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Ok, remember my (index of refraction)^4G/c^4 conjecture I will be giving at the DARPA meeting

http:// http://stardrive.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=4985:darpanasa-starship-orlando-meeting-in-new-york-times&Itemid=82

was partly motivated by our discussions of the limits of your PV model is that renormalization of the couplings must be scalar invariant under all the relevant symmetries of the dynamical action, this includes local frame transformations to and among accelerating non-inertial frames - even if the symmetry is spontaneously broken inside the material (e.g. continuous T3 is spontaneously broken to a discrete crystal lattice group in the ground state of a material even though the basic dynamics is still T3 invariant when one includes all relevant degrees of freedom - see P.W. Anderson "More is Different.").

Just this morning I realized that it may be possible to get a nonlinear exponential amplification of the coupling of near field electromagnetic stress-energy current densities to the geometrodynamic tetrads and spin connection for really low power warp drive.

i.e. ok contracting the full Einstein tensor gravity field equations to their invariant scalar part-knonlinearT)[(index)^4GNewton/c^4Tuu(Einstein Warp Field) = local frame scalar invariant geometrodynamic warp field current densitiesuu(Electromagnetic Field) = local frame scalar invariant applied electromagnetic propulsion stress-energy field current densities inside the metamaterialPuthoff@aol.com wrote:permittivity and permeability, velocity of light, etc., are in complete accordance with my exploration of the polarizable vacuum approach as a first-order model for the scalar part of GR (Found. Phys. paper attached).P.M. Central Daylight Time, sarfatti@pacbell.net writes:
DARPA Orlando meeting in new York times today.wagner <wagnerart@hotmail.com> wrote: