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Mar 22

Update on Entanglement Signals 3-21-12

Posted by: JackSarfatti
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I meant to include

which is a specific case of my more general

That I have now presented at three physics meetings

DARPA-NASA Orlando Hilton 10-1-11
SLAC APS  11-11-11
Boston APS 2-27-12

On Mar 21, 2012, at 4:22 PM, JACK SARFATTI wrote:

g is the micro-qubit "receiver"

S are the "sender" Glauber macro-quantum coherent states.

The response at the receiver depends on the settings alpha and phi at the sender. This violates the no-signal theorems. (not FTL here, but all entanglement signals FTL or not are verboten in the "proofs" that are all spurious depending on circular logic.
as explained by Peacock

The Glauber coherent states are a loophole evading the Born probability rule, linearity and unitarity. Indeed spontaneous symmetry breaking of ground/vacuum states generates Glauber coherent states.

Ground states made from real particles.

Higgs-Goldstone vacuum states made from Glauber coherent states of virtual scalar (spin 0) bosons.

The acquisition of rest mass for leptons and quarks only uses the Glauber coherent states of these virtual scalar bosons not real scalar bosons. Also while the Goldstone phase spin 0 bosons in the trough of the Mexican Hat potential are swallowed giving mass to spin 1 massless vector bosons as in P.W. Anderson's model for the superconducting Meissner effect. The Higgs amplitude vibrational quanta up and down the sides of the Mexican Hat potential have their own rest mass that the LHC is looking for. I forget off-hand, I suppose the Yukawa couplings by which the leptons and quarks get rest mass come from the massive Higgs amplitude quanta, which the W-mesons (like the photon in the superconductor) get their mass from the massless Goldstone phase quanta? I will need to check this out.

Note also that non-radiating near EM fields, crystal lattices are made from Glauber coherent states of virtual longitudinal & transverse photons and phonons respectively - including Wilzcek's "time crystals". The static Coulomb field, for example, is made from coherent states of zero frequency f = 0 and all wave 3-vectors k in a 1/k^2 distribution from the Feynman propagator. Similarly for the space crystal ground states with f = 0 and k ~ 1/lattice unit cell space vectors. Wilzcek's time crystals are f =/= 0 with k = 0.

In contrast superconductors are Glauber coherent states of real particles, e.g. on-shell Cooper entangled electron pairs glued together by off-shell virtual phonon (collective modes of the atoms at equlibrium lattice positions..

Lasers are Glauber coherent states of real on shell transverse photons in contrast to near longitudinal and transverse fields of virtual photons also in Glauber coherent states.

Again in the ion-trap coherent COM- incoherent internal entangled states the sender and receiver are on the same world line. However, can one can try to do delayed choice and try to look for a retro-causal effect where the g-response is detected before the sender settings are chosen?

Also in principle such states can be generated and then sender and receiver separated - though not in this particular example.<EntangledGlauberPhysRevA.55.2478.pdf>

Depending on the causal order between sender and receiver measurements this may also be a model for memory of things past as well as things future in the context of the Hameroff-microtubule picture and the Viitiello-Freeman model that uses Glauber coherent states.

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