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Putin reveals fears that robots with artificial intelligence will one day 'eat us' and asks head of Russia's largest tech firm how soon it will happen 22 September 2017
Asteroid mining could support space economies, colonies 22 September 2017
Ultra-light aluminum: Chemist reports breakthrough in material design 22 September 2017
A sustainable future powered by sea 22 September 2017
Gravity may be created by strange flashes in the quantum realm 22 September 2017
Consciousness Goes Deeper Than You Think 22 September 2017
Is the Milky Way an 'outlier' galaxy? Studying its 'siblings' for clues 22 September 2017
How the Internet of cells has biologists buzzing 22 September 2017
A New Theory Cracks Open the Black Box of Deep Learning 21 September 2017
Quantum teleportation of patterns of light demonstrated for the first time 21 September 2017
New technique accurately digitizes transparent objects 21 September 2017
3D-printed alloys could lead to lighter planes that fly further 21 September 2017
Scientists Find New Evidence for Surface Water Ice at Mercury’s North Pole 21 September 2017
Hope to discover sure signs of life on Mars? New research says look for the element vanadium 21 September 2017
ATHENA Laser Weapon System Defeats Unmanned Aerial Systems 21 September 2017
China Claims They Have Actually Created an EM Drive 21 September 2017
Most Mysterious Phenomena in the Universe --"FRB Signals Occur Once Every Every Second from Unknown Sources" 21 September 2017
Advanced Life May Exist in a Form That's Beyond Matter 21 September 2017
Prepping for Alien Oceans, NASA Goes Deep 21 September 2017
Scientists create world's first 'molecular robot' capable of building molecules 20 September 2017
A Lens to Focus Quantum Spins 20 September 2017
Our closest star system may be home to a stolen star and planet 20 September 2017
Straining the memory: Prototype strain engineered materials are the future of data storage 20 September 2017
What do we need to know to mine an asteroid? 20 September 2017
NASA Astrobiologists --"Life On Saturn's Enceladus and Alien Bodies May Have Exotic Molecular Structures" 20 September 2017
The Astonishing Link Between Quantum Physics & The Human Mind 20 September 2017
Can the US Military Re-Invent the Microchip for the AI Era? 19 September 2017
Nanosat fleet proposed for voyage to 300 asteroids 19 September 2017
Advanced Tech-Wielding Space Aliens Are Likely Very Rare, Says Researcher 19 September 2017
Quantum Theory Predicts That The Future Could Be Influencing The Past (Yes You Read That Correctly) 19 September 2017
A huge renewable energy breakthrough: Solar-to-fuel system recycles CO2 to make ethanol and ethylene 19 September 2017
Clever Machines Learn How to Be Curious 19 September 2017
Nonlinear physics bridges thoughts to sounds in birdsong 19 September 2017
Researchers unite in quest for ‘standard model’ of the brain 19 September 2017
Microscopic technique for detecting microbial life in Enceladus water plumes 19 September 2017
Thoughts on Quantum Computing with Michael Freedman 19 September 2017
The Greatest Cosmic Puzzle: Astronomers Find Stars That Appear Older Than The Universe 19 September 2017
NASA's Curiosity Rover Captures Spectacular Images As It Climbs Toward A Mysterious Outcrop 18 September 2017
A new video provides a glimpse of the 6th Gen. fighter concept that could replace the F-22. But it’s probably not the real one… 18 September 2017
A Squeezed Environment Boosts Engine Performance 18 September 2017
Squeezed Environment Boosts Engine Performance 18 September 2017
New quantum phenomena in graphene superlattices 18 September 2017
Light on exoplanets may be quite different from Earth: Different photosynthesis? 18 September 2017
A new test of water ripples supports the idea of quantum heat in a vacuum 18 September 2017
More evidence of water on Mars 18 September 2017
A new, extremely efficient and portable electrocaloric air conditioning-cooling device 17 September 2017
To Solve the Biggest Mystery in Physics, Just Join Two Kinds of Law 17 September 2017
Nanotechnology experts create first terahertz-speed polarization optical switch 17 September 2017
