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eff Bezos Wants Us All to Leave Earth—for Good 15 October 2018
New Self-Healing, Carbon-Negative Material Could Help Fight Climate Change 15 October 2018
DeepMind’s New Research Plan to Make Sure AI Is Safe 15 October 2018
The Milky Way Could Be Spreading Life From Star to Star 14 October 2018
Researchers quickly harvest 2-D materials, bringing them closer to commercialization 13 October 2018
Measurement-device-independent quantum communication without encryption 13 October 2018
The US military wants to teach AI some basic common sense 13 October 2018
Sky battles: Fighting back against rogue drones 13 October 2018
Every NASA Mission Should Be Looking for Alien Life, Scientists Say 13 October 2018
Researchers discuss the probability of finding a gluon inside the pion 13 October 2018
Black holes and soft hair: why Stephen Hawking's final work is important 11 October 2018
Stephen Hawking's final scientific paper released 11 October 2018
Stephen Hawking’s ‘final paper’ on hairy black holes hits the headlines 11 October 2018
Poetry Takes on Quantum Physics 11 October 2018
Disorder induces topological Anderson insulator 11 October 2018
Novel topological insulator developed 11 October 2018
'Fudge factors' in physics? 11 October 2018
New half-light half-matter particles may hold the key to a computing revolution 11 October 2018
New telescope almost doubles known number of mysterious 'fast radio bursts' 11 October 2018
Scientists Unveil Their New Strategy To Find Alien Life 11 October 2018
The Order of the Dolphin: SETI’s Secret Origin Story 11 October 2018
Fibre-spinning robot swarms build architecture from scratch 10 October 2018
Future gravitational-wave detectors aim to probe early universe 10 October 2018
More Gluons in the Pion 10 October 2018
NASA's next Mars rover could explore former mineral springs and a fossil river delta 10 October 2018
Chasing the Quantum Tantra 10 October 2018
Supernovae reveal that primordial black holes cannot account for all dark matter 09 October 2018
“Nixed?” –The Reality of Dark Energy and the Higgs Field 09 October 2018
A mysterious insulating phenomenon in a superconductor 08 October 2018
Is dark energy even allowed in string theory? 08 October 2018
Supercomputer predicts optical and thermal properties of complex hybrid materials 08 October 2018
Part-organic invention can be used in bendable mobile phones 08 October 2018
Route to flexible electronics made from exotic materials 08 October 2018
Fields of five-story-high ice blades could complicate landing on Jupiter moon 08 October 2018
The 8-dimensional space that must be searched for alien life 08 October 2018
Saturday Night Science: Life After Google 07 October 2018
Sarfatti's new book Star Gate 07 October 2018
Russian-Made Neutron Detector Finds Water Ice in Mars’ Subequatorial Areas 06 October 2018
The universe’s continued existence implies extra dimensions are tiny 06 October 2018
Observations challenge cosmological theories 05 October 2018
Researchers Create ‘Quantum Artificial Life’ For the First Time 05 October 2018
You’ll Be Using Quantum Computers Sooner Than You Think 03 October 2018
Revolutionary ultra-thin 'meta-lens' enables full-color imaging 03 October 2018
The Quantum and Classical Sides of a Chemical Reaction Deconstructed 03 October 2018
A new brain-inspired architecture could improve how computers handle data and advance AI 03 October 2018
US national parks warming twice as fast as rest of country 03 October 2018
Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2018 03 October 2018
Does a giant moon the size of Neptune orbit a distant exoplanet? 03 October 2018
Animal study suggests deep space travel may significantly damage GI function in astronauts 03 October 2018
The US is hastening its own decline in AI, says a top Chinese investor 03 October 2018
Elon Musk will take humans to Mars and BEYOND, predicts astronaut Chris Hadfield 03 October 2018
New statistical tool helps scientists better target the search for alien life 03 October 2018
In the Search for Aliens, We’ve Only Analyzed a Small Pool in the Cosmic Ocean 03 October 2018
Critical Materials Institute takes major step toward printed anisotropic magnets 03 October 2018
DARPA Is Researching Quantized Inertia, a Theory Many Think Is Pseudoscience 03 October 2018
Plans for a laser-driven gamma-ray beam are unveiled by physicists 02 October 2018
The Quantum and Classical Sides of a Chemical Reaction 02 October 2018
Newfound World “The Goblin” May Lead to Mysterious Planet Nine 02 October 2018
New tool helps scientists better target the search for alien life 02 October 2018
Alien news BOMBSHELL: Scientists reveal THIS is the key to discovering alien life in space 02 October 2018
Triumphs and frustrations 02 October 2018
We may not have found aliens yet because we’ve barely begun looking 30 September 2018
The Entire Milky Way Might Be a Huge Wormhole That's Stable and Navigable 30 September 2018
Could The Big Rip Lead To Another Big Bang? 30 September 2018
US invests $249m in quantum information science as White House unveils strategic overview 29 September 2018
NASA Releases Roadmap For New And Sustainable Lunar Missions 29 September 2018
Engineering 3-D mesostructures with mechanically active materials 29 September 2018
Did key building blocks for life come from deep space? 29 September 2018
Material of Interest: Magnesium-Zinc-Bismuth 29 September 2018
How Would Humanity React If We Really Found Aliens? 29 September 2018
Experimental cosmologists using photonics to search Andromeda for signs of alien life 29 September 2018
Frightening and dangerous future of warfare as ‘Robocalypse’ is on the horizon 29 September 2018
Student Scientists Search For The Bright Lights Of An Alien World 29 September 2018
How Quantum Memory Could Change Computing 29 September 2018
Search for ET so far just a drop in the ocean, scientists find 27 September 2018
Experimental cosmologists use photonics to search Andromeda for signs of alien life 27 September 2018
Memristive metal-organic films made easy 27 September 2018
There Is a Rogue Group of Stars Behaving Very Suspiciously in the Milky Way's Disk 27 September 2018
Oddball particles tunneling through Earth could point to new physics 27 September 2018
Moon is Stepping Stone, Not Alternative to Mars, NASA Chief Says 27 September 2018
Plasma thruster: New space debris removal technology 27 September 2018
Manta Rays Use Unique Filtration Method That Could Be Used To Clean Oceans 27 September 2018
Scientists Need to Solve These Two Mysteries to Find Life on Mars 27 September 2018
Fractal Metamaterial Invisibility Cloak Patented 27 September 2018
Time Passing May Be An Illusion, According To The Block Universe Theory, As Past, Present, And Future Co-Exist 27 September 2018
New superconducting metamaterial traps quantum light 27 September 2018
Key molecular building blocks may have come from space 26 September 2018
Interpreting new findings of methane on Mars 26 September 2018
The almighty tussle over whether we should talk to aliens or not 26 September 2018
Superconducting Metamaterial Traps Quantum Light 26 September 2018
In search of clean energy, investments in nuclear-fusion startups are heating up 26 September 2018
Arrays of atoms emerge as dark horse candidate to power quantum computers 26 September 2018
Mind-blowing news: New Large Hadron Collider discovery could 'BREAK ALL KNOWN SCIENCE' (Bad reporting? Hype?) 26 September 2018
Why Alternate Universes Might Also Host Life Around their Stars 26 September 2018
Check out the massive ‘do-it-all’ drone that Marines could choose as their wingman 26 September 2018
Princeton Satellite plan to generate pulses of net power fusion within 7 years 26 September 2018
Study demonstrates new mechanism for developing electronic devices 26 September 2018
Collective electron excitations break down quantum Hall effect in graphene 26 September 2018
Liquid metal discovery to make toxic water safe and drinkable 26 September 2018
Reversible Self-Assembly of Macroscopic “Polymers” 26 September 2018