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How graphene could cool smartphone, computer and other electronics chips 27 March 2017
Minding matter 27 March 2017
Physicists settle controversy over identical particle entanglement 27 March 2017
Sensing Magnetic Fields with a Giant Quantum Wave 27 March 2017
There’s Mysteriously Large Amounts of Methane on Mars 27 March 2017
The future of AI: 10 scenarios IBM is already working on 27 March 2017
Portal To Dark Matter And Dark Energy Proposed By Theoretical Physicists 26 March 2017
C-ship Exploring Special Relativity 26 March 2017
Jack Sarfatti: Recent Advances in Post -Quantum Physics 26 March 2017
Artificial photosynthesis steps into the light 25 March 2017
Gene Therapy: The Road To Immortality Or Eternal Doom 25 March 2017
True ‘Life’ Doomsday Scenario: No Protocol For Aliens Loose On Earth 25 March 2017
Elon Musk Is Staying Up Late Thinking About Aliens 25 March 2017
Quantum Computers May Have Higher ‘Speed Limits’ Than Thought 24 March 2017
Mimicking the Brain with Superconductors and LEDs 24 March 2017
In a quantum race everyone is both a winner and a loser 24 March 2017
How to hunt for a black hole with a telescope the size of Earth 24 March 2017
Inventing a new kind of matter 24 March 2017
Critical step in DNA repair, cellular aging pinpointed 24 March 2017
The problem with p-values 24 March 2017
Quantum Entanglement With the Future: Lincoln Dreams of His Assassination 24 March 2017
The vitamin that reverses ageing could make a trip to Mars a reality 24 March 2017
Graphene Shows Potential to Create Self-Healing Robot Skin 22 March 2017
Scientists evade the Heisenberg uncertainty principle 22 March 2017
Mars Colonization: Will Humans Have To Upgrade Their Bodies, Resort To Human Cloning? 22 March 2017
A little less ET, a little more astrophysics, if you please 22 March 2017
Breakthrough Starshot Project Amps Up: Ball, Brakes To Be Added Into The Interstellar Sail 22 March 2017
Yves Meyer, Wavelet Expert, Wins Abel Prize 22 March 2017
7 Alien 'Earths' May Be Swapping Life via Meteorites 22 March 2017
Why a NASA spacecraft could bounce, crunch or sink on icy Europa 22 March 2017
Triangle UFO sensation deepens: Two MORE bizarre craft caught on camera 21 March 2017
Transparent silver: Tarnish-proof films for flexible displays, touch screens, metamaterials 21 March 2017
"History of Quantum Mechanics or the Comedy of Errors1 21 March 2017
Lust for power: Engineers develop non-toxic material that generates electricity through hot and cold 21 March 2017
Does the universe have a rest frame? 21 March 2017
Researchers Solve Critical Flaw in Lithium–Sulfur Batteries 21 March 2017
Mathematicians create warped worlds in virtual reality 21 March 2017
'Tree-on-a-chip' passively pumps water for days 21 March 2017
Does Dark Matter Exist, Or Is Gravity Wrong? The Answer Lies Billions Of Years In The Past 21 March 2017
The Hawking-Bekenstein Entaglement Area Law of Black Holes Also Applies to Superfluid Helium 21 March 2017
Trump renews NASA mission for human space travel, deep space exploration 21 March 2017
Unexpected, star-spangled find may lead to advanced electronics 20 March 2017
The many-tentacled galaxy that could drive a physics revolution 20 March 2017
How small can superconductors be? 20 March 2017
Proton structure comes to light 20 March 2017
Forget Flying Cars: Passenger Drones May Be Hovering Soon at a Location Near You 20 March 2017
Dark Matter Did Not Dominate Early Galaxies 19 March 2017
Wi-Fi on rays of light: 100 times faster, and never overloaded 17 March 2017
‘Digital Alchemist’ Seeks Rules of Emergence 17 March 2017
What is spooky action at a distance? 17 March 2017
First Contact With Extraterrestrials Might Be a Very Good Thing (then again, it might not) 17 March 2017
When Should We Send Humans to Mars? 17 March 2017
Does blockchain portend a “fourth industrial revolution”? 15 March 2017
What Is the Probability That Alien Life Exists? 15 March 2017
Complex Life Could Be Vastly Older Than Thought 15 March 2017
Conscious Androids 031317 13 March 2017
Scientists discover how to 'upload knowledge to your brain' 13 March 2017
Could A 'String Theory' Be The Key To Understanding The Universe? 13 March 2017
US Government Issues NASA Demand, ‘Get Humans to Mars By 2033’ 13 March 2017
Ultrashort light pulses for fast 'lightwave' computers 13 March 2017
Quantum counterfeiters might succeed 13 March 2017
Two-dimensional polymer breakthrough that could revolutionize energy storage 13 March 2017
Scientists Are Close to Creating a Fully Synthetic Genome 12 March 2017
Is the Standard Model isolated? 12 March 2017
Subatomic opportunities: Quantum leaps 10 March 2017
Could fast radio bursts really be powering alien space ships? 10 March 2017
Quantum Physics And Consciousness: A Mystery Yet To Be Resolved 10 March 2017
New nanofiber marks important step in next generation battery development 10 March 2017
Ultrafast Switch with Organic Crystal 10 March 2017
'Spintronics' breakthrough: Researchers flip a magnetic memory cell with a light pulse at record speed 10 March 2017
Is "God" An Extraterrestrial From Another Planet? 10 March 2017
'Blurred times' in a quantum world 10 March 2017
Harvard theorists: How sailing aliens could have caused fast radio bursts 10 March 2017
Kepler Telescope Releases Trove of Data on Newfound Earth-Size Exoplanets 10 March 2017
Solution: ‘Taming Quantum Weirdness’ 10 March 2017
The Quest to Crystallize Time 10 March 2017
Chemists create molecular 'leaf' that collects and stores solar power without solar panels 08 March 2017
Fuzzy pulsars orbiting black holes could unmask quantum gravity 08 March 2017
Researchers create 'time crystals' envisioned by Princeton scientists 08 March 2017
Quantum computer learns to ‘see’ trees 08 March 2017
Magnetic hard drives go atomic 08 March 2017
Water-rich history on Mars: New evidence 08 March 2017
Corrections to How the Hippies Saved Physics 08 March 2017
Scientists Develop Roadmap to the Sickest And Most Intimidating Computer System Ever Built 08 March 2017
Legacy of brilliant young scientist is a major leap in quantum computing 08 March 2017
A trip to Mars could give you cancer according to new research 08 March 2017
Closing the Loop A Conversation With Chris Anderson 07 March 2017
More on coming conscious machines 07 March 2017
The Most Important Idea about the Universe 07 March 2017
Uncompromising on Organic Solar Cells 07 March 2017
Inside NASA’s daring $8 billion plan to finally find extraterrestrial life 07 March 2017
Humans a step closer to guiding robots by telepathy 07 March 2017
New materials could turn water into the fuel of the future 07 March 2017
A Neat Way to Slow Down Light 07 March 2017
Case weakens for antimatter sign of dark matter 07 March 2017
Quantum Computing With Space-Time Curvature? 07 March 2017
New Evidence for a Water-Rich History on Mars 06 March 2017
Meet the 'angulon', a new quasiparticle found in superfluid helium 06 March 2017
Spinning Gluons in the Proton 06 March 2017
Czech scientists develop magnetic carbon 06 March 2017