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Fox News: A UFO? Video captures strange object near Ohio military base 29 May 2016
New technique produces real randomness 29 May 2016
Quantum Mechanics Has Reached Limit, Says Stanford Scientist Who Offers Alternative 29 May 2016
Saturday Night Science: The Cosmic Web 28 May 2016
The Argument Against Calling Aliens 28 May 2016
What Happens When Someone Builds A ‘Hitler Robot?’ 28 May 2016
Loop quantum gravity theory offers glimpse beyond the event horizon 28 May 2016
Ancient Alien Life On Martian Rocks Evidence Discovered? 28 May 2016
Seismic experiment might reveal thickness of Europa’s ice 28 May 2016
Alien Hunter Believes Laser Beam Technology Can Trasmit Message To Extra Terrestrials 28 May 2016
Ethical Questions Loom Over Efforts to Make a Human Genome from