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Brain-Like Computing on an Organic Molecular Layer 26 April 2010
Brian Josephson video on academic freedom in the physics community 25 April 2010
Brian Josephson's Mind-Matter Project Cambridge Lecture 25 April 2010
Stephen Hawking's Universe Video on Time Travel 25 April 2010
Nobel Laureate Disinvited from Physics Conference for Interest in ‘Paranormal’ 25 April 2010
Space, the designer's frontier 25 April 2010
A weapon that can strike anywhere on Earth in 30 minutes 25 April 2010
Update on on Wheeler's IT FROM BIT 25 April 2010
Post-Bohmian Back Action Generation of Inner Consciouness? 24 April 2010
New Max Tegmark MIT paper on parallel universes next door 24 April 2010
USAF Plans For Reusable Booster Development 24 April 2010
China Open To Human Spaceflight 24 April 2010
Obama’s NASA Blueprint Is Challenged in Congress 24 April 2010
How to identify chiral superconductivity in new materials 24 April 2010
Magnesium: Alternative Power Source 24 April 2010
The Strange Link Between Spherium and Helium 24 April 2010
Early humans may have bred with other species – twice 24 April 2010
Decaying beauty spied for first time by LHC 24 April 2010
Unconventional s-Wave Superconductivity in Fe(Se,Te) 24 April 2010
Golden Retriever Puppy Snoopy Proves Einstein Was Correct! 23 April 2010
Vlatko Vedral's hologram universe - sound familiar? 23 April 2010
Is Time Travel Possible? 22 April 2010
Brian Josephson's Mind-Matter Project & The New Inquisitors 22 April 2010
Sean Carroll Talks School Science and Time Travel 22 April 2010
NASA's New Eye on the Sun Delivers Stunning First Images (w/ Video) 22 April 2010
Made to order diamonds hold key to stunning laser discoveries 22 April 2010
The Psi Taboo in Action 22 April 2010
Crystal defect shown to be key to making hollow nanotubes 22 April 2010
Novel negative-index metamaterial that responds to visible light designed 22 April 2010
Mobile 3-D Smart phones will take 3-D mainstream 22 April 2010
Innovation: One web language to rule them all 22 April 2010
Nanosculptors could help focus light on silicon chips 22 April 2010
Unmanned Space Plane Opening Door to Space Weaponization? 22 April 2010
New superconductivity mechanism discovered 22 April 2010
New Book Argues That NASA's Viking Discovered Martian Life 22 April 2010
Invisibility cloaks closer to living up to their name 22 April 2010
Self Replicating Systems Could Make Space Colonization Easy 22 April 2010
Hubble's role in search for aliens 22 April 2010
SETI Releases its Collected Data to the Public, Wants Open-Source For Whatever's Out There 22 April 2010
Mike Towler's Cambridge Lectures on Bohm's QM Interpretation 21 April 2010
New Air Traffic Control Computers Not Safe 21 April 2010
Aliens might not have radio: scientists 21 April 2010
Paranormal Researchers 21 April 2010
Tim Maudlin's book on Quantum Nonlocality & Relativity. 21 April 2010
Thoroughly Muddled McTaggart 21 April 2010
Time Travel Machines & Back From The Future Final Causes 20 April 2010
Quantum Teleportation & Nonlocal Gravity Field Energy 20 April 2010
de Broglie-Bohm Quantum Theory 20 April 2010
The End of Time? 20 April 2010
Quantum Information Reality 20 April 2010
Why the Quantum? 20 April 2010
Bub's IT FROM QUBIT 20 April 2010
"What's an Acceptable Risk for Destroying the Earth?" 20 April 2010
Adrian Kent's Quantum Gravity Research at Cambridge University 20 April 2010
Little Green Men and Flying Saucers Are So Passé: New Ideas About Aliens 20 April 2010
Threat of new, larger Icelandic eruption looms 20 April 2010
TR10: Engineered Stem Cells 20 April 2010
Frostbite? Not for These Microbes 20 April 2010
Quantum Cryptography Hits the Fast Lane 20 April 2010
Novel Experiment Prepares to Join Dark Energy Hunt 20 April 2010
NASA official battles the bugs of space travel 20 April 2010
Lubos Motl's Physics Blog 19 April 2010
Dark matter may give neutron stars black hearts 19 April 2010
Quantum Cryptography Hits the Fast Lane 19 April 2010
NASA planet hunters may only be releasing limited data set 19 April 2010
Water-carved gullies on Mars 19 April 2010
Obama Explains Future Space Plans 19 April 2010
Large Hadron Collider could reveal our origins 19 April 2010
How to split a water molecule 19 April 2010
Researchers take a step towards quantum computing 19 April 2010
What's the (dark) matter? Physicist Peter Fisher says we may not know for 10 years 19 April 2010
Is God a mathematician? 19 April 2010
Observing the dance of a vortex/antivortex pair, step by step 19 April 2010
Just 39 days to Mars 19 April 2010
The Neutron Star Cooling Mystery 19 April 2010
Physics Consciousness Blog Saul-Paul Sirag, R.A. Wilson 19 April 2010
Have Black Holes Been Turning Up the Volume on the Cosmic Radio Background? 18 April 2010
Searching for Intelligent Life Out There 18 April 2010
Astronomer searches for alien life 18 April 2010
Signs of E.T. in our own back yard 18 April 2010
Good prospects for extraterrestrial life? Rocky planets 'are commonplace' in our galaxy 18 April 2010
Some Details of Secretive X-37B Space Plane Revealed 18 April 2010
Russia's Flying Saucer 17 April 2010
Schrodinger's Cash 17 April 2010
Watching the Tug of War between Structure and Superconductivity 16 April 2010
Astrophysicists cast doubt on link between excess positrons and dark matter 16 April 2010
Black-hole like effect in nanotube and the possibility of new matter states 16 April 2010
When black holes go rogue, they kill galaxies 16 April 2010
A Nano Vacuum Propeller for Space Ships? 15 April 2010
Cassini Captures First Video of Extraterrestrial Lightning 15 April 2010
The Eerie Silence 15 April 2010
Cat brain: A step toward the electronic equivalent 15 April 2010
Microbial Life Found in Hydrocarbon Lake 15 April 2010
Is Reprocessing the Answer to Eliminating Fissile Materials from Bombs and Nuclear Waste? 15 April 2010
The Very Real Plans to Put Marines in Space 15 April 2010
Professor Improves Power Technology 15 April 2010
Massive European Telescope to Search for ET 15 April 2010
Signs of life: Is it time for a new approach to finding extraterrestrials? 15 April 2010
Neil Armstrong takes one giant swipe at Obama over Nasa cuts 15 April 2010
'Cure' is found for skin cancer, claim scientists 14 April 2010
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