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Ken Wharton SJSU says causes are best modeled by boundary condition. I like that.
if hidden variables HV the boundary condition is only a partial constraint
Bell's theorem does not apply in retrocausal RC theory
if no HV then over-constrained system with a final future boundary condition
RC with HV prevent free-will weak paradoxes
Doubling BC's past and future needs doubling parameters of the 1-particle state,
i.e. history and destiny state vectors of Aharonov & Co is one approach among several
found Phys v37 (2010) p. 313
Ken uses relativistic Klein-Gordon not Schrodinger non-relativistic eq.
future-past Lagrangian action principle is the most fundamental
has both efficient (retarded history) and final (teleological destiny) causes.
Feynman path integral is way to go.
Born rule & unitarity are not fundamental.
deterministic forward in time only Hamiltonian picture not fundamental in Ken's scheme.
No classical path of constructive interference in many cases?
Start with time symmetry ---> retrocausality with Block Universe - unknown territory

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at retrocausal conference Ken Wharton giving first talk had good discussion with Russell Targ at breakfast on CIA operational work. Ed May also there.
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Ken argues for block universe  http://arxiv.org/abs/1003.4273

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