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Waves of Sphere Shaped UFOs Reported Over Albuquerque, NM 24 March 2010
Pyramid UFOs being spoted all over the world 24 March 2010
Mysterious UFO-Like Objects Pictured Above Sydney Street 23 March 2010
'UFO' caught on camera 23 March 2010
A Lost City in the Grand Canyon? 23 March 2010
Waiting for the end of the world: Georgia's 30-year stone mystery 23 March 2010
Waiting for the end of the world: Georgia's 30-year stone mystery 23 March 2010
UFOs over Sydney - the intergalactic neighbours drop by 23 March 2010
Researchers investigate mysterious stone spheres in Costa Rica 23 March 2010
UFO fever sweeps city 23 March 2010
UFO Crash Near Del Rio, Texas 23 March 2010
Robert Anton Wilson on Entangled Nonlocality and the Occult 22 March 2010
Ohio UFOs: Case Closed 20 March 2010
Is this a UFO in our skies? 20 March 2010
UFO cop vid baffles experts 20 March 2010
Chile: Sixteen UFO Cases Reported on Earthquake Night 20 March 2010
UFO or military aircraft? Odd lights over Gulf of Mexico had panhandle Floridians wondering 18 March 2010
Cleveland's UFO mystery may be solved tonight 18 March 2010
"We are Not Alone," says NASA Veteran 16 March 2010
Euclid, Ohio UFO: MUFON on the scene third night in a row 16 March 2010
NBC-7: 'Strange lights' reported over south Walton County coastline, Florida 16 March 2010
Pyramid UFO over Colombia. March 13th, 2010 16 March 2010
Witnesses wonder what orange lights over Cairns Army Airfield were 16 March 2010
Rumors about Occult Third Reich Flying Saucers 15 March 2010
Reviews of UFO Conspiracy Disinformation 13 March 2010
A curious sci-fi fantasy posing as fact 09 March 2010
Fox News reports UFO sighting over Lake Erie 5 nights in a row 09 March 2010
Dan Aykroyd and the end of the world 08 March 2010
Ohio Man Claims to Have Captured Evidence of UFOs 08 March 2010
The Phoenix Lights 13 Years Later 08 March 2010
Is the Haisch-Moddell zero point energy generator reverse engineered ET technology? 07 March 2010
Disc UFO hovers in night sky near Santa Rosa, CA 07 March 2010
2010:Tesla Technologies Symposium in Vienna 07 March 2010
Twelve Government Documents 07 March 2010
NASA's Tether UFO Incident 07 March 2010
deleted 06 March 2010
Flying Pyramids in China Sky? 06 March 2010
The Spies, Lies, and Polygraph Tape Book 06 March 2010
Self-Proclaimed 'Psychic' Charged with Investor Fraud 05 March 2010
More Bogus "Over-Unity Free Energy" Cargo Cult Pseudo-Physics? 05 March 2010
The Dalnegorsk UFO Crash 05 March 2010
Uri Geller's Quest For The Holy Grail, Knights Templar 05 March 2010
Local UFO Sightings on the Rise 04 March 2010
CSETI / Greer Claim "Extraordinary Evidence" and Photograph of an Extraterrestrial 03 March 2010
More UFO sightings in Swansea Bay area 03 March 2010
More UFO sightings in Swansea Bay area 03 March 2010
Brooklyn ‘Close Encounters’ Frenzy 02 March 2010
Silent, transparent morphing UFO at 400 feet over California 02 March 2010
MoD: UFOs are not a military threat 02 March 2010
UFO near Randsburg, CA was like three stacked blocks 01 March 2010
UFOs reported near Bagram Air Force Base, Afghanistan 01 March 2010
MoD to destroy future UFO reports 01 March 2010
UFO Activity at Nuclear Weapons Sites to be Revealed at the National Press Club 26 February 2010
Two objects reported crashed near Mongolian capital: UFO or engine parts? 25 February 2010
Were the 1997 Arizona Lights a psychological warfare experiment? Part One 25 February 2010
UFO Sighting and Strange Signals reported again in Indian Ocean- sub tectonic experiment? 25 February 2010
Flashback: Boeing seeks antigravity technology 25 February 2010
UFOs were Chinese lanterns say family 24 February 2010
Remote viewing Tibetan monks see Extra Terrestrial powers saving the World from destroying itself 23 February 2010
UFOs: the (boring) truth is out there 23 February 2010
Rebuttal to New Scientist Article On Impossibility of Star Trek Warp Travel 23 February 2010
Prehistoric UFO and ET images found in remote cave in India 23 February 2010
Time Travel in Film and TV 23 February 2010
More Evidence Of Extra Terrestrial Contacts With Indian Government And Military 23 February 2010
Halo II: Mystery cloud returns to skies over Mexico 22 February 2010
Retcon 21 February 2010
FLASH TRAFFIC: Physicists Stanton T. Friedman and Jack Sarfatti discuss The Anderson Institute 20 February 2010
In Depth: How UFO hunters are turning to the web 20 February 2010
Revealed: eerie UFO sightings recorded in MoD files 18 February 2010
UFO close encounters laid bare as ‘X-Files’ released by records office 18 February 2010
UFO 'had near miss with Boeing 737 18 February 2010
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