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Cosmologists have long been puzzled about why the conditions of our universe—for example, its rate of expansion—provide the ideal breeding ground for galaxies, stars, and planets. If you rolled the dice to create a universe, odds are that you would not get one as handily conducive to life as ours is. Even if you could take life for granted, it’s not clear that 14 billion years is enough time for it to evolve by chance. But if the final state of the universe is set and is reaching back in time to influence the early universe, it could amplify the chances of life’s emergence.
Hi Carlos
So your approach is different from mine.
The Koreans never mention that its a future horizon, I think they imagine it's a past horizon. I don't remember that they mention the hologram idea - maybe they do. They do not do my simple analysis
g00 = 1 - / ^2
we are at r = 0 where a(t) = 1
static LNIF generally covariant tensor proper acceleration at fixed r is
g(r) = 2c^2/ (1 - / ^2)^-1/2 ---> g(d) = c^2/^1/4/d^1/2 = c^2/(geometric mean of horizon scale with shrinking distance from the horizon)
Using RH & LP cutoff, the Unruh temperature is
kBTUnruh = hg(d)/c = hc/^1/4/LP^1/2 = hc/(RHLP)^1/2
Planck's black body law
energy density = sigma T^4 = hc/(RHLP)^2 = observed value of the dark energy density
this is clearly a horizon effect, therefore we are hologram images computed back from our future.
The horizon is not in our past, it must be in our POST-SELECTED (Hoyle-Aharonov) future - see Tamara Davis's PhD.
Every clear concept gets mooshed down here
into black, sticky, jargon-encrusted, non-equilibrium,
Valentinian, holographic, sub-quantum, post-selected gruel.
And worst of all, this undead, mind-dissolving mess
is not just some Lovecraftian fiction.
It's real. And it walks among us."
"And like heroin,
it explains everything.

from "The Case of the Dread Sarfatti Fog Zone"
Nick Herbert's reaction to my explanation of the dark energy accelerating our universe's expansion as a back-from-the-future Destiny Matrix world hologram effect.
Backward causation and a hologram in our future go hand-in-hand. We cannot separate them anymore than King Solomon could cut the baby in the bathwater.
On Feb 10, 2011, at 2:47 AM, Carlos Castro wrote:
Dear Jack :
About maximal proper force/acceleration I was invoking Born's reciprocity principle of relativity and I was working in phase space.
About a new way to look at the Unruth temperature, ...... look at the work in the
arXiv by a friend mine : Manuel Calixto  
Yes, I recall the Chinese paper where they play with the idea of a future hologram
and Hawking radiation to explain dark energy.
Backward causation is another story.
Best wishes