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Subject: Interviews on Merging Spirituality and Entertainment From The Gate 2 Event - The Huffington Post
Date: March 30, 2012 6:46:52 AM GMT+01:00

Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D., physicist and author (aka Dr. Quantum) has appeared in many national films, including, "What The Bleep Do We Know?" and "The Secret," and he commented:
"From a quantum physics point of view, there is something going on that filmmakers are beginning to recognize; the medium is not only the message, it is also the massage. That means we are recognizing that what people are doing when they are watching a movie is experiencing their own lives as if they were projected from movie screens. We are experiencing life as if we are characters in a movie. Amazingly, the latest theory merging quantum physics and gravity, called the holographic principle, seems to confirm that a similar projection is going on in the whole universe -- the universe is a 3-dimensional projection from 2-dimensional "screens" situated at both the beginning and ending of time itself. When we recognize that we are in this sense actors on a cosmic stage, we can also make our lives a lot more fun by learning to direct as well as write our own personal screenplays. We can really get inspired and inspire each other. I call this developing a true cosmic humility, where you can laugh at yourself and others, but not at their expense. Instead we surrender to a universal laughter recognizing the shared compassion we all have with others.


Fred is saying essentially the same thing I am saying about hologram universe from both our pre-selected past history and future post-selected destiny cosmological horizon computing screens. It's only a conjecture of course, but one that has some memetic power in Beverly Hills.
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