to a rapt succession of espresso scholars. He sings Gilbert and Sullivan songs. ... With ample charm and boyish smiles he issues nonnegotiable demands ... It's Jack Sarfatti against the world, and he is indomitable.
One of his soaring theories is that things which have not happened yet can cause events in the present .... Obviously this has consequences for prediction, the nature of causality, our conceptions of logic. ... With just a little more, one more grant, one venturesome patron, one young woman with a trust fund, he can build the machine to prove his theories ... here's a sheet of paper with guaranteed algebra, and citations from Faust."

Following is a quotation from a lecture given to a San Francisco State University physics seminar on 30 April, 1991:
by Dr. Jack Sarfatti
... the universe is created by intelligent design but the Designer lives in our far future and has evolved from us ...
Perhaps all of the works of cultural genius, from the music of Mozart to the physics of Einstein, have their real origin in the future. The genius may be a real psychic channeler whose mind is open to telepathic messages from the future. The genius must be well trained in his or her craft and intellectually disciplined with the integrity of the warrior in order to properly decode the quantum signals from the future. The purpose of our existence  would then be to ensure, not only the creation of life on earth, but the creation of the big bang itself! We obviously cannot fail since the universe cannot have come into existence without us in this extreme example of Borgesian quantum solipsism. Existentialism is wrong because it is an incorrect extrapolation of the old physics. Breton's surrealism, with its Jungian idea of meaningful coincidence, is closer to the truth. This would then be the final secret of the Illuminati - that charismatic chain of adepts in quixotic quest of their "Impossible Dream" of the Grail. Enough of my subjective vision. Now on to the objective physics." pp. 15-16
I open a page "randomly" (in deference to the hard-boiled skeptics who believe that the Universe is "sound and fury" and that we are accidental) to Gold's chapter "Israel" and on p.115 I find:
"So now I am in the first hour of one of my deaths.
The thought made me dizzy. I was reminded of Jack Sarfatti, Ph.D. physicist and reincarnation of the eleventh-century mystic Rabbi Sarfatti .. with rapt descriptions of how events from the future cause events in the past."
On Jul 9, 2010, at 5:31 PM, JACK SARFATTI wrote:
The emergence of gravity as a retro-causal post-inflation macro-quantum-coherent holographic vacuum Higgs-Goldstone field (2009)
Sarfatti, Jack, Levit, Creon
We present a model for the origin of gravity, dark energy and dark matter: Dark energy and dark matter are residual pre-inflation false vacuum random zero point energy (w=-1) of large-scale negative,...
SUNDAY INTERVIEW – The Universe, As Seen From North Beach by Stephen Schwartz, San Francisco Chronicle, August 17, 1997
"With infectious enthusiasm for his subject, Jack Sarfatti explains how physics has replaced philosophy as an over-arching discipline that spans the once discontinuous worlds of science and the humanities. Since he first came to the Bay Area in the mid-1970s, physicist Jack Sarfatti has been a provocative presence in local intellectual life.
Leaping from North Beach cafes to leading policy think-tanks, he has cut a broad intellectual swath, challenging the preconceptions of poets, political thinkers and physicists alike.
With a background in quantum theory, he claims to break new ground in scientific understanding of the eternal questions: ‘Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going?’
In this interview, he discusses the breakdown of a paradigm that, for centuries in the West, has viewed science and humanistic thought as irrevocably separated."
"Science proceeds as if the past were the home of explanation; whereas the future, and the future alone, holds the key to the mysteries of the present." Henry Dwight Sedgwick, An Apology for Old Maids, House of Sorrow (1908)
Another Eccentric Genius in North Beach? By Jerry Carroll, San Francisco Chronicle, May 11,1981, p. 23
"In the half-century that North Beach has supplied a haven for waves of brilliant and erratic thinkers, few have rivaled Jack Sarfatti for comprehensive weirdness and what just might be original genius."
"Creation is emerging as even stranger than we thought."1
Sir Martin Rees, Cambridge, 9/9/2001, London Sunday Times
Indeed it is even stranger than possibly, my old acquaintance, Martin is willing to think!
This book is, by far, the weirdest true story ever told. It tells how our Super Cosmos, of parallel universes floating in hyperspace, is connected together by Star Gate time travel machines carrying "The Masters of Hyperspace"2 back to us from our futures. We all come into being and becoming from the post-quantum Mind of God. Participate in the real life thrilling Psi Wars adventure, the amazing paranormal flying saucer Grail Quest of visionary physicist Jack Sarfatti and "the others" as they decode The Cabala’s3"Cipher of Genesis" demystifying the enigma of consciousness, a body guard of spiritual truths wrapped in the secrets of the material world of post-quantum physics.

