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Changes are coming rapidly to NASA, and the future of the United States' dedication and capability to mount manned space missions are increasingly in question.

In “Stargate: SG-1”, the world was still struggling to build and expand space programs to low Earth orbit, while the U.S. (still using NASA as a cover story) was secretly exploring our galaxy, and some others, using the alien-built Stargate system.

Today, is NASA cancelling the shuttle while a smaller shuttle-derived vehicle is being more-or-less secretly developed and tested for flight by the United States Air Force? And is it possible that this vehicle is not just a research version of a future Air Force space craft, but is actually a synergistic spin-off of the current shuttle design, using both older iterations that had more economical promise, but with more, newer, better and more advanced technology thrown into the program?

Such is the twisted tale of the X-37B.

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