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Jun 16

Sarfatti's New Futurist Manifesto! ;-)

Posted by: JackSarfatti
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Dear Menas & all
If you read my Journal of Cosmology paper Vol 14 April 14, 2011 http://journalofcosmology.com/SarfattiConsciousness.pdf you will see that I agree with you and I say that our entire observable universe inside the causal diamond of our past particle and future dark energy event horizon is a VALIS conscious universe with our teleological final cause Omega 2D surface future horizon hologram screen cosmic computer post-selecting us as retro-causal 3D hologram images. This is essentially Teilhard de Chardin's Omega Point view. This is admittedly a crazy idea that may be crazy enough to be true. ;-)
On Jun 16, 2011, at 12:37 AM, Kafatos, Menas wrote:
Now are we ready to go the next step, to go all the way? As I have been saying for many years, the entire universe (ALL of it) is conscious (see "The Conscious Universe"); or as Neil Theise (M.D., NY Albert Einstein Med School) says "sentient"; or as Atilla Grandpierre says "alive". There is just no way to get consciousness out of the picture.
I am now working with M.D.'s, they (some of them of course) see a lot of cases and they also are not bound by physicalism. I am working with well-known neurologist from Harvard Medical school on what the evidence is from neuroscience. Plus of course Hameroff.
I wanted to discuss all this at the USD meeting but I guess the program was full.
I agree with you Jack about Hawking going in the wrong direction. See two articles I wrote with Deepak Chopra posted in Huffington Post criticizing the "Grand Design". The whole multiverse (as well as the older many worlds) has gotten really weird. Trying to keep consciousness out of the picture, one has to perform great acrobatics. Tegmark says "either many worlds or many words". He chooses "many worlds". I would paraphrase him and say, I choose "one world, and yes many words to describe it". This 10^500 universes in a multiverse, or 10^10^10^7 universes in chaotic inflation are just too much.
One last thought: Orthodox quantum theory is right--in the lab for microsystems interactions. Generalization of QT will occur at the interface of physics and biology (or physics and neuroscience). The Bem experiments, Dean's experiments etc. are just the beginning of the new revolution, the next step of development of QT. There will be more.
Exactly what I said in the my Journal of Cosmology article and what I say below.
Menas Kafatos
Fletcher Jones Professor of Computational Physics
Schmid College of Science, and
Vice Chancellor for Special Projects
Chapman University
Orange, CA 92866

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