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The four gravity tetrad Cartan 1-forms e^I are bona-fide GCT invariant SO(1,3) emergent vector field spin 1 boson gravity fields.

Therefore, their torsion field 2-form will have the Yang-Mills Lagrangian ~  (1/4)Trace{*F^I/F^J} with a local energy tensor

F^I = De^I = de^I + w^IK/e^K

w^IJ = spin connection 1-form, that is inhomogeneous under SO(1,3)

Curvature 2-form is

R^I^J = dw^I^J + w^IK/w^KJ

However, in 1916 GR F^I = 0, therefore there is no non-zero local classical gravity vacuum energy-stress tensor.

Of course / =/= 0 does give such a tensor ~ (string tension)/guv.

Also tele-parallel theories where disclination curvature is a disguised torsion dislocation have F^I =/= 0.

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