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For One Tiny Instant, Physicists May Have Broken a Law of Nature 20 March 2010
Room for Debate: Where, If Anywhere, Is NASA Headed? 20 March 2010
Sulfur Isotopic Difference Might Prove Life on Mars 20 March 2010
Scientists Hide Gold With 3D "Invisibility Cloak" 20 March 2010
Progress in Quark-Gluon Strong Force Sub-Nuclear Physics 19 March 2010
CERN Large Hadron Collider Ramps up to 7 TEV Centre of Mass Energy 19 March 2010
Macro-Weirdness: "Quantum Microphone" Puts Naked-Eye Object in 2 Places at Once 18 March 2010
New exoplanet like 'one of ours' 18 March 2010
A trapped single ion inside a Bose–Einstein condensate 18 March 2010
Quivering Gizmo Ushers in Quantum Machines 18 March 2010
Protection of the Outer Space Environment 18 March 2010
Scientists drag quantum mechanics into the visible realm 18 March 2010
No sunlight, no food, frozen conditions, but NASA finds complex life 17 March 2010
Supersymmetry, LHC, Dark Matter 16 March 2010
Quantum Sensor Developed by LSU Researcher Breaks New Limits 16 March 2010
New analysis of the structure of spider silks explains paradox of super-strength 16 March 2010
Lithium-ion anode uses self-assembled nanocomposite materials to increase capacity 16 March 2010
'Terminator' asteroids could re-form after nuke 16 March 2010
Evidence for life on Mars may be staring us in the face 16 March 2010
Roger Penrose: Non-stop cosmos, non-stop career 16 March 2010
Breakthrough for the quantum simulator 16 March 2010
Controlling Structure on the Nanoscale Could Lead to Better Superconductors 16 March 2010
Einstein's gravity theory and quantum theory tested together 16 March 2010
The lonely but hopeful search for life off earth 16 March 2010
Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) -- 25 years and counting 16 March 2010
Superconductor breakthrough made 16 March 2010
One Gene Lost = One Limb Regained? 15 March 2010
Signal nonlocality in cosmology? 15 March 2010
Julian Barbour Oxford University Machian Quantum Gravity Project 13 March 2010
How to picture ourselves as hologram images from the future 11 March 2010
Arbitrarily Accurate Dynamical Control in Open Quantum Systems 11 March 2010
Nobel Laureate Gerard t'Hooft on Einstein's Gravity Theory 10 March 2010
Big Power from Tiny Wires: Carbon Nanotubes Can Produce Powerful Waves That Could Be Harnessed 10 March 2010
Hawking's paper on information loss in black holes 09 March 2010
Black Hole Information Paradox 09 March 2010
A measure for the multiverse 09 March 2010
Nanotube cuff is 'solar cell' for exhaust pipes 09 March 2010
MIT Researchers Discover New Electricity Production Method 09 March 2010
Reaching for Stars When Space Thrilled and Paranoia Ruled 08 March 2010
Alternative Energy Crops in Space 08 March 2010
Single photon solid-state memory for telecommunications 08 March 2010
Theoretical Breakthrough For Quantum Cryptography 08 March 2010
Princeton University Global Consciousness Project 07 March 2010
Many Worlds in One 07 March 2010
Hogan’s noise 07 March 2010
Shaving extra dimensions 07 March 2010
Catalyst could power homes on a bottle of water, produce hydrogen on-site (w/ Video) 07 March 2010
Detecting proton collisions at unprecedented levels of energy 07 March 2010
MIT researchers discover new way of producing electricity 07 March 2010
Dark, dangerous asteroids found lurking near Earth 07 March 2010
Hydrocarbon turns superconductor 07 March 2010
Is our future event horizon hologram a perfect Wheeler-Feynman absorber? 06 March 2010
Superconductors could simulate the brain 06 March 2010
First contact: The man who'll welcome aliens 06 March 2010
Water Practically Flies Off 'Near Perfect' Hydrophobic Surface That Refuses to Get Wet 06 March 2010
New theory on origin of life on Earth and perhaps Mars 05 March 2010
Nondestructive Imaging of Individual Biomolecules 05 March 2010
Toward a Physics of Conscious Artificial Intelligence 05 March 2010
Radar Map of Buried Martian Ice Adds to Climate Record 05 March 2010
Precursors of Life-Enabling Organic Molecules in Orion Nebula Unveiled by Herschel Space Observatory 05 March 2010
Chandrayaan-1 Data Show More Lunar Ice 05 March 2010
A new energy source from the common pea 05 March 2010
Hybrid fusion: the third nuclear option 05 March 2010
Shields down! Earth's mag field may drop in a flash 05 March 2010
Knowing the mind of God: Seven theories of everything 05 March 2010
Is Quantum Mechanics Controlling Your Thoughts? 05 March 2010
Is That Saturn's Moon Titan or Utah? 04 March 2010
IBM Aims to Replace Copper Chip Interconnects With Light 04 March 2010
Exotic Antimatter Detected at Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider: A New Frontier in Physics 04 March 2010
A measure for the multiverse 04 March 2010
Opinion: Mars Is Within Our Reach -- Here's How 04 March 2010
In a 2 trillion-degree furnace scientists create a new particle 04 March 2010
India tests cheaper rocket to reduce launch vehicle cost 04 March 2010
From Our Future Eternity Back To Here 03 March 2010
Nick Herbert thinks that the Haisch-Moddell ZPE Engine won't work. 03 March 2010
Multiverse paper from Oxford - is it wrong? 02 March 2010
A Zero Point Vacuum Energy Generator? 02 March 2010
Time Travel Beats Quantum Theory 02 March 2010
The Extraterrestrial Life debate in different cultures 02 March 2010
The Extraterrestrial Life debate in different cultures 02 March 2010
Cosmological Constant as Entropic Force? Lubos Motl's Blog 02 March 2010
NASA Radar Finds Ice Deposits at Moon's North Pole; Additional Evidence of Water Activity on Moon 02 March 2010
Producing graphene layers using crystallization 02 March 2010
Year of the Laser 02 March 2010
Mars rover Spirit could rise again 02 March 2010
Russia toys with exotic nuclear space projects 02 March 2010
The mystery of the silent aliens 02 March 2010
The seven wonders of the solar system 02 March 2010
Nasa radar finds ice on moon's north pole 02 March 2010
Long-distance quantum communication gets closer as physicists increase light storage efficiency 01 March 2010
Template engineering demonstrates possibilities of new superconducting material 01 March 2010
Dark matter could meet its nemesis on Earth 01 March 2010
How Antimatter Spacecraft Will Work 01 March 2010
Widening the search for extraterrestrial intelligence 01 March 2010
Patent for Zero Point Vacuum Energy Generator 28 February 2010
Michio Kaku video on the ice geysers of Enceladus, "This is a game changer." 27 February 2010
Will NASA use VASIMER engines to go to Mars? 27 February 2010
What Is Time? One Physicist Hunts for the Ultimate Theory 27 February 2010
Physicists Build Basic Quantum Computing Circuit 27 February 2010
The Great Silence 27 February 2010
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