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Subject: Particle fever a fork in the road the movie


Don't miss it I just saw it

If the Higgs mass was 115 GeV it would be strong evidence for super symmetry connecting fermions to bosons
And that case there is still room for an intelligent designer acting back from the future dark energy DeSitter cosmic horizon programming a virtual hologram universe simulation

10^120 ~ 1/ / qubits

Entanglement Signal Nonlocality

If the Higgs mass was 140 GeV it would be strong evidence for Tegmark's multi-verse levels one and two in that case the mass of the electron etc. is a random coincidence in the cosmic landscape of string theory

In fact the Higgs mass is 125 GeV smack in the middle pretty much

Therefore God is subtle but not malicious as Einstein said

I do predict they will never find a dark matter particle however because dark matter is made from virtual particles inside the quantum vacuum in my opinion

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  1. @creon: @JackSarfatti Haha! no superparticles, no dark matter particles.... what could it be ;-?
    This is good news for my explanation of dark matter as virtual fermion anti fermion pairs and dark energy as virtual bosons both inside the vacuum.
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    • Gareth Lee Meredith I've been particularly drawn recently to the Einstein-Cartan model for as you will know, implementing the torsion fields in relativity as perhaps also an explanation towards other gravitational effects.
    • Jack Sarfatti There is no evidence for torsion independent of curvature as yet though it's a beautiful extension and it should be there, but it ain't. Similarly, supersymmetry is beautiful. It is the Dirac square root of translations, which when locally gauged are Einstein's general coordinate transformations corresponding to locally coincident non-inertial accelerating frames. Mathematical beauty does not ensure physical fact.
    • Jack Sarfatti God is both subtle & malicious! ;-)
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