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On Dec 5, 2013, at 8:00 PM, JACK SARFATTI <jacksarfatti@icloud.com> wrote:

From the beginning:
First Hawking
L = Schwarzschild radial coordinate distance to horizon classical 2D surface g00 = 0.
Newton's surface gravity ~ A^-1/2
A = area-entropy of g00 = 0
What they do in Wikipedia above comes down to this
Redshifted Unruh temperature a long distant from the black hole is
THawking ~ A^-1/2
Stefan-Boltzmann law
energy density ~ THawking^4 ~ A^-2
Total redshifted power
P ~ A (energy density) ~ A^-1
A ~ M^2
P ~ dM/dt
tlifetime ~ M^3
OK now my new prediction following the same argument as above
The redshifted thickness gravity Unruh temperature is
T' ~ (LA^1/2)^-1/2
If we take
Lp ~ mp = Planck mass
T' ~ (mpM)^-1/2
P' ~ AT'^4 ~ A/L^2A ~ L^-2 ~ mp^-2
dM'/dt ~ mp^-2
t' ~ mp^2M << t ~ M^3

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