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  • Jack Sarfatti On Oct 30, 2013, at 11:13 AM, Kim Burrafato <lensman137@sbcglobal.net> wrote:


    LUX has a peak sensitivity at a WIMP mass of 33 GeV/c2 (see below), with a sensitivity limit three times better than any previous experiment. LUX also has a sensitivity that is more than 20 times better than previous experiments for low-mass WIMPs, whose possible detection has been suggested by other experiments. Three candidate low-mass WIMP events recently reported in ultra-cold silicon detectors would have produced more than 1,600 events in LUX’s much larger detector, or one every 80 minutes in the recent run. No such signals were seen. 

    I claim that dark matter is a virtual particle quantum vacuum effect.
    When the density of virtual fermion-antifermion pairs exceeds that of virtual bosons, we have gravitating vacuum.
    The opposite is antigravitating dark energy.
    This comes from GR in weak field limit

    Grad^2phi ~ G(energy density)(1 + 3w)

    w = -1 for all virtual particles from local Lorentz invariance + equivalence principle

    (energy density of virtual fermion-antifermion pairs) is negative from the Pauli exclusion principle’s antisymmetric entangled states of identical fermions)

    (energy density of virtual bosons) is positive from Einstein-Bose statistics symmetric entangled states of identical bosons.

    Therefore, looking for real dark matter particles whizzing through space (on-mass-shell) is like looking for the motion of Earth through the mechanical Maxwell ether of Victorian physics with a Michelson-Morley interferometer - quaint.
    World's most sensitive dark matter detector operating at the Sanford Underground...See More
MIT DARK MATTER DISCOVERY? http://t.co/0Cuupxo5pr via @regvulture If real WIMPs exist, then I am wrong that Dark Matter is a virtual fermion-antifermion pair effect inside the quantum vacuum. They generate attractive gravity. Virtual bosons generate repulsive anti-gravity. That this is so comes from the equivalence principle of Einstein and the spin-statistics connection of quantum field theory.
MIT boffin teases space-station probe's DARK MATTER DISCOVERY • The Register
MIT scientist and Nobel Laureate in Physics Samuel Ting told reporters at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) that the first results from the costly Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) are ready.
BBC News - Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer to release first results http://t.co/9BrasObB
'Space LHC' to release first results
The scientist leading the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, one of the most expensive experiments ever put into space, says the project is ready to come forward with its first results.
Jack Sarfatti "The scientist leading one of the most expensive experiments ever put into space says the project is ready to come forward with its first results.

Nobel Laureate Sam Ting said the scholarly paper to be published in a few weeks would concern dark matter.

This is the unseen material whose gravity holds galaxies together.

Researchers do not know what form this mysterious cosmic component takes, but one theory points to it being some very weakly interacting massive particle (or Wimp for short).

Although telescopes cannot detect the Wimp, there are high hopes that AMS can confirm its existence and describe some of its properties from indirect measures."


If my idea is correct, there will be no evidence for real dark matter particles whizzing through space from this device.

Dark matter is a virtual particle effect inside the quantum vacuum. It is the phase where the density of virtual fermion-antifermion pairs outweighs the density of virtual bosons. Dark energy is the opposite.

w = -1 for both in 3D + 1.

The physics is elementary

quantum statistics (permutation symmetry) in 3D

equivalence principle

local Lorentz invariance
The scientist leading the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, one of the most expensive...See More

Conference: TAM2013 - Venice

Submitted by: SARFATTI, Jack

Submitted on: 12 December 2012 00:32

Title: Dark Energy as Redshifted Advanced Wheeler-Feynman Hawking-
  Unruh Thermal Radiation

Abstract content
The observed anti-gravity repulsive dark energy density hc/Lp^2A where A is the area of our observer detector dependent de Sitter future event horizon at its intersection with the detector's future light cone is proved to be the cosmological redshift of the quantum field theoretic energy density hc/Lp^4 on that horizon. The effective redshifted Hawking-Unruh temperature at our detectors is hc/kBLp^1/2A^1/4. The real thermal advanced photons from our future horizon are maximally redshifted down to virtual photons of energy hc/Lp^1/2A^1/4. The calculation may be extended to include ordinary retarded photon signals in our detector's past light cone from Type 1a supernovae because the area A of the future horizon has an asymptote. Larger redshifts should show the cosmic time dependence of A as a test of this model. I suggest that gravity attractive dark matter is a vacuum polarization effect. Therefore, real on-shell exotic dark matter particles do not exist as a matter of principle.

The observed dark energy density hc/Lp^2A where A is the area of our observer detector dependent de Sitter future event horizon at its intersection with the detector's future light cone is computed from elementary battle-tested physics. In addition, it is predicted that real dark matter particles do not exist as a matter of fundamental principle. Dark matter is a vacuum polarization effect.

Primary Authors:
Dr. SARFATTI, Jack (Internet Science Education Project) <adastra1@icloud.com>


  1. @creon: @JackSarfatti Haha! no superparticles, no dark matter particles.... what could it be ;-?
    This is good news for my explanation of dark matter as virtual fermion anti fermion pairs and dark energy as virtual bosons both inside the vacuum.
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    • Gareth Lee Meredith I've been particularly drawn recently to the Einstein-Cartan model for as you will know, implementing the torsion fields in relativity as perhaps also an explanation towards other gravitational effects.
    • Jack Sarfatti There is no evidence for torsion independent of curvature as yet though it's a beautiful extension and it should be there, but it ain't. Similarly, supersymmetry is beautiful. It is the Dirac square root of translations, which when locally gauged are Einstein's general coordinate transformations corresponding to locally coincident non-inertial accelerating frames. Mathematical beauty does not ensure physical fact.
    • Jack Sarfatti God is both subtle & malicious! ;-)

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    Comments made by Peter Higgs, Stephen Hawking, Frank Wilczek, Sean Carroll, Neil Tyson, Bill Nye etc., after the discovery of Higgs Boson.
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      • Lynda Williams the experiment was designed to detect it. ho hum...
        17 hours ago ·
      • Leonardo Varesi The observed particle is surely Higgs boson?The experiment has founded that particle more than 100 GeV less of theory...
        2 hours ago ·
      • Jack Sarfatti Sure, but if it wasn't really there they would have gotten a null result only noise no signal exactly as I predict will UNLIKE THE HIGGS happen when attempts are made to measure real (on-mass-shell) DARK MATTER particles. I think DARK MATTER is entirely a quantum vacuum effect of ORDINARY PARTICLES in their virtual (off-mass-shell) state.
        6 minutes ago ·
      • Jack Sarfatti Same for DARK ENERGY - the flip side of DARK MATTER. The former from virtual bosons, the latter from virtual fermion-antifermion pairs both INSIDE THE QUANTUM VACUUM.
        5 minutes ago ·
      • Jack Sarfatti Technically in 3D with isotropy w = pressure/energy density = -1. Vacuum energy of virtual bosons is positive from Bose-Einstein quantum statistics, vacuum energy of virtual fermion-antifermion pairs is negative from Pauli exclusion principle. Lorentz invariance + equivalence principle imply that the leading term in induced gravity in Einstein's GR i.e. Guv + kTuv = 0 has T00 ~ (energy density )(1 + 3w) voila virtual bosons anti-gravitate from negative zero point quantum pressure whilst virtual fermion-antifermion pairs gravitate from positive zero point quantum pressure. Piece of cake - problem essentially solved by elementary battle-tested physics.
        2 seconds ago ·
  5. After 'God particle', scientists to focus on dark matter http://t.co/tXLyYSyA
    The discovery of the Higgs boson, or God particle, has been touted as the biggest leap in physics. Scientists at CERN are now preparing to turn the spotlight on dark matter.

    Jack Sarfatti

    My prediction is that the LHC will not find real dark matter particles whizzing through space. In this case no real dark matter particles created in high energy LHC collisions because, in my view, dark matter is a virtual fermion-antifermion effect of ordinary leptons and quarks inside the quantum vacuum. It's mainstream physics that virtual fermion-antifermion pairs induce attractive gravity whilst virtual bosons induce repulsive anti-gravity. So it's a question of the relative densities of these particles in their virtual states inside the vacuum of whether we see dark matter at smaller scales and dark energy at larger scales.