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Dark matter is the mysterious stuff that cosmologists believe fills our Universe. The evidence for its existence is that there is not enough visible mass to hold galaxies together. But since galaxies manifestly do not fly apart, there must be some invisible stuff, some missing mass, that generates the gravitational forces holding them together.

But there's a problem with this idea. Two of them actually. First, physicists' best guess at the laws of physics give a good description of all of the particles they've discovered so far and a few they expect to discover soon. The trouble is that none of these particles have the right kind of properties to be dark matter ie electrically neutral, long-lived and slow moving. But none of the known or reasonably hypothesised particles fits the bill. To make room for a dark matter particle, the laws of physics have to be changed in ways that many theorists feel uncomfortable with.

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Sarfatti comments "I think this article is wrong. I think dark matter is a phase of quantum vacuum where virtual fermion-antifermion vacuum loops dominate that's why no real particles are seen."