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in order that our future horizon is not only the hologram cosmic conscious computer screen, but is also the Aharonov post-selected Wheeler-Feynman total absorber final cause boundary condition>

Ray Chiao wrote:
"Black holes" are 'black,' in the sense that they are perfect absorbers of every kind of particle, including photons at all frequencies [5]. "
Can we transfer Ray Chiao's remarks on the black hole horizon total absorber to our future cosmological dark energy horizon even though there are significant topological and causal differences between them e.g.
1) the dark energy horizon is observer-dependent
2) we are outside a black hole horizon but inside our future horizon
3) we can see redshifted retarded radiation from outside the the black hole horizon.
4) mainstream opinion is that we cannot see redshifted advanced radiation from the inner surface of our future horizon.
The big question is can we use the Wheeler-Feynman total absorber condition on our future horizon that totally surrounds us?
Ibison seems to argue that classically we cannot do this because our future horizon is a "time mirror" not a "total absorber."
The virtual electron-positron pairs are clamped to the 2D horizon surface. Therefore, they are in effect accelerating static LNIFs.

for the corrected arithmetic look at the blog entry on 1-24-11

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