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Unfortunately for previous cosmological theories, the universe appears reasonably convincingly to be expanding at an accelerating rate.  This, all physicists know, is no small problem.  It is so severe that physicists now invoke “Dark Energy” to explain this accelerating expansion.

Here is the central problem: Throw a ball into the air. If you do so at less than the escape velocity from the earth’s gravitational field, it will fly upward, exchange kinetic and gravitational potential energy until the two are equal at the top of its trajectory, then the ball will fall back to earth.  If the initial velocity of the ball is just equal to the earth’s gravitational field, the ball will “coast to infinity” ever more slowly, reaching infinity at 0 velocity, in the absence of other matter in the universe to provide additional gravitational fields. If the initial velocity of the ball is still higher, it will fly from the earth and coast to infinity at an ever decreasing, but finite velocity.

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"I am skeptical about the value of this article that strikes me as contrived, Rube Goldberg. I will say more about this anon."
-- Jack Sarfatti

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