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I explain the low value of the cosmological constant without a multiverse, without eternal chaotic inflation, without a landscape, without the need for large numbers like 10^500 and higher etc. The cosmological constant is simply advanced Wheeler-Feynman blackbody radiation from our detector-dependent future horizon that is completely redshifted down to virtual photons when it reaches us - or Type 1a supernovae in our past light cone because the horizons are infinite redshift surfaces in both directions of time. Also it explains the Arrow of Time.

hc/Lp^4 at the future horizon relative to the detector ---> hc/ALp^2 at the past detector is trivial in the retrocausal loop model that also fits Aharonov's destiny state vector.
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Fractal-Flows and Time's Arrow
Leonard Susskind
(Submitted on 29 Mar 2012 (v1), last revised 7 Apr 2012 (this version, v2))
This is the written version of a lecture at the KITP workshop on Bits, Branes, and Black Holes. In it I describe work with D. Harlow, S. Shenker, D. Stanford which explains how the tree-like structure of eternal inflation, together with the existence of terminal vacua, leads to an arrow-of-time. Conformal symmetry of the dS/CFT type is inconsistent with an arrow-of-time and must be broken. The presence in the landscape of terminal vacua leads to a new kind of attractor called a fractal-flow, which both breaks conformal symmetry, and creates a directional time-asymmetry. This can be seen from both the local or causal-patch viewpoint, and also from the global or multiversal viewpoint. The resulting picture is consistent with the view recently expressed by Bousso.

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Yes, this is very relevant to my current conversation with Dan Smith.

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