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Dr. Quantum- Penrose-Rindler & -Star Wave- Wheeler-Feynman Aharonov-Vaidman Destiny-History Spinor Qubits.pdf

 Both spinor qubits of the Penrose-Rindler spin-frame are retarded in the forward light cone & correspond to a local Cartesian triad i,j,k at the point emitter.
My Wheeler-Feynman spinor qubit frame uses a local orthogonal spherical polar triad eRethetaephi parametrized by the polar angle latitude theta and the azimuthal angle longitude phi of two small spherical wavefronts (radii R from the point emitter event small compared to any local curvature radii that may be present) see figure in pdf
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29 Jun 2012
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26 Jun 2012
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