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kBT ~ hc/\^1/2

This is what the comoving LIF sees and it will not give the correct dark energy density! This was what I originally used and struggled with.

sigmaT^4 ---> hc/RH^4

way too small by a factor of (Lp/RH)^2 as much as QFT's hc/Lp^4 is way too large.

The correct answer is to use a static LNIF within Lp of the future horizon. For that the Planck law gives the correct answer of hc/RH^2Lp^2

Now why that number works is still mysterious but strongly suggests that we are hologram images computed from our POST-SELECTED future horizon hologram screen of ~ 10^123 BITS in Wheeler's IT FROM BIT.
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28 Jun 2012
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26 Jun 2012
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