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Elitzur prefers becoming to the being block universe in order to explain his new experiments.

Elitzur says Einstein would never have invention special relativity if he bought Bohr's complementarity in 1905.

partial measurements =/= weak measurements
both useful
both spatial and temporal nonlocality
Schrodinger Cat is a delayed choice experiment.
Time-reversed EPR experiment Elitzur, Solev, Zeilinger 2001 using Hanbury-Brown-Twiss intensity correlation
entangling event is in the future here not in the past
one photon comes from two sources we don't know which
quantum liar paradox
test two Hardy atoms for Bell inequality
use spin measurements in 3 direction 0, 30 deg & - 30 deg
for 0 do which box? measurement allows only one history for the photon
but in 30 or -30 on right atom emitter
one atom blocked photons path
it could not interact with other atom
.... see  Zoller & Cirac
Not entangled known via entanglement --- a paradox
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The Quantum Liar Paradox. Time-Reversed EPR (Elitzur, Dolev & Zeilinger 2001). Two Hardy atoms in x-spin superposition (but not entangled) ...
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Mar 23, 2011 ... Abstract: Avshalom Elitzur takes us deep into the riddles of QuantumMechanics, and shares his recent discovery, the Quantum Liar Paradox. ...
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Repeated sequence of partial measurements on entangled systems yield new insights on the quantum liar paradox.
particles keep talking to one another
erasure more straight forward
proof that erasure operates nonlocally!
Partial and weak measurements mutually corroborate.
This is important for quantum cryptography!
retrocausal time order of measurements and unmeasurements - use John Cramer's transactions - Feynman zigzag
hybrid delayed choice EPR weak and partial measurements - new experiments in Israel - who will have jump on quantum cryptographic tapping - my comment not Elitzur's
Elitzur ends talk with discussion of Beria - 1984 rewriting of history - Nature does something similar says Elitzur
"What is time?"
Einstein-Besso --> Carnap - give up the "now"
do events come and go or
this gets us to my breakfast conversation with Russell Targ on CIA experiments in remote viewing with precognition - field operations.
All events co-exist along time says Elitzur.

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