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The Anti-Drone Drone 03 May 2015
This Technology Could Revolutionize How Electronics Are Made 03 May 2015
Human Trials of 3D Printed Bone to Begin This Month as Chinese Unveil PCPrinter BCTM 03 May 2015
The dark matter conspiracy 03 May 2015
Sarfatti's Theory of Everything at London's Savile Club 03 May 2015
Evading Nick Herbert's objection 03 May 2015
Saving the night: The environmental case for dark sky 02 May 2015
Nick Herbert vs Jack Sarfatti on limits of quantum theory V1 02 May 2015
A Veteran Scientist Dreams Boldly Of 'Earth And Sky' 02 May 2015
Carbon3D CEO Interview: "Materials Are Key" to Breakthrough CLIP 3D Printing Technology 02 May 2015
New test can predict cancer up to 13 years before disease develops 02 May 2015
Researchers devise a way to grow 3 atom thick semiconducting films with wafer scale homogeneity 02 May 2015
Microsoft Making Fast Progress with HoloLens 02 May 2015
No, NASA did not accidentally invent the warp drive 02 May 2015
Why Tesla Wants to Sell a Battery for Your Home (don't buy it- yet) 01 May 2015
Nobel Laureate Steven Weinberg Still Dreams of Final Theory 01 May 2015
A major anti-aging advancement from the prestigious Salk Institute: Scientists discover key driver of human aging - may lead to slowing or reversing aging process 01 May 2015
Is solid helium a supersolid? 01 May 2015
Space radiation may damage astronauts’ brains 01 May 2015
Quantum mechanical monopoles experimentally identified 01 May 2015
Nasa tests 'WARP DRIVE' engine that could carry passengers to the moon in just four hours...and may even travel faster than the speed of light 01 May 2015
Is NASA one step closer to warp drive? 01 May 2015
Sarfatti's Latest Update on Quantum Entanglement Communication 30 April 2015
Graphene Inks May Lead to 3D Printable Body Parts and Implantable Electronics 29 April 2015
NASA's Space Clock Will Help Create An Interstellar 'Sat Nav' For Spaceships 29 April 2015
Evaluating NASA’s Futuristic EM Drive 29 April 2015
This Is How Microsoft’s HoloLens Could Boost the Race to Colonize Mars 29 April 2015
Scientists create 3D map of Universe extending nearly two billion lights years in every direction 29 April 2015
Dark Matter Is Necessary For The Origin Of Life 29 April 2015
15 minute video excerpt of 1 hour Sarfatti talk in London April 21, 2015 29 April 2015
Wheeler Delayed Choice Signals? 29 April 2015
Deep Learning Machine Solves the Cocktail Party Problem 29 April 2015
U.S. Air Force To Test Hall Thruster On X-37B Space Plane 29 April 2015
Rethinking Extrasensory Perception: Toward a Multiphasic Model of Precognition 29 April 2015
A Holographic Universe? The Concept That Will Turn Your 2D Perception On Its Head 29 April 2015
Can the Emdrive Be Explained by Quantised Inertia? 29 April 2015
IBM Brings Quantum Computing a Step Closer 29 April 2015
Natural SUSY’s last stand 29 April 2015
Electric solar wind sail could make bidirectional human Mars flights economically feasible 28 April 2015
NASA wants to know if YOU think Ceres' 'lights' are proof of aliens or naturally caused 28 April 2015
UK Scientists: Extraterrestrials May Have Sent Space Seeds To Create Life On Earth 28 April 2015
US Space Command Concerned About Extraterrestrial Chinese Activities 28 April 2015
Water Could Have Been Abundant in the First Billion Years 28 April 2015
Heat makes electrons spin in magnetic superconductors 28 April 2015
First proton collisions at Large Hadron Collider should start in early June 28 April 2015
Trail runs cold on alien hotspots, for now 28 April 2015
Signs of Subsurface 'Alien' Life Found in Antarctica 28 April 2015
Searching for Interstellar Adenine 27 April 2015
Researchers create smallest gaps ever in nanostructures using graphene 27 April 2015
Two-dimensional semiconductor comes clean 27 April 2015
The Battle Above 27 April 2015
Is the universe a hologram? 27 April 2015
Is the universe just a cosmic hologram? 27 April 2015
Tesla's gigafactory could be obsolete before it even opens 27 April 2015
No more science fiction: graphene 3D displays bring holographic images closer 27 April 2015
Enter the graphene era 27 April 2015
Genome Gambits 26 April 2015
Air Force Seeks "Holy Grail" in New Space Engine. Is SABRE the Answer? 26 April 2015
Wormholes Untangle a Black Hole Paradox 25 April 2015
Digital tattoo lets you control devices with mind power alone 25 April 2015
Secret of record-breaking superconductor explained 24 April 2015
First visible light detected directly from an exoplanet 24 April 2015
Graphene champions the next generation 3D display technology 24 April 2015
An Algorithm Set To Revolutionize 3-D Protein Structure Discovery 24 April 2015
NASA Goes Big and Bold for Exoplanet Science 24 April 2015
Entire genomes of woolly mammoths mapped: Clues to extinction, possibility of bringing mammoths back 24 April 2015
Could We Build a Starship Enterprise in the Next Decade? 24 April 2015
Why Astronomers Are Riveted By the Search for Nothing 24 April 2015
The Quantum Fabric of Space-Time 24 April 2015
Chinese scientists genetically modify human embryos 24 April 2015
3-D Printed Graphene “Liquid Smoke” Energy Storage Breakthrough 24 April 2015
Scientists’ breakthrough with artificial spider silk 24 April 2015
The Age of Wind and Solar Is Closer Than You Think 22 April 2015
Tau ceti: The next Earth? Probably not 22 April 2015
Hubble spies a stellar mystery 22 April 2015
Dr. Jack Sarfatti's Physics Talk at the Savile Club in London 22 April 2015
7 awesome ways quantum computers will change the world 22 April 2015
NASA/USGS High Resolution Image Mosaic and Topographic Map of the Moon 22 April 2015
UFO caught on video over Rome by professional photographer 22 April 2015
Watching photons on the fly 22 April 2015
NASA GISS to Help Lead Search For Habitable Exoplanets 22 April 2015
Theoretical framework for graphene physics established 21 April 2015
Physicists generate electrical currents from noise 21 April 2015
New device combines the advantages of batteries and supercapacitors 21 April 2015
What Really Scares Tech Leaders About Artificial Intelligence? 21 April 2015
Iron-rich rocks could could hold signs of life 21 April 2015
Video of Latest Falcon Landing Attempt 20 April 2015
3 Questions on Killer Robots 20 April 2015
Dark Matter May Feel a “Dark Force” That the Rest of the Universe Does Not 20 April 2015
A New Source of Hydrogen for Fuel-Cell Vehicles 20 April 2015
Can visual information encoded in cortical columns be decoded from magnetoencephalography data in humans? 19 April 2015
No Warp Drive for NASA: But Here's the Next-Best Thing 19 April 2015
Sarfatti's London Lecture April 2015 19 April 2015
Mystery blob in the Pacific messes up US weather and ecosystems 17 April 2015
Proto quantum computer inspired by Victorians gets a speed boost 17 April 2015
Life on Other Planets? A Writer at Slate Takes Us to Task 17 April 2015
Space experts find signs of advanced alien civilisations in 50 galaxies 17 April 2015
Superconductors Under Pressure 16 April 2015
What Microsoft Was for PCs, This Company Hopes to Be for Drones 16 April 2015
Major advance in artificial photosynthesis poses win/win for the environment 16 April 2015