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The super-resolution revolution 28 February 2015
Programmable pop-up materials can morph on command 28 February 2015
Life 'not as we know it' possible on Saturn's moon Titan 28 February 2015
US Army plots new petascale monster and 'tactical cloudlets' 28 February 2015
Oxygen-free, methane-based aliens may exist on icy Saturn moon Titan 28 February 2015
Graphene Polymer Speeds Electron Transport 28 February 2015
Two quantum properties teleported together for first time 28 February 2015
Four ways to break the universe's speed limit 28 February 2015
Environment Around Black Hole Protects Organic Chemicals 28 February 2015
A step closer to explaining high-temperature superconductivity? 28 February 2015
Curiosity confirms the existence of methane in Mars' atmosphere 28 February 2015
New research signals big future for quantum radar 28 February 2015
Introducing Project Solaris – Towards the Conception of a Distributed Solar Energy Harvester 28 February 2015
New auxetic materials offer ‘smart’ bandages, super body armor 28 February 2015
Dozens of new craters suspected in northern Russia 25 February 2015
First full body transplant is two years away, surgeon claims 25 February 2015
Warming up the world of superconductors 25 February 2015
A Casimir Effect Caused by Gravity 25 February 2015
SOHO sees something new near the sun: Comet survives close encounter 25 February 2015
Giant Asteroid Collision May Have Radically Transformed Mars 25 February 2015
DeepMind game-playing software holds lessons for neuroscience 25 February 2015
Does dark matter cause mass extinctions and geologic upheavals? 25 February 2015
New Display Technology Lets LCDs Produce Princess Leia-Style Holograms - WOW! 24 February 2015
Optical nanoantennas set the stage for a NEMS lab-on-a-chip revolution 24 February 2015
Project Loon 24 February 2015
The plan to find alien life in Europa's icy seas 24 February 2015
Dendrite eraser: New electrolyte rids batteries of short-circuiting fibers 24 February 2015
Bionic reconstruction lets patients use a robotic prosthetic hand controlled by the mind 24 February 2015
The European nanotechnology roadmap for graphene 24 February 2015
Notes for a Lecture in Nepal 24 February 2015
When is Biology Quantum? 24 February 2015
Should Humanity Try to Contact Alien Civilizations? 24 February 2015
Could classical theory be just as weird as quantum theory? 23 February 2015
Could the Sun be trapping asymmetric dark matter? 23 February 2015
GOD(D) does not play dice with the universe 22 February 2015
Researchers first to observe Higgs boson analogue in superconductors 22 February 2015
This New Experiment Will Answer Some Mind-Bending Questions On Whether We Live In a Hologram 21 February 2015
The Reality of Quantum Weirdness 21 February 2015
Antarctica: Mystery continent holds key to mankind's future 21 February 2015
An Electrical Off-Switch for Disease [Video] 21 February 2015
Paper-Thin Maetamaterial Lenses Could Shrink Cameras and Holographic Displays 21 February 2015
In the quantum world the future influences the present. 21 February 2015
The Cosmic Chemistry That Gave Rise to Water 21 February 2015
Hydrodynamic and Nuclear Experiments 21 February 2015
Fibers made by transforming materials 20 February 2015
'Firefly' Starship to Blaze a Trail to Alpha Centauri? ("blaze?") 20 February 2015
Geoengineering schemes to combat climate change still risky, say reports 20 February 2015
No need for color correction: Perfect colors, captured with one ultra-thin lens 20 February 2015
Beyond silicon: New semiconductor moves spintronics toward reality 20 February 2015
Jostling photons could give dark matter away 20 February 2015
Pen draws flexible circuits using half-meter long carbon nanotube fibers 20 February 2015
Searching for signs of Mars life could destroy them 20 February 2015
World’s Largest Telescope Faces Opposition from Native Hawaiian Protesters (Give it a rest, and join the 21st century))) 20 February 2015
Stephen Hawking: space travel will save mankind and we should colonise other planets 20 February 2015
Fabled gravitational waves could actually be found by observing time, not space 20 February 2015
Life on Europa? Scientists ponder the possibilities 20 February 2015
Quantum Transistor Harnesses New Effect 20 February 2015
The controversy over interstellar messaging 20 February 2015
Was the Hadron Collider a huge mistake? Higgs is ‘found’ in ordinary lab 20 February 2015
Dark matter vs. dwarfs: Issues for our best model of the Universe 20 February 2015
Harvard Researchers Examine relationship Between Supermassive Black Holes and Dark Matter 20 February 2015
New paper from Turkey claims ER = EPR causal anomaly 19 February 2015
The Many Worlds Interpretation: Not even wrong? 18 February 2015
China's Super Strategy to Crush America in a War 18 February 2015
Bad news for warmists: Sun has entered 'weakest solar cycle in a century' 18 February 2015
Cost-effective and efficient rival for platinum 18 February 2015
New paper-like material could boost electric vehicle batteries 18 February 2015
Dark matter guides growth of supermassive black holes 18 February 2015
How Asteroid Mining Could Pay For Our First Space Colony 18 February 2015
Reviews Modern Physics papers I find important 17 February 2015
A Close Call of 0.8 Light Years 17 February 2015
Earth-like Planets More Likely to Orbit Sun-like stars - Not Lower-mass Stars 17 February 2015
(Pinhead) Americans want rich guys like Elon Musk to pay for space travel — not taxpayers 17 February 2015
Privately financed Moon travel just 20 years away? 17 February 2015
How much would you sacrifice to be the first person on Mars? 17 February 2015
Room tempertature nano switch could store memory using coordinated 'dance' of atoms 17 February 2015
Ancient rocks show life could have flourished on Earth 3.2 billion years ago 16 February 2015
Researchers demonstrate interaction between light and sound in nanoscale waveguide 16 February 2015
Russian Meteor's Origin Remains Mysterious 2 Years Later 16 February 2015
Hoping Google’s Lab Is a Rainmaker 16 February 2015
Scientists making progress with techniques that allow for seeing through opaque materials 16 February 2015
Jupiter glimpsed as aliens would see it 16 February 2015
Nano-Manufacturing Makes Steel 10 Times Stronger 16 February 2015
Mystery cloud-like blobs over Mars baffle astronomers 16 February 2015
Smaller fusion reactors could deliver big gains 16 February 2015
Final 100 (Suicidal Fool) Candidates Selected for One-Way (Death) Trip to Mars 16 February 2015
Large Hadron Collider set for triumph ‘bigger than Higgs boson’ 16 February 2015
The paradox of popping back in time 16 February 2015
Internet Anonymity and The Attack of Fake IDs 15 February 2015
Abundant, Cheap Hydrogen Gets Closer to Reality 15 February 2015
Solved Problems in General Relativity 15 February 2015
Nuclear Specter Returns: 'Threat of War Is Higher than in the Cold War' 15 February 2015
Will Lenny Susskind get the Nobel Prize 15 February 2015
Visualizing Interstellar's Wormhole 15 February 2015
Remote Viewing? 15 February 2015
Contacting aliens - war of the worlds or war over cash? 15 February 2015
Silver-glass sandwich structure acts as inexpensive color filter 14 February 2015
World’s first compact rotary 3-D printer-cum-scanner 14 February 2015
The future of electronics, now in 2-D 14 February 2015