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Metamaterials are undoubtedly among the most interesting structures in existence today. They can be engineered in a manner that allows for them to bend light and other types of electromagnetic waves. As such, they are mostly used for such purposes as to create artificial black holes and invisibility cloaks. More and more researchers are beginning to take an active interest in them, and this can only mean that numerous innovations are bound to come our way soon, Technology Review reports.
But perhaps one of the most interesting uses for metamaterials is creating additional dimensions of space, which may function according to their own rules of physics. These adjacent spaces are apparently created when objects of various configurations are produced using these advanced materials. Their secret is the fact that they are able to tweak and fiddle around with the electric and magnetic fields that pass through them. This is why they are, for example, capable of bending light over, below and around solid objects, rendering them invisible to the casual observer.

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