Stephen Hawking’s Questions on the Mind of God
"Einstein once asked the question: ‘How much choice did God have in constructing the universe?’ Even if there is only one possible unified theory, it is just a set of rules and equations. What is it that breathes fire into the equations and makes a universe for them to describe? ... Why does the universe go to all the bother of existing? Is the unified theory so compelling that it brings about its own existence? Or does it need a creator, and, if so, does he have any other effect on the universe? And who created him? ... if we do discover a complete theory, it should in time be understandable in broad principle by everyone, not just a few scientists. Then we shall all, philosophers, scientists, and just ordinary people, be able to take part in the discussion of the question of why it is that we and the universe exist. If we find the answer to that, it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason - for then we would know the mind of God." – "A Brief History of Time" Update 2010. The discovery of dark energy shows that we live in a holographic intelligent conscious universe. The 2D hologram screen is in our future and creates us as 3D hologram images retro-causally back from our future Omega Point. The hologram screen is the "brane" (brain) of Hawking's "Mind of God."

This book
has scientifically testable answers to Hawking’s questions that obey Sir Karl Popper’s criterion of falsifiability.

Jul 07

Explaining The Arrow of Time

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The basic local laws of physics are symmetric under time reversal, why then do we experience irreversible aging and death? Why are we not immortal? The Wheeler-Feynman idea leads to the thought that we must include the large-scale cosmological structure of our observable universe. Indeed, if were are merely 3D hologram images projected retro-causally back from our future cosmological event horizon then the entropy of the universe at any moment on our timeline is simply the area of that horizon when our future light cone intersects it. Tamara Davis, in Fig. 5.1 of her Ph.D. shows that this area of the hologram computer approaches a “de Sitter” constant ~ 10^122 BITS because of the anti-gravitating universally repulsive dark energy now accelerating the expansion speed of 3D space from the moment of inflation, we are cut off from most of the multiverse as far as light signals are concerned.

Adapted from Fig 5.1 Tamara Davis Ph.D.

We also see that the initial area of our observable patch of the multiverse was only 1 quantum BIT at the moment of inflation – a mighty tree from the seed. Therefore, we trivially explain why All the King’s Men could not put Humpty Dumpty together again. Indeed, Sean Carroll in his book “From Eternity To Here” hems and haws without ever providing a satisfactory answer to the enigma of time. Like Paul Davies title “God and the New Physics” the title promises more than it delivers. You really can’t tell a book by its cover. Obviously the wits at the Templeton Foundation never got beyond the cover.


Jul 07

Inside the Cosmic Bubble

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Notes for my book Star Gate:

The 1940 Wheeler-Feynman Back-From-Our-Future Direct-Interaction Theory


“By the term ‘action at a distance,’ we mean a relativistically invariant particle interaction, not the instantaneous action at a distance of Newton. … Fields are taken to possess further degrees of freedom that are not contained in the interparticle action … to explain the decay of excited states for example.  Our purpose … is to argue that all the results of physics, even those which are usually thought to arise from the independent degrees of freedom of fields, can be obtained from interparticle action – for decay … and scattering … alike … The essential difference between [local] field theory and … [nonlocal] direct-interaction theory is that one can consider local systems in isolation from the rest of the universe in the former, but not in the latter. The independent degrees of freedom of fields are … equivalent to the interaction of local systems with the [future] universe in the direct-interaction theory … the equivalence is found … in certain cosmological models, but not in others.” Fred Hoyle & J. V. Narlikar. “Action at a Distance in Physics and Cosmology” W. H. Freeman 1974.


In contrast to both local classical and quantum field theory, the Wheeler-Feynman idea of 1940, further developed by Hoyle and Narlikar and independently by John Cramer in his “transactional interpretation” of orthodox quantum theory whose nonlocal entanglements cannot be used to send signals faster-than-light and back-from-the-future, says that the laws of physics are not independent of the large-scale structure of our observable piece of the larger multiverse, i.e., “that the physical laws … already involve the universe as a whole.” This lends itself naturally to the idea of Gerardus ‘tHooft and Leonard Susskind that we are 3D hologram images projected from a 2D thermodynamic horizon hologram that in fact is a computer. Quite literally we are simulations in a virtual reality in this theory and we can hope that God does not pull the plug. This book is being written in the wake of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that started the same time as the Iceland volcano eruption that stopped air traffic to Europe. Indeed, it looks like we may indeed be going down the drain. We are actually sandwiched between a past-particle horizon and a future event horizon as shown by Tamara Davis in her 2004 Ph.D. dissertation done at the University of New South Wales. Unlike black hole horizons that we are outside of, we are inside our two afore-mentioned past and future cosmological horizons and we are always at their exact centers. Indeed, your past and future horizons are not exactly the same as mine, but the difference is tiny and ignorable. We are literally inside these bubbles. However, we will see that it’s our future bubble that is more important than our past bubble. Can the bubble be pricked with a pin?