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That our dark energy future event horizon accelerating the expansion of the universe is the Wheeler-Feynman total absorber giving us Wheeler's IT FROM BIT with "retrocausality without retrocausality."

"In the direct action theory the EM fields of a single source are not exclusively retarded but are time-symmetric. The appearance of pure retardation is now explained as the result of interference by time-symmetric exchanges with the cosmological gravitational field. Just as the effect of a dielectric continuum can be regarded as the final result of a series of absorptions and re-emissions on the microscopic level [23], the macroscopic exchanges with the gravitational field implied by (34) can be interpreted likewise. If each exchange is subject to the constraint that it be time- symmetric, then the gravitational damping plays the same role as do the future absorbers in the Wheeler-Feynman theory. Anti-phase advanced waves from these exchanges arrive back at the current source to re-enforce the retarded component and cancel the advanced component. Consequently these proposed cosmological boundary conditions guarantee that every ‘photon’ (of which, strictly, there are now none) will be absorbed. The absorption is not by matter, but the whole system - which includes a term for the energy in the cosmological gravitational field. A ‘prediction’ of this implementation of the cosmological boundary condition is that, if the universe were not expanding, then there would be no apparent predominance of retarded radiation. Consequently the future state of the universe is felt in the present. If these arguments stand then the direct action theory is validated (and therefore preferred), and advanced potentials in the sense of (15) and (16) are ubiquitous."

The detection of dark energy shows that retarded light emitted toward the future is infinitely redshifted after traveling only a finite distance in our accelerating expanding space. Our future space time geometry is qualitatively different from our past inflation to hot Big Bang geometry, hence the asymmetric Arrow of Time explaining why we age as the universe gets bigger.

Ibison's last section - below is now obsolete because he was not aware of Tamara Davis's 2004 PhD in 2006 that solves his problem here:

Reverse Causation
"A few words on the relevance of advanced potentials to the theme of this conference: The use of the phrase ‘reverse causation’ implies that one can meaningfully (i.e. semantically, if not in practice physically) separate the notion of logical casualty from temporal ordering. In order to do that, one must be able to identify a (more or less universal) property that distinguishes between a cause and an effect that is not the temporal order. Some arguments have been given here in support of the rehabilitation of the advanced potential. If one wished to identify all currents as causes and all potentials as effects, then absorption of radiation is an example of reverse causation. Since the most mathematically efficient description of absorption is through (exclusively) advanced potentials (Eq. (8) with Aout ), one may choose to associate reverse causation with the predominance of advanced potentials in an appropriately defined maximally efficient description. But no connection with the flow of entropy has been established in this document. As a result of considerations in the section ‘The Cosmological Boundary Condition’, it is not clear that entropy necessarily increases in Cosmological time, even in the event that retarded potentials turn out to be predominant in the ‘most efficient’ description of EM processes."


Michael Ibison
Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin 4030 West Braker Lane, suite 300, Austin, Texas 78759, USA.
Submitted for publication in Proceedings of AAAS Conference on Reverse Causation, 2006.
Abstract. "Advanced electromagnetic potentials are indigenous to the classical Maxwell theory. Generally however they are deemed undesirable and are forcibly excluded, destroying the theory’s inherent time-symmetry. We investigate the reason for this, pointing out that it is not necessary and in some cases is counter-productive. We then focus on the direct-action theory in which the advanced and retarded contributions are present symmetrically, with no opportunity supplement the particular integral solution of the wave equation with an arbitrary complementary function. One then requires a plausible explanation for the observed broken symmetry that, commonly, is understood cannot be met by the Wheeler-Feynman mechanism because the necessary boundary condition cannot be satisfied in acceptable cosmologies. We take this opportunity to argue that the boundary condition is already met by all expanding cosmologies simply as a result of cosmological red-shift. A consequence is that the cosmological and thermodynamic arrows of time can be equated, the direct action version of EM is preferred, and that advanced potentials are ubiquitous."