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    Comments made by Peter Higgs, Stephen Hawking, Frank Wilczek, Sean Carroll, Neil Tyson, Bill Nye etc., after the discovery of Higgs Boson.
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      • Lynda Williams the experiment was designed to detect it. ho hum...
        17 hours ago ·
      • Leonardo Varesi The observed particle is surely Higgs boson?The experiment has founded that particle more than 100 GeV less of theory...
        2 hours ago ·
      • Jack Sarfatti Sure, but if it wasn't really there they would have gotten a null result only noise no signal exactly as I predict will UNLIKE THE HIGGS happen when attempts are made to measure real (on-mass-shell) DARK MATTER particles. I think DARK MATTER is entirely a quantum vacuum effect of ORDINARY PARTICLES in their virtual (off-mass-shell) state.
        6 minutes ago ·
      • Jack Sarfatti Same for DARK ENERGY - the flip side of DARK MATTER. The former from virtual bosons, the latter from virtual fermion-antifermion pairs both INSIDE THE QUANTUM VACUUM.
        5 minutes ago ·
      • Jack Sarfatti Technically in 3D with isotropy w = pressure/energy density = -1. Vacuum energy of virtual bosons is positive from Bose-Einstein quantum statistics, vacuum energy of virtual fermion-antifermion pairs is negative from Pauli exclusion principle. Lorentz invariance + equivalence principle imply that the leading term in induced gravity in Einstein's GR i.e. Guv + kTuv = 0 has T00 ~ (energy density )(1 + 3w) voila virtual bosons anti-gravitate from negative zero point quantum pressure whilst virtual fermion-antifermion pairs gravitate from positive zero point quantum pressure. Piece of cake - problem essentially solved by elementary battle-tested physics.
        2 seconds ago ·
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    Note that the total energy of the gravity field has this Q problem suggesting gravity as a "More is different" (P.W. Anderson) low-energy emergent field from a spontaneous broken vacuum symmetry at the Alpha Moment of Inflation (zero conformal time & zero comoving distance in Tamara Davis’s Fig 1.1 c) from false to true vacuum in the above picture. 

    On the other hand gravity is also induced by localizing the universal global gauge (De Sitter - Poincare group) - so how do we merge these two ideas from different levels?

    One model is G = O(9) spontaneously breaks to H = O(8) giving 8 Goldstone post-inflation condensates whose quantized vibrations are the massless SU3 QCD gluons via an analytic continuation of non-compact O(9)/O(8) to compact SU3?

    This model has 28 Higgs-like massive bosons - not to be confused with the single electro-weak Higgs allegedly now found at LHC from G = U1xSU2 ---> H = U1 where the three massless W bosons of SU2 essentially absorb the three massless Goldstone bosons leaving only the single massive Higgs boson in this simplest of models.

    28 + 8 = 36 = 9x8/2 = number of spacetime charges in string theory type O(9) spacelike sub-group of string theory O(1,9) with 6 extra space dimensions.O(9) is for the spacelike slices of O(1,9) used in superstring theory