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Quantum Gravity and String Theory


The Galois Solvable Fourth Roots of Reality

Authors: Jack Sarfatti

Local observers are defined by orthonormal "non-holonomic" (aka "non-coordinate") tetrad gravity fields (Cartan's "moving frames"). The tetrads are spin 1 vector fields under the 6-parameter homogeneous Lorentz group SO1,3 of Einstein's 1905 special relativity. You can think of the tetrad gravity fields as the square roots of Einstein's 1916 spin 2 metric tensor gravity fields. We will see that we must also allow for spin 0 and spin 1 gravity because the spin 1 tetrads, in turn, are Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen entangled quantum states of pairs of 2-component Penrose-Rindler qubits in the quantum pregeometry. The Wheeler-Feynman qubits are the square roots of the advanced and retarded null tetrads and can therefore be called the Galois solvable fourth roots of reality. The spherical wavefront tetrads are then formally the Bell pair states of quantum information theory. Penrose's Cartesian tetrads are a different choice from mine here. The different tetrad choices correspond to the different contours around the photon propagator poles in the complex energy plane of quantum electrodynamics. Both of his spinors in his spin frame are retarded in the same light cone, e.g. the forward cone. It seems that Penrose and Rindler implicitly answered Wheeler's question of how IT comes from BIT, but no one realized it until now.