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What is consciousness? Discussion with Deepak Chopra 27 March 2015
Important paper on back from the future physics 27 March 2015
Video on quantum entanglement with Bohm, Wheeler ... 27 March 2015
Future Space Telescopes Will Be Even Bigger Than The Webb 25 March 2015
Entanglement with negative Wigner function of almost 3,000 atoms heralded by one photon 25 March 2015
Fact or Fiction?: Dark Matter Killed the Dinosaurs 25 March 2015
Dwarf planet Ceres might have right stuff for life 25 March 2015
Tiny bio-robot is a germ suited-up with graphene quantum dots 24 March 2015
What Are Black Hole Firewalls? [VIDEO] 24 March 2015
Graphene applications in mobile communication 24 March 2015
Physics gets its hands dirty 24 March 2015
Team finds 'tipping point' between quantum and classical worlds 24 March 2015
Quantum experiment verifies Einstein's 'spooky action at a distance' 24 March 2015
NASA's Curiosity rover finds fresh signs of ingredients for life on Mars 24 March 2015
Building shape inspires new material discovery 24 March 2015
Magnet short circuit scuppers big bang machine: Large Hadron Collider restart delayed for 'several weeks' by glitch 24 March 2015
Martian Microbes Could Be Eating Carbon Monoxide From the Atmosphere 24 March 2015
New Study Shows That Life Is Likely Abundant In Universe 23 March 2015
Airships: The future of aviation? 23 March 2015
Universe may be on the brink of collapse (on the cosmological timescale) 23 March 2015
Quantum correlation can imply causation 23 March 2015
Landmark study proves that magnets can control heat and sound 23 March 2015
A colour-tunable, weavable fibre-shaped polymer light-emitting electrochemical cell 23 March 2015
Squid-inspired 'invisibility stickers' could help soldiers evade detection in the dark 23 March 2015
Infrared Instrument Extends Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence to New Realms 21 March 2015
Caltech Scientists Develop Very Cool Process to Make Better Graphene 20 March 2015
The Dawn of the Diamond Age: Nanosheet Handler Heralds New Era of Diamond Age Devices 20 March 2015
Bright spots on Ceres could be water volcanoes 20 March 2015
Acoustic Structure Could Evade Sonar 20 March 2015
Reality Check: Comparing HoloLens and Magic Leap 20 March 2015
Scientists Have Created 'DNA Scissors' That Can Alter Your Genes, but Should They Use Them? 20 March 2015
Graphene Is The World's Most Amazing Material, And Now We Have A Simple Way To Make It 20 March 2015
Have alien civilizations built cosmic accelerators from black holes? 20 March 2015
Will we ever communicate faster than light speed? 20 March 2015
Possible fatty acid detected on Mars 20 March 2015
Maybe We Really Are Alone In the Universe 20 March 2015
‘Penguin’ Anomaly Hints at Missing Particles 20 March 2015
Re: Is Most of Our DNA Garbage? 20 March 2015
Head of Google's secretive X lab defends Glass headset against privacy campaigners - and explains why engineers now wear fluffy socks to work 18 March 2015
Persistent Dust Cloud and December 2014 Aurora On Mars Still Mysteries 18 March 2015
Detection of mini black holes at the LHC could indicate parallel universes in extra dimensions 18 March 2015
Many billions of planets likely to be found in the habitable zone around most stars, researchers calculate 18 March 2015
US Taxpayers Deserve Huge Group Hug For New Perovskite Solar Cell Breakthrough 18 March 2015
The Mystery of Ceres' White Spots --"Could the Dwarf Planet be Habitable?" 18 March 2015
‘I see no way of reaching Mars in 50 years’: Nasa's plan to get there in the 2030s is not feasible - and we should go back to the moon instead, expert says 18 March 2015
Real-time holographic displays one step closer to reality 17 March 2015
Graphene 'gateway' discovery opens possibilities for improved energy technologies 17 March 2015
Clean energy future: New cheap and efficient electrode for splitting water 17 March 2015
Graphene breakthrough promises ‘million-fold’ increase in the current storage capability of hard drives 17 March 2015
Opening a window on quantum gravity 17 March 2015
Were Martians wiped out by a nuclear bomb? Physicist to present new evidence for bizarre theory at Nasa conference 17 March 2015
Are signs of alien life hiding in REFLECTIONS of planets? Clues about organisms could be seen in light bouncing around the solar system 17 March 2015
This Alien Color Catalog May Help Us Spot Life on Other Planets 17 March 2015
Experiments combine to find mass of Higgs 17 March 2015
MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH: Researchers collaborate to develop revolutionary 3D printing technology 17 March 2015
The UK's latest 'wonder material' is made from sugar beet 17 March 2015
Dawn Of The All-Electric Satellite 16 March 2015
Density of lithium storage materials increased 16 March 2015
Ice makes unlikely rocket fuel for CubeSats 16 March 2015
Nano piano's lullaby could mean storage breakthrough 16 March 2015
Nanowire-based electrode could lead to better supercapacitors 16 March 2015
Superconductivity with a Twist 16 March 2015
Dyson to Back Breakthrough Battery Maker Sakti3 16 March 2015
Japan space scientists make space solar power wireless energy breakthrough 15 March 2015
Mystery of our 145 'alien' genes: Scientists discover some DNA is NOT from our ancestors - and say it could change how we think about evolution 14 March 2015
California has about one year of water left. Will you ration now? 14 March 2015
Looking for Life In Our Soggy Solar System 14 March 2015
Electric Propulsion Gives Small Satellites a Boost 14 March 2015
The Electric Mood-Control Acid Test 14 March 2015
Water, Methane and Carbon Monoxide in the Atmosphere of Exoplanet HR8799b 14 March 2015
Lockheed Martin Unveils Jupiter and Exoliner Space Transports 14 March 2015
‘Jupiter’ Space Tug Could Deliver Cargo To The Moon 13 March 2015
Suddenly, It Seems, Water Is Everywhere in Solar System 13 March 2015
Researchers attach silicon photonic chips directly onto a processor package 13 March 2015
Fusion researchers make breakthrough on ELMs mitigation 13 March 2015
Jupiter's Moon Ganymede Has Salty Ocean with More Water Than Earth 13 March 2015
Don’t edit the human germ line 13 March 2015
Scientists sound alarm over DNA editing of human embryos 13 March 2015
Complex molecules made to order in synthesis machine 13 March 2015
Some Habitable Exoplanets Could Experience Wildly Unpredictable Climates 13 March 2015
Nasa tests most powerful rocket ever made, success gives hope for Mars journey (when, next century?) 13 March 2015
Theoretical physicists design 'holy grail' of materials science 11 March 2015
'Quantum jitters' could form basis of evolution, cancer 11 March 2015
Beyond Resveratrol: The Anti-Aging NAD Fad 11 March 2015
Spacecraft data suggest Saturn moon's ocean may harbor hydrothermal activity 11 March 2015
Artificial Photosynthesis Takes a Major Step Forward 11 March 2015
Hopped-Up Particle Accelerator Poised to Venture into the Realm of Exotic Physics 11 March 2015
The Next Einstein May Be A 27-Year-Old Iranian Woman 10 March 2015
Billionaire teams up with NASA to mine the moon 10 March 2015
Detection of gamma rays from a newly discovered dwarf galaxy may point to dark matter 10 March 2015
Graphene quantum dots split Cooper pairs 10 March 2015
Liquid metal brings shape-shifting robot a step closer 10 March 2015
Electrons in slow motion 10 March 2015
A Blizzard of Astrobiology 10 March 2015
A functional warp drive is apparently bending space and time in an Omaha garage 10 March 2015
Can Dark Matter Explain Why the Sun Acts So Weird? 10 March 2015
Traveling without moving: Quantum communication scheme transfers quantum states without transmitting physical particles 10 March 2015
Metamirrors twist reflections and turn into windows 09 March 2015
How to make a tougher quantum computer 09 March 2015
Quantum sensor's advantages survive entanglement breakdown 09 March 2015