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Graphene's superconductive power has finally been unlocked, and it's crazier than we expected 20 January 2017
Theorists propose new class of topological metals with exotic electronic properties 19 January 2017
Making AI systems that see the world as humans do 19 January 2017
The Internet Is Sick 19 January 2017
Graphene's sleeping superconductivity awakens 19 January 2017
How to Create a Time Crystal 18 January 2017
Microbiologists make big leap in developing 'green' electronics 18 January 2017
The Shape-Shifting Army Inside Your Cells 18 January 2017
Universe Contains 2 Trillion Galaxies, A New Study Reveals 18 January 2017
Studying the quantum vacuum: Traffic jam in empty space 18 January 2017
Dark energy emerges when energy conservation is violated 18 January 2017
New System Could Connect Cell Phones to Real Cells and Treat Disease 18 January 2017
A fountain of ammonia pokes holes in the Standard Model 17 January 2017
Laser-driving of semimetals allows creating novel quasiparticle states 17 January 2017
Flexible ferroelectrics bring two material worlds together 17 January 2017
Engineers build world's lightest mechanical watch thanks to graphene 17 January 2017
Japan Tokai University researchers find a room temperature Superconductor with critical temperature near the melting point of Tin! 17 January 2017
Light source discovery 'challenges basic assumption' of physics 16 January 2017
Microbes Could Survive Thin Air of Mars 16 January 2017
Move Over, Coders—Physicists Will Soon Rule Silicon Valley 16 January 2017
Very bright mysterious object discovered in the active galaxy Cygnus A 15 January 2017
Five big mysteries about CRISPR’s origins 15 January 2017
Sonic tractor beam can be made for less than $90 15 January 2017
New Alien Hunter Tool Developed To Catch The Faintest Of Alien Life Signatures 15 January 2017
Seeing the quantum future... literally 14 January 2017
A Breakthrough in the Search for Alpha Centauri's Planets 14 January 2017
Why Has The White House Suddenly Released A Strategy For Dealing With A Catastrophic Meteor Impact? 14 January 2017
The Science Behind the Impossible EM Drive 14 January 2017
Researcher hunts DNA on Mars 14 January 2017
Are Humans Freaks of Nature? 14 January 2017
A strange new theory may finally solve the mystery of an “alien megastructure” that has confounded scientists for months 14 January 2017
New model could help scientists design materials for artificial photosynthesis 12 January 2017
Dark Matter Still at Large 11 January 2017
Measuring how perovskite solar films efficiently convert light to power 11 January 2017
Better batteries charge forward 11 January 2017
Scientists create first 2-D electride 11 January 2017
Catching CRISPR in action: First all-atom simulation of genome editing in action 11 January 2017
New NASA Mission Could Solve Mystery Of Water On Asteroid ‘Psyche’ 11 January 2017
‘Alien megastructure’ signal may be due to star eating a planet 11 January 2017
Eggs from Skin Cells? Here’s Why the Next Fertility Technology Will Open Pandora’s Box 11 January 2017
Space travel's mental health toll could endanger long missions 11 January 2017
Spinning toy reinvented as low-tech centrifuge 11 January 2017
First transparent OLED display with graphene electrodes created 11 January 2017
"Is There Technology Around Tabby's Star?" --Berkeley SETI's Green-Bank Telescope Investigation of the "Alien Megastructure" Star (LIVESTREAM/VIDEO) 11 January 2017
Another Telescope Will Hunt for Aliens in Alpha Centauri 11 January 2017
New form of hydrogen created 09 January 2017
Spinning spider silk is now possible 09 January 2017
New super-resolution microscope combines Nobel-winning technologies 09 January 2017
DARPA’s Biotech Chief Says 2017 Will “Blow Our Minds” 09 January 2017
How Is Warp Drive Supposed To Work In The Star Trek Universe And In Reality If We Could Ever Build One? 09 January 2017
NASA Interstellar Options: Does NASA Have Any Practical, Real-World Options For Achieving A Manned Interstellar Flight? (No!) 09 January 2017
Saturday Night Science: Planck 08 January 2017
Universal Quantum computers could replace supercomputers within 5 years 08 January 2017
How to Control Aging 07 January 2017
A breakthrough in optical physics by Professor Roberto Morandotti's team 07 January 2017
Scientists Discovered a New Human Organ, and It Could Revolutionize Disease 06 January 2017
Physicists detect exotic looped trajectories of light in three-slit experiment 06 January 2017
Alien Megastructure In Space May Be The Only Means Of Survival Of Mankind In Future 06 January 2017
Porous, 3-D forms of graphene developed at MIT can be 10 times as strong as steel but much lighter 06 January 2017
Stephen Hawking says he has a way to escape from black holes 06 January 2017
Scalar Tensor Theory of gravitation to explain EMDrive 06 January 2017
Berkeley Clean Technology Company Announces Stanford Research Institute Verified Breakthrough for LENR Power Devices 06 January 2017
Newfound Source of Mysterious Cosmic Bursts Poses Deeper Enigmas 06 January 2017
Carbon can exceed four-bond limit 04 January 2017
Physicists can’t agree on what the quantum world looks like 04 January 2017
Artificial leaf breakthrough results in more efficient hydrogen generation 04 January 2017
Multiple copies of the Standard Model could solve the hierarchy problem 04 January 2017
Mars should have loads more water – so where has it all gone? 04 January 2017
Breaking: NASA taps missions to tiny metal world and Jupiter Trojans 04 January 2017
NASA Should Build a Superhighway in Space 04 January 2017
5 Big Predictions for Artificial Intelligence in 2017 04 January 2017
Quantum computers are ready to leap out of the lab in 2017 04 January 2017
'Alien' signals are pinpointed: Mystery fast radio bursts are coming from a dwarf galaxy 3 billion light years away 04 January 2017
EMdrive ground experiments need more rigor or someone can pay for conclusive work in space 04 January 2017
Close Look at Recent EmDrive Paper 04 January 2017
NASA Plans to Build a Gigantic Space Telescope from 2 Tiny CubeSats 03 January 2017
3-D Fractals Offer Clues to Complex Systems 03 January 2017
Quantum computers ready to leap out of the lab in 2017 03 January 2017
Battery Storage Poised to Expand Rapidly 01 January 2017
Why can't we afford to properly test the potential monster breakthrough of EMdrive or other possible breakthroughs? 01 January 2017
Uncertain Propulsion Breakthroughs? 31 December 2016
Negative Resistance with a Single Atom 30 December 2016
Antihydrogen spectrum indistinguishable from that of hydrogen 30 December 2016
Scientists pick up deep space signals which could PROVE aliens are trying to contact humanity 28 December 2016
Investigations of the skyrmion Hall effect reveal surprising results (Update) 28 December 2016
The Search Is on for Pulling Carbon from the Air 28 December 2016
So About That Physics-Defying NASA Thruster That Supposedly Works 28 December 2016
Back to the Future and Forward to the Past 28 December 2016
Quantum quandaries and time travel: top physics stories of 2016 28 December 2016
These 2016 stories could be really big — if they're true 27 December 2016
NASA’s Europa May Drill To Find Samples On Jupiter’s Frosty Moon 27 December 2016
"Hidden Mass" of the Universe Has Decreased Since Big Bang --"May Still Be Disintegrating" 27 December 2016
Meti scientists intend to spam nearby alien civilisations with laser signals by 2018 27 December 2016
Is Extraterrestrial Intelligence Trying To Make Contact? 6 More Mysterious Radio Signals Detected From Deep Space 26 December 2016
The hidden inferno inside your laser pointer 26 December 2016
Searching thrrough a sea of 'noise' to find exoplanets, using only data as a guide 26 December 2016
New Nanoscale Assembly Discovered, Could Advance Nanotechnology Use For Medicine, Energy Generation 23 December 2016
One step closer to reality: Devices that convert heat into electricity 23 December 2016
Earth Is Doomed, Will Become A Barren Red Planet Like Mars 23 December 2016
Shutting a new door on locality 23 December 2016