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New idea hit me last night 3AM London time on jet lag.
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  • Jack Sarfatti Hawking's low freq radiation are analogous to Goldstone modes, my new high freq horizon signal is like a Higgs signal.
  • Jack Sarfatti On jet-lag in London from SFO

    Hawking radiation peak frequency is c/A^1/2

    A = area entropy of 2D horizon gtt = 0.

    Think of horizon as spherical membrane of thickness Lp.

    So c/A^1/2 are the theta, phi phase waves in an effective order parameter potential V(r, theta, phi).

    As A ---> infinity the frequency ---> 0 - massless Goldstone mode.

    However, the Higgs mode I predict is in the radial vibrations peak frequency c/Lp gets red shifted by (Lp/A^1/2)^1/2 < 1 at the detector to peak frequency

    c/(LpA^1/2)^1/2 > c/A^1/2

    In limit A ---> infinity both modes are gapless, but as soon as A is finite the Higgsian type mode splits off a higher frequency branch.

    Not sure how far this analogy goes, but I want to record it just in case.

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