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On Mar 29, 2011, at 6:17 PM, JACK SARFATTI wrote:
When I combine Bohm's quantum potential with Cramer's and Aharonov's, the condition for non-unitary signal nonlocality is simply the failure of the destiny and history action phases S to match. It's trivial. This gives a (non-unitary) imaginary dissipative contribution to the quantum potential Q.
I am writing up the details. It's very simple. I will put it in the cosmology consciousness article.
Basically   psi = Re^iS
The NR quantum potential is
Q ~ R^-1Del^2R
But what R should really be is
R = |psi(history)psi(destiny)| = {|psi(history)||psi(destiny)|e^i[S(history)-S(destiny)}^1/2
&S = S(history)-S(destiny)
R --> R* =  {|psi(history)||psi(destiny)|}^1/2[cos&S/2 + isin&S/2]
in orthodox quantum theory with signal locality the imaginary part of R* vanishes.