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The curious case of Dr Joseph Roche: an Irishman’s mission to Mars 23 July 2014
Unravelling Graphene’s Electrical Properties on an Atomic Level 23 July 2014
Only Collective Action Can Save Near-Earth Space 23 July 2014
'Can machines think?' Misidentification of humans as machines in Turing tests 23 July 2014
A crystal wedding in the nanocosmos may lead to fast multi-functional processing units on single chip 23 July 2014
Liquid bits could brim with data in future computers 23 July 2014
New approach in search for extraterrestrial intelligence: Target alien polluters 23 July 2014
How to Convert a Satellite Dish Into a Radio Telescope 23 July 2014
What Else Could Smart Contact Lenses Do? 23 July 2014
Scientists find way to maintain quantum entanglement in amplified signals 23 July 2014
The Search for Extraterrestrial Life Is Picking Up Speed 23 July 2014
Researchers demonstrate ultrasonically propelled nanorods spin dizzyingly fast 22 July 2014
Quantum leap in lasers brightens future for quantum computing 22 July 2014
Boosting the force of empty space: Theorists propose way to amplify force of vacuum fluctuations 22 July 2014
Could “Force Illusions” Help Wearables Catch On? 22 July 2014
Making Faster Optical "Cables" Using Nothing But Lasers and Air 22 July 2014
Mysterious crater continues to baffle scientists 22 July 2014
Genetic modification could lead to inequality like we've never seen 22 July 2014
How Japan Fell in Love With America’s Drones 22 July 2014
Now you feel it, now you don't: Nanomaterial cloaks the sense of touch 22 July 2014
Sending Messages with a Quantum Seal 21 July 2014
Report: Climate changing more rapidly than at any point on record 21 July 2014
Proton Spin Mystery Gains a New Clue 21 July 2014
Oceans vital for possibility for alien life 21 July 2014
The Most Terrifying Thought Experiment of All Time 20 July 2014
Earth-like soils on Mars? Ancient fossilized soils potentially found deep inside impact crater suggest microbial life 20 July 2014
Is the universe a bubble? Let's check: Making the multiverse hypothesis testable 20 July 2014
Suddenly, the sun is eerily quiet: Where did the sunspots go? 19 July 2014
Harvesting energy from the atmosphere 19 July 2014
The quantum pigeonhole principle and the nature of quantum correlations 19 July 2014
You shouldn’t try to pigeonhole quantum physics 19 July 2014
Sarfatti Space Navy Lecture 1 18 July 2014
D-Wave wants more real-world deployments for its quantum computer 18 July 2014
There's a kind of Hush surrounding quantum systems 18 July 2014
Understanding graphene's electrical properties on an atomic level 18 July 2014
Higgs boson glimpsed at work for first time 18 July 2014
New material puts a twist in light 18 July 2014
Flexible, Printed Batteries for Wearable Devices 18 July 2014
Nature's strongest glue comes unstuck 18 July 2014
Universal three-body relation: Physicists succeed in revealing the scaling behavior of exotic giant molecules 18 July 2014
Strange dark stuff is making the universe too bright 18 July 2014
Lunar pits could shelter astronauts, reveal details of how 'man in the moon' formed 18 July 2014
Carbon nanotube chips could lead to pocket-sized super computers 18 July 2014
Quasiparticles carry entanglement to near infinite speeds 18 July 2014
Next Generation Telescopes Take Us Closer to Finding Alien Life 18 July 2014
Geologist says Curiosity's images show Earth-like soils on Mars 18 July 2014
Home Depot begins selling 3-D printers 16 July 2014
An anti-glare, anti-reflective display for mobile devices 16 July 2014
Epic map reveals Mars's geography in unrivalled detail 16 July 2014
Rebuilding Tesla Tower 16 July 2014
Stalking the Shadow Universe 16 July 2014
Toward ultimate light efficiency on the cheap 16 July 2014
LG’s flexible and transparent OLED displays are the beginning of the e-paper revolution 15 July 2014
The James Webb Space Telescope and the Search for Life Beyond Earth 15 July 2014
Under the Bright Lights of an Aging Sun 15 July 2014
Entanglement between particle and wave-like states of light resembles Schrodinger's cat experiment 15 July 2014
Company says it's created the world's blackest black with carbon nanotubes 15 July 2014
High-precision hydrogen clock to hunt for new physics 15 July 2014
Can the Fern That Cooled the Planet Do It Again? 15 July 2014
Directly visualizing hydrogen bonds 15 July 2014
Nanophotonics experts create a 100 billion times more sensitive molecular sensor 15 July 2014
Thermoelectric Material to Hit Market Later This Year 15 July 2014
New qubit design provides parity bit for Schrödinger cat states 15 July 2014
NASA Mission To Reap Bonanza of Earth-sized Planets 14 July 2014
The end of rust? Hydrogel matrix makes superhydrophobic surface 14 July 2014
The world's first photonic router 14 July 2014
Carbon nano-tube technological breakthrough produces clean burning hydrogen fuel 14 July 2014
Major Leap Toward Quantum Computing 14 July 2014
Lunar pioneer Buzz Aldrin says U.S. taking giant leap backward 14 July 2014
What If We Do Find Extraterrestrial Life? 14 July 2014
Advances in Bohmian quantum nano-engineering 13 July 2014
Misunderstandings of Einstein's "happiest thought" - the equivalence principle 13 July 2014
Boron 'buckyball' discovered 13 July 2014
Flexible nano-pixel screen patented 13 July 2014
Self-Assembly Shows Promise for Extending Moore’s Law 13 July 2014
Is IBM Making Plans For The End Of Silicon? 12 July 2014
Speeding up data storage by a thousand times with 'spin current' 12 July 2014
Bose-Einstein Condensates for Gamma-Ray Lasers 12 July 2014
Arrays of electrons trapped in nanoscale circuitry could form the basis for future scalable quantum computers 12 July 2014
Gluons get in on proton spin 12 July 2014
Google Glass app gives users TELEKINETIC powers: Software lets you take photos and share them online using just thought 11 July 2014
Brown Dwarfs May Wreak Havoc on Orbits of Nearby Planets, Causing Desolation 11 July 2014
Weyl gravity as general relativity 11 July 2014
Advancing the limits for ultrafast nano-devices 11 July 2014
Fusion energy facility promises clean energy 11 July 2014
Making quantum connections: The speed of information in a spin network 11 July 2014
Artificial spacetime experiment could show tantalizing effects of gravitational waves 11 July 2014
IBM to invest $3 billion in next-gen, '7nm and beyond' chips 11 July 2014
Astronomers May Have To Add Dark Light To Their List Of Open Problems 11 July 2014
DARPA selects Lawrence Livermore to develop world's first neural device to restore memory 09 July 2014
Sand-based lithium ion batteries that outperform standard by three times 09 July 2014
Researchers develop holography technology that could change the way we view the world 09 July 2014
New paths into the world of quasiparticles 09 July 2014
Colour-changing metal to yield thin, flexible displays 09 July 2014
Earth's Magnetic Field Flip Could Happen Sooner Than Expected 09 July 2014
Entangled in photons: the spooky behaviour of light particles 09 July 2014
Nanotechnology: Paving the way for electronic applications 08 July 2014
Next generation of space cowboys get ready to fly 08 July 2014
Solar energy gets a boost: 'Singlet fission' can increase solar cell efficiency by as much as 30 percent 08 July 2014
The Casimir energy of a long wormhole throat 08 July 2014