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On Friday, May 14th, rigs and horse trailers from all over the Pacific Northwest will be honing in on the town of Trout Lake, Washington for the Mount Adams endurance ride. They won't be the only ones.

Time Travel

If I may begin with time travel, back in the early nineties, my friend C___ and I were having a discussion about aliens. Her soon to be ex-husband, X___, was a true believer. I had a bone to pick with UFOs, and took the occasion to air it.

After all, C__, X__ and myself, along with most of our friends, had all headed straight for the bright lights of New York. Why would aliens who had traveled across galaxies not join us in Manhattan or London, Tokyo, Dubai, or some other bright spot on the globe? Why land in rural Pennsylvania or the deserts of New Mexico? It made no sense to a couple of urbanites like ourselves.

We speculated that they were in fact among us (This was all before Men in Black) but that we simply didn't notice them landing, being to busy with our own affairs. Were we to bundle up and hunker down on our roof, we'd likely see some eventually. Roswell had done quite well from alien tourism, C pointed out. Why not open a cafe? The key,was to secure a long-term lease on the real estate first, install X as our resident guru and turn it into a lucrative haven for alien believers.

We never carried out our vision of the UFO Cafe, having jobs to keep us out of trouble, and X__ moved on from aliens to other passions.

The idea might have been a little less original than we imagined, anyway. I can find quite a few "UFO Cafes" already out there, even a film of that title starring Beau Bridges, not to mention the A'Le'Inn restaurant and motel in Rachel, NV -/).

Still, the memories came flooding back when I read about ECETI, or Enlightened Contact with ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence, based at Trout Lake, which offers camping and room reservations.

Was this the Pacific Northwest version of the UFO cafe, I wondered.

Between ECETI, CSETI, we have a burgeoning UFO tourism industry here.  But those on a no salt diet may want to abstain.  To read the rest of the article, click here


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