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Subquantum Information and Computation

It is argued that immense physical resources - for nonlocal communication, espionage, and exponentially-fast computation - are hidden from us by quantum noise, and that this noise is not fundamental but merely a property of an equilibrium state in which the universe happens to be at the present time. It is suggested that 'non-quantum' or nonequilibrium matter might exist today in the form of relic particles from the early universe. We describe how such matter could be detected and put to practical use. Nonequilibrium matter could be used to send instantaneous signals, to violate the uncertainty principle, to distinguish non-orthogonal quantum states without disturbing them, to eavesdrop on quantum key distribution, and to outpace quantum computation (solving NP-complete problems in polynomial time).

"The Reviews of Modern Physics article a few items below on quantum noise in nano-electromechanics may be a step forward in fabricating covert surveillance devices that break the security of the orthodox quantum cryptographic banking and military C^3 systems that are currently being contemplated." says Jack Sarfatti