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Jan 30

Hey Z, please copy and paste the specific Greene text.

"How little, mark! that portion of the ball,
Where, faint at best, the beams of Science fall.
Soon as they dawn, from Hyperborean skies,
Embody'd dark, what clouds of Vandals rise!" (III 75-8)
Dunciad, Alexander Pope

I did not pay attention seeing Nick Herbert just used it as bait to throw Red Herrings at me.

On Jan 29, 2011, at 7:55 PM, Paul Zielinski wrote:

OK we'll let Jack do his little rodomontade here since he has clearly done his homework in this area
and as usual has little patience for novices.

I still maintain that Jack has not so far produced anything that actually refutes Nick's original comments
about Brian Greene's NYT article.

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