One of the biggest mysteries in science is the fundamental nature of the largest component of the fabric of the universe – dark energy. Identified for sure only in 1998, dark energy constitutes 74 per cent of the total mass-energy of the universe and is responsible for the current accelerating expansion of the universe, writes WILLIAM REVILLE.

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"In my opinion dark energy is a phase of quantum vacuum in which the density of virtual bosons exceeds the density of virtual fermion-antifermion pairs. Dark matter is the opposite. Quantum statistics plus Einstein's Strong Equivalence Principle show that virtual bosons inside the vacuum generate the repulsive anti-gravity accelerating the expansion speed of space in the large scale and possibly useful for zero g-force warp drive in metric engineering space craft. In addition the dark energy density is the inverse area of our future event horizon consistent with the 't Hooft-Susskind world hologram conjecture." - Jack Sarfatti