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 I have not vetted the accuracy of these e-books.

Dark energy is approximately 73% of the stuff of our observable universe sandwiched between our past particle horizon and our future event horizon. Both of these observer-dependent horizons can be pictured as 2D spherical shells that trap and confine light rays to them with us always in the exact center. Retarded light emitted from our past particle horizon is infinitely red shifted by the time it reaches us along our past light cone. Light emitted from us is infinitely red shifted by the time it reaches our future event horizon in a finite co-moving distance from us. We keep getting closer to our future event horizon though we never arrive at it. We keep getting further away from our past particle horizon whose beginning is at the moment of inflation 13.7 billion years ago moments before the hot Big Bang creating hydrogen, helium, lithium elements in the "First Three Minutes" (S. Weinberg's book).

In my theory the antigravity dark energy accelerating the natural expansion of space from the moment of inflation come from virtual bosons inside the vacuum. Similarly, the gravitating dark matter (~ 23% of the stuff of the world) is from clumping virtual fermion-antifermion pairs inside the vacuum. If my theory is correct no detectors in deep mines, out in space, or at the Large Hadron Collider will find real dark matter whizzing through space, no WIMPS, no MACHOs etc. Looking for them is like looking for the motion of Earth through the aether (Michelson-Morley).

I further conjecture that it is only our future horizon that is the pixelated hologram in which we are back-from-the-future 3D voxelated hologram images. Our past particle horizon cannot be the hologram. See Lenny Susskind's popular books for background information although he does not suggest that the hologram is in our future.

dark energy density in our past light cone = (area of our future event horizon hologram in our future light cone)^-1

~ 10^-28 grams/cc ~ 10^-7 ergs/cc

~ means approximately within an order of magnitude

This is a Novikov globally self-consistent loop in time.

Temperature T of the advanced Wheeler-Feynman Hawking black body radiation from our future event horizon hologram is its surface gravity

T ~  (area of our future event horizon hologram in our future light cone)^-1/2

h = c = G = k = 1 unit convention