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Subject: Re: Strange properties of superconducting meta-material - propellantless propulsion engine concept

Dear James
No, that's not what I have in mind at all - just the opposite.
I think nano-engineered high Tc metamaterial are very likely, and indeed, that's how the real ET spacecraft fly.
I could wrong of course.
Also, my point is LOW  negative energy density interstitial EM fields - their bending effect on spacetime geometry is amplified by the fourth power of the dispersive index of refraction i.e. n^4G/c^4.
Jupiter mass stuff is not correct in my opinion. It it were ET craft would not be possible yet they are here - that's the scenario I am assuming in this war game.

i.e. Guv + (n^4G/c^4)Tuv(EM) = 0

n ~ -10^10

f(permitivity)E^2 +g(permeability)B^2  < 0 

for non-radiative interstitial near induction fields (coherent states of virtual photons)

On Apr 4, 2010, at 12:55 PM, james f woodward wrote:

The high Tc metamaterial sounds unlikely.  But the idea of negative
energy interstitial EM fields of very high densities is interesting.  :-)
Seems the only way to do what you want to do given that assembling a
Jupiter mass of exotic matter any other way seems hopeless. . . .

On Tue, 30 Mar 2010 23:32:54 -0700 JACK SARFATTI <sarfatti@pacbell.net>
Suppose we could make a very high Tc superconducting meta-material.

The effective speed of light is then c/n where n < 0 and |n| >> 1. 
Of course there will be dispersion, i.e. n(k,w) including virtual 

Let's be naive and look what happens to the Planck units.

LP* = (hGn^3/c^3)^1/2 >> LP ~ 10^-33 cm

TP* = LP*/c = (hGn^5/c^5)^1/2 >> TP ~ 10^-43sec

P*P = h/LP = h/(hGn^3/c^3)^1/2 << PP

does the "i" have any physical meaning?

The Planck energy is 

EP* = (hc^5/n^5G)^1/2 << EP ~ 10^19 Gev

again all of these parameters get an i

The Action Cartan 1-form is 

S = Et - Px ---> -S

So the Feynman amplitudes go to their complex conjugates.

The gravity coupling of matter to curvature is now n^4G/c^4 = 
1/G-string tension

suppose n ~ 10^10

LP* ~ 10^-18 cm

TP* ~ 10^-18 sec

EP* ~ 10^-6 Gev = 1kev

Furthermore the classical coherent electromagnetic field energy 
density is negative - for classical fields this should produce 
antigravity for non-radiative near fields (coherent states of 
virtual photons) trapped inside the superconducting meta-material as 
confined quantized magnetic vortices (Abrikosov lattice) under Type 
II conditions.

The coupling of these magnetic vortices to the geometrodynamic field 
will be 10^40 times stronger than normal.

This amazing material in my imagination at the moment would also 
have stealth cloaking functionality.

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