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PS, I got the idea to use meta-materials from the Project JASON meeting on HFGW I attended at General Atomics in La Jolla June 2008 I think it was. JASON Defense Advisory Panel: Reports on Defense Science and ...
JASON typically performs most of its work during an annual summer study, and has conducted studies under contract to the Department of Defense (frequently ...

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JASON typically performs most of its work during an annual summer study. Its sponsors include the Department of Defense (frequently DARPA and the United ...
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Up till then I did not know what a meta-material was, but a lot of Navy scientists at the meeting were excited about it. All the recent progress in meta-material like reverse Doppler sounding like the Vallee-Torme Fastwalker leads me to wonder if it's not the Phil Corso scenario? ;-)

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You've missed my point (perhaps intentionally).

No. I get a precise formula below in the spherical case that is easy to calculate to illustrate the essential concept. Flat plates harder to do instantly back of the envelope.

 Yes, it may not be possible to produce large gravitational shifts of the sort you describe.  But the EP requires that if you produce a change in the active (or passive) gravitational mass, you also produce a change in the inertial mass.

Yes, but I am totally against that approach for several reasons.

1) The only way to do that is with the Higgs field. Lenny Susskind discusses why that is not practical and even if you did it it would be catastrophic in my opinion because of the delicate balances e/m et-al.

2) Warp drive is geodesic, i.e. the inertial mass of the ship drops out of the equation (to first approximation i.e. center of mass of an extended object)

It may be small, but since you can produce effectively artificial gravity fields by accelerating the changed mass with external forces with decades of "gs", that small change in mass can have detectable results.

Again I say it's not relevant for the zero g-force propellantless propulsion I am after, and even dangerous if, by chance, you succeeded say with your Mach idea device.

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So, instead of the concentric sphere geometry you mention, how about something as simple as a disk capacitor with parallel plates, say a few centimeters in diameter?  Maybe a multiplate design if you want to increase the strength of the E field in the gap between the plates.  Describe the stuff you want to put between the plates to produce the exotic matter you claim should be possible.  I'll build it and give it a try.

No exotic matter is involved here. Meta-materials. This is not a one-man job. Large numbers of scientists in different fields would be needed to pull this off. Lots of new physics needed here. The data Jacques Vallee put into the novel Fastwalker suggest meta-material to me.

On Mar 13, 2011, at 3:51 PM, JACK SARFATTI wrote:

Bottom line, for a thin spherical shell capacitor filled with appropriate meta-material of thickness d << Area A of concentric shells - the anomalous Newtonian g-force field just outside the outer electrically charged spherical shell should be of order of magnitude

g(anomalous repulsion) = c^2rs(applied EM field)/r^2

~  (index of refraction)^4G(-E^2d/c^2

"(-" = negative meta-material permittivity

Therefore, without the "superconducting" index to the fourth power amplification we cannot hope to nullify g(Earth) ~ 10 meters/sec^2 with practical small amounts of applied electric field E (voltage gradient) between the inner and outer spherical shells filled with a properly designed meta-material.