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  • Jack Sarfatti "We present an exactly-solvable model for the suppression of quantum noise at large scales on expanding space. The suppression arises naturally in the de Broglie-Bohm pilot-wave formulation of quantum theory, according to which the Born probability rul...See More
  • Jack Sarfatti here is another one: Their last sentence

    "If all this is a dead end, there remains analog systems, like the ones studied in quantum information and condensed matter."

    is the most important - Frank Wilczek's anyons in 2D with fractional quantum statistics like quantum Hall effect, topological computers with sub-quantum non-equilibrium signal nonlocality?

    On Jun 12, 2013, at 8:06 AM, art wagner <wagnerart@hotmail.com> wrote:


The brain has a macro-quantum coherent Glauber state of emergent quasi-particles. In the Bohm ontological interpretation, these real on-mass-shell quasi-particles have a quantum potential. The macro-quantum coherent Bohm potential is the instrinsic mental field. In orthodox quantum theory with no-entanglement signaling, the Bohm mental potential modifies the motion of the quasiparticles in addition to any classical forces on them. However, there is no direct back-reaction of these quasiparticles on their piloting Bohm potential. In that limit there is no conscious qualia experience. When back-reaction is present conscious qualia emerges in a two-way action-reaction self-organizing loop between the Bohm potential and its quasiparticles. The quasiparticles may be anyonic surface excitations on the microtubule dimer sheafs (e.g. Stuart Hameroff) that couple to the nerve impulses. This would also be a robust topological quantum computer.

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