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Frank is talking about Tegmark Everett Deutsch Level 3.

Do not confuse that with the string theory predictions that are only for Tegmark Level 2.

Frank's BASIC result is well-known it's in Ch 11 of Murray Gell-Mann's THE QUARK AND THE JAGUAR and in one of Henry Stapp's formulation of Bell's theorem that

1) Born probability rule P = |Psi|^2

2) Counter-Factual Definiteness

3) No-faster-than-light influence of any kind

are incompatible, i.e. not all of them can be true without logical contradiction.

Gell Mann & Tiple assume 1) & 3) are true & 2) is false at it is in Everett's Level 3 multiverse

Stapp et-al assume both 1) & 2) are true. Therefore 3) is false.

However, even the Pundits FUBAR on this point because the precision cosmology evidence that may be explainable by string theory is completely irrelevant dealing only with Tegmark Level 2.

There is widespread confusion & sloppy thinking on the meanings of the single term "multiverse" even by experts who should know better.

The post-quantum theory first professed by yours truly & Josephson (w Pallikari) independently in parallel and now backed up by Antony Valentini's work denies 1) for living matter. 1) still works for dead matter.

However, Valentini shows that if 1) is false then 3) is also false. They are not independent.

Of course, all three may be false without contradiction.

re: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laura_Mersini-Houghton#section_2

Correct, but remember this Tegmark Level 2. However, with regard to the voids and anisotropic flow in our own observable universe inside our own observer-dependent causal diamond I would think Level 1 parallel worlds on our own single inflation bubble would have the strongest effect? Note none of this is Level 3. Levels 1 & 2 are Bohm material hidden variables with a super-quantum potential in Wheeler Superspace where the Wheeler-Dewitt equation holds sway in the string-brane theory mini-superspace modeling.

If the observations suggested below were ever confirmed Lenny Susskind would probably get a Nobel Prize for string theory, holography of horizons and the cosmic landscape. At least no one can now say that string theory has no observable consequences. Of course string theory can still be criticized as having too much excess baggage - too much algorithmic complexity. After all epicycles did explain the motion of planets pretty well. If you put in enough math input you can explain anything. However, the current work is very interesting and formidable although a simpler picture, like the one I have using only battle-tested Einstein GR & orthodox QM, if it could also explain the anomalies would be better. However, I have yet to explain the precision cosmology anomalies using the "simpler" model.

Observing the Multiverse with Cosmic Wakes
Matthew Kleban (NYU), Thomas S. Levi (UBC), Kris Sigurdson (UBC)
(Submitted on 15 Sep 2011)
Current theories of the origin of the Universe, including string theory, predict the existence of a multiverse containing many bubble universes. These bubble universes will generically collide, and collisions with ours produce cosmic wakes that enter our Hubble volume, appear as unusually symmetric disks in the cosmic microwave background (CMB) and disturb large scale structure (LSS). There is preliminary observational evidence consistent with one or more of these disturbances on our sky. However, other sources can produce similar features in the CMB temperature map and so additional signals are needed to verify their extra-universal origin. Here we find, for the first time, the detailed three-dimensional shape and CMB temperature and polarization signals of the cosmic wake of a bubble collision in the early universe consistent with current observations. The predicted polarization pattern has distinctive features that when correlated with the corresponding temperature pattern are a unique and striking signal of a bubble collision. These features represent the first verifiable prediction of the multiverse paradigm and might be detected by current experiments such as Planck and future CMB polarization missions. A detection of a bubble collision would confirm the existence of the Multiverse, provide compelling evidence for the string theory landscape, and sharpen our picture of the Universe and its origins.

On Oct 14, 2012, at 11:24 AM, Gary S Bekkum <garysbekkum@gmail.com> wrote:

Gary S. Bekkum
STARstream Research
VM (763) 439-0719
PS Nonlocality as Evidence for a Multiverse Cosmology
Frank J. Tipler
(Submitted on 16 Aug 2010)
I show that observations of quantum nonlocality can be interpreted as purely local phenomena, provided one assumes that the cosmos is a multiverse. Conversely, the observation of quantum nonlocality can be interpreted as observation evidence for a multiverse cosmology, just as observation of the setting of the Sun can be interpreted as evidence for the Earth's rotation.
Subjects:    Quantum Physics (quant-ph); General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology (gr-qc)
Cite as:    arXiv:1008.2764 [quant-ph]
     (or arXiv:1008.2764v1 [quant-ph] for this version)

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