Researchers find new way to manipulate magnetism 17 September 2017
Artificial intelligence just made guessing your password a whole lot easier 17 September 2017
Mathematicians Measure Infinities, and Find They're Equal 17 September 2017
Could interstellar ice provide the answer to birth of DNA? 17 September 2017
Seismologists Stumped by Mystery Shock after North Korea Nuclear Test 17 September 2017
Final pictures from Cassini as probe smashes into Saturn 17 September 2017
Tough stuff: Spider silk enhanced with graphene-based materials 17 September 2017
Next Big Futures from now to 2027 17 September 2017
IBM Quantum Computer Does Record-Breaking Chemistry 17 September 2017
How We'll Eventually Control Everything With Our Minds 14 September 2017
You Are Already Living Inside a Computer 14 September 2017
Scientists will send messages to search for aliens NEXT YEAR, but experts warn contact with them could 'end life on Earth' 14 September 2017
Black hole accretion disks on demand 14 September 2017
The beam of invisibility: A new cloaking technology has been developed 14 September 2017
How future quantum computers will threaten today's encrypted data 14 September 2017
Quantum Annealers Limited by Temperature 14 September 2017
New study on graphene-wrapped nanocrystals makes inroads toward next-gen fuel cells 14 September 2017
First quantum computers need smart software 14 September 2017
Next year, scientists will send messages to search for aliens 14 September 2017
Will humans wreck life on Earth before escaping to Mars and Saturn’s moons? 14 September 2017
Never Mind the iPhone X, Battery Life Could Soon Take a Great Leap Forward 13 September 2017
Researchers develop advanced material for ultra-stable, high capacity rechargeable batteries 12 September 2017
Researchers find 'internal clock' within live human cells 12 September 2017
Physicists propose new way to stabilize next-generation fusion plasmas 12 September 2017
Is China leaping past us? 12 September 2017
Advanced fuel system to enable hypersonic flight by transferring heat 12 September 2017
Has China beaten NASA to ‘Warp Drive’ technology which will get humans to Mars in weeks? (NOT a "warp drive" you idiots!) 12 September 2017
Why Would Anyone Invest in Interstellar Travel? 12 September 2017
The turbulent healing powers of plasma 11 September 2017
China’s Delayed Moon Mission Sparks Debate over Lunar Samples 11 September 2017
Biologists slow aging, extend lifespan of fruit flies 11 September 2017
IBM and MIT Bet That Materials and Quantum Advances Will Supercharge AI 10 September 2017
China’s Emdrive in Chinese TV propaganda 10 September 2017
No, it wasn’t an F-35. So, What Did Crash Near Nellis? Here Are Some Theories 10 September 2017
Can Aliens See Us? Study Identifies 9 Worlds Outside Solar System That Could ‘Spot’ Earth 09 September 2017
A philosophical argument against time machines 09 September 2017
Conduction electrons flow like honey 09 September 2017
Gel-like ice is the lightest form of water ever discovered 09 September 2017
Researchers Invent New Architecture for Quantum Computing 09 September 2017
High-speed quantum memory for photons 09 September 2017
New Evidence for the Existence of this Theoretical Particle is a Step Towards Quantum Computing 09 September 2017
To Solve the Biggest Mystery in Physics, Join Two Kinds of Law 09 September 2017
New tool for characterizing quantum simulators 06 September 2017
Are There Optical Communication Channels in Our Brains? 06 September 2017
Earth as hybrid planet: New classification scheme places Anthropocene era in astrobiological context 06 September 2017
Why Did Life on Earth Evolve So Rapidly At First? 06 September 2017
Engineers develop key mathematical formula for driving quantum experiments 06 September 2017
More durable, less expensive fuel cells 06 September 2017
Keeping buildings cool by sending heat into outer space 06 September 2017
Radioactive Qubits 06 September 2017
Supercharging silicon batteries 06 September 2017
Scientists Explain How Aging Is “Plastic” & How We Can Manipulate It To Slow Down or Reverse 06 September 2017