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 From the Perimeter Institute in Canada.

Ironically Valentini's arm has been twisted (metaphorically speaking) to downplay the fact that his concept of signal nonlocality, independently anticipated in print by Brian Josephson and myself (in separate works) has the most profound significance for the paranormal (e.g. remote viewing) as well as ordinary consciousness, indeed the essence of life itself. Indeed, Valentini took the expedient choice of being rude to Nobel Laureate physicist Brian Josephson because of the latter's interest in the paranormal as a physics problem. It's less clear where Valentini stands on the military weapons potential of signal nonlocality because he does use the term "espionage" in at least one of his papers (2002 on sub-quantum computation).

Of course the real issue is how to make sub-quantal non-equilibrium in the laboratory, that there may be cosmological remnants at super-Hubble wavelengths, corrections to inflationary predictions of the cosmic microwave background Gaussian scale invariance, and relic particles not in sub-quantal equlibrium is interesting of course. The other issue is that all living matter must be out of sub-quantal thermal equilibrium. Valentini predicts a cosmological infra-red cutoff using a Rube Goldberg model of the pre-inflation false vacuum - maybe but highly speculative. He claims "weak evidence" exists for his model. It has not, it appears, crossed Valentini's mind that all life is not in sub-quantal thermal equilibrium and that devices not in sub-quantal equilibrium may be possible - although he makes a brief remark about generating non-equilbrium from an equilibrium state at the end of his lecture, but with a negative conclusion. Valentini's prediction is maybe relic supersymmetry gravitinos bigger than 140 cm  wavelength with decay photons from them violating Malus's law. Since there is no evidence for supersymmetry this is far-fetched - a small bang for a big buck. Furthermore, his gravitino prediction assumes that dark matter consists of real particles whizzing through space on mass shell - probably not true.