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An interesting glimpse into how future state-of-the-art electronics might work 22 August 2014
Water splitter runs on an ordinary AAA battery 22 August 2014
What is Nothing? 22 August 2014
Scientists fabricate defect-free graphene, set record reversible capacity for Co3O4 anode in Li-ion batteries 22 August 2014
Metamaterial Superconductor Hints At New Era Of High Temperature Superconductivity 22 August 2014
An Astrophysicist in Search of E.T. 22 August 2014
Microbes Discovered in Subglacial Antarctic Lake May Hint at Life in Space 22 August 2014
This is (maybe) how we’d have colonised the Moon if the Soviet Union had got there first 22 August 2014
Data mining for dark matter 22 August 2014
How computing is transforming materials science research 22 August 2014
Graphene is the Future of Technology and the Future is Here 20 August 2014
Manufacturing Nuclear Weapon “Pits”: A Decisionmaking Approach for Congress 20 August 2014
The singularity is not near: the human brain as a Boson sampler? 20 August 2014
Northrop Unveils XS-1 Spaceplane Design For Darpa 20 August 2014
The end of copper? New non-metallic metamaterial enables team to 'compress' and contain light 20 August 2014
A semi-artificial leaf faster than 'natural' photosynthesis 20 August 2014
US–Russia tensions hit scientists 20 August 2014
Spot ET's waste heat for chance to find alien life 20 August 2014
Martian meteorite: Implications of a newly discovered mineral-rich structure 20 August 2014
The Next Battleground In The War Against Quantum Hacking 20 August 2014
How to Break Cryptography With Your Bare Hands 20 August 2014
PLANKTON found in space: Sea creatures are discovered living on the exterior of the ISS 20 August 2014
8 Scientists Contemplate Place of Human Consciousness in Science 20 August 2014
Bioengineers Create Functional 3D Brain-like Tissue 19 August 2014
Laser 'Lightning rods' channel electricity through thin air 19 August 2014
Just how rare is intelligent life in the universe? 19 August 2014
In space, astronauts’ immune systems get totally confused 19 August 2014
Cosmological Evolution With Interaction Between Dark Energy And Dark Matter 19 August 2014
Researchers Exploring The Use Of Quantum Physics To Enhance AI Technology 19 August 2014
Researchers unveil new solar cell made from carbon nanotubes that converts more sunlight into power 18 August 2014
Sun's activity influences natural climate change 18 August 2014
SETI Searches Kepler Candidates for Signals of Life 18 August 2014
In Search for Intelligent Life, Consider the Lottery 18 August 2014
A Bizarre Evolutionary Misfit 18 August 2014
'Cavity protection effect' helps to conserve quantum information 17 August 2014
Online collaboration: Scientists and the social network 17 August 2014
Scientists create remote-controlled nanoscale protein motors 16 August 2014
Strange Radio Signal From Space Still a Mystery 40 Years Later: Alien Communication? 16 August 2014
Finding Mars Life Could Answer Some Big Questions 16 August 2014
Space is the place to solve the riddle of life, maybe 16 August 2014
A Chinese Internet Giant Starts to Dream 16 August 2014
X-Physics Propulsion & Power Project (XP4) 16 August 2014
Time and the Algebraic Theory of Moments 15 August 2014
A Resource of Gravity Modification Papers 15 August 2014
Cosmological Simulations of Multicomponent Cold Dark Matter 15 August 2014
Super-intuition and correlations with the future in Quantum Concept of Consciousness 15 August 2014
Red Dwarf Stars Might Be Best Places to Discover Alien Life 15 August 2014
People Mostly to Blame for Recent Glacier Melt 15 August 2014
Longer-Lasting Battery Is Being Tested for Wearable Devices 15 August 2014
Researchers create 1,000-robot swarm 15 August 2014
Molecular engineers record an electron's quantum behavior 15 August 2014
Could We Detect an Alien Civilization's Waste Heat? 15 August 2014
New material could enhance fast and accurate DNA sequencing 15 August 2014
Sarfatti Commentary on Tony Valentini Interview 15 August 2014
The Most Wanted Man in the World 13 August 2014
Pitt engineer turns metal into glass 13 August 2014
Copper foam turns carbon dioxide into useful chemicals 13 August 2014
New test reveals purity of graphene: Terahertz waves used to spot contaminants 13 August 2014
3D microscope method to look inside living brains 13 August 2014
Why hasn't this asteroid disintegrated? 13 August 2014
Bendable Displays Are Finally Headed to Market 13 August 2014
Major breakthrough: Researchers create quantum dots with single-atom precision 13 August 2014
Graphene Breakthrough Promises Supercapicitors That Charge Electronic Devices a Thousand Times Faster! 13 August 2014
Toward a superconducting quantum computer 12 August 2014
Former NASA Chief: U.S. Not On A Path To Mars 12 August 2014
Electron spin changes as a general mechanism for general anesthesia? 12 August 2014
The surprising power of the unseen 12 August 2014
Used Cigarette Filters Could Enable Next Generation of Supercapacitors 12 August 2014
Bioengineers: Matrix stiffness is an essential tool in stem cell differentiation 12 August 2014
The spaceship reinvented for new frontiers 12 August 2014
Purer-than-pure silicon solves problem for quantum tech 12 August 2014
Could hemp nanosheets topple graphene for making the ideal supercapacitor? 12 August 2014
On the edge of graphene 12 August 2014
Space Travel Will Be Easier and Less Costly With 3-D Printers 12 August 2014
10^32 stronger gravity than GR in experiment? 10 August 2014
What did Stephen Hawking really say about no blackholes? 09 August 2014
Update on Mach Effect Thruster Starship Engine Project 09 August 2014
Science on demand 07 August 2014
IBM Chip Processes Data Similar to the Way Your Brain Does 07 August 2014
Synthesis of structurally pure carbon nanotubes using molecular seeds 07 August 2014
Twin Alien Planets Could Boost Chances for Extraterrestrial Life 07 August 2014
Did NASA Validate an “Impossible” Space Drive? In a Word, No. 07 August 2014
Towards Single Crystal Hybrid-Carbon Electronics: Impact of Graphene Substrate Defect Density on Copper Phthalocyanine Film Growth 06 August 2014
Scaling Up Quantum Computers for Chemistry 06 August 2014
Future of fast computer chips could be in graphene and not silicon, says new research 06 August 2014
Saturn moon may host its own Dead Sea 06 August 2014
Rosetta Chasing Down a Comet: 100 kilometres to 'touchdown' 06 August 2014
The atomic picture of magnetism 06 August 2014
NASA hype on space drive is a dud 05 August 2014
Is NASA Really on the Verge of Finding Extraterrestrial Life? 05 August 2014
The next graphene? Engineers to study new class of ultra-thin film materials 05 August 2014
Watching chemistry in motion: Chemical environments mapped using molecular vibrations 05 August 2014
Physicists introduce another quantum animal: The Quantum Pigeon 05 August 2014
Planting imperfections at specific spots within a diamond lattice could advance quantum computing 05 August 2014
LEDs made from 'wonder material' perovskite 05 August 2014
Fiendish million-dollar proof eludes mathematicians 05 August 2014
Saturn moon’s geysers draw water from subsurface sea 05 August 2014
Are Mind-Powered Drones Next? 04 August 2014
Preparing for Discovery: NASA/Library of Congress Astrobiology Symposium 04 August 2014
Deepak Chopra & Henry P. Stapp Mind-Matter Physics 04 August 2014