"When Roger Penrose started writing his quantum gravity brain saga, he was critiqued by physicists and chemists for applying phenomena known from ultra-cold states of matter to systems above room temperature. For example, Tegmark threw calculations at Penrose showing thermal decoherence would destroy any quantum states in the living brain (Tegmark, 2000). However, these calculations made certain assumptions about the organization of matter, even though biological systems are known for displaying highly specific forms of complexity at the molecular level. Done just right, biological organization can stabilize quantum coherence or even, as Sarovar and colleagues suggest, quantum entanglement. ... A related point is connecting the function of the quantum effect (in the case of FMO, the increase in exciton transfer efficiency) to a biological role (in the case of FMO, the harvesting of energy from light). This point is especially important in quantum theories of mind, as these invoke quantum processes to explain grand questions such as free will, non-computational cognition, consciousness, etc. Something needs to connect the quantum effects in the substrate to these higher-order functions in order for the proposal to make sense. These three points should be the way in which the FMO findings inspire quantum mind believers. Only by taking the FMO research seriously as a model of what quantum biology should look like can quantum neuroscience escape from its current position as fringe science. I do not expect that to happen, but I’d love to be proven wrong."

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Pumped open non-equilibrium living matter escapes Tegmark's objection because the pump power acts as an inverse effective temperature   ~  (Thermal Temperature/(Pump Power)/[(Pump Power)^-1 + (Thermal Temperature)] --> 1/(Pump Power) as Pump Power increases. Therefore, the thermal temperature is effectively erased! Furthermore, we have signal nonlocality associated with "rigid" macro-quantum phase coherent in the ground state of the open pumped living system. This is an application of P. W. Anderson's "More is different" combined with Ilya Prigogine's non-equilibrium dissipative structures. In short Tegmark's objection is irrelevant to living matter in my opinion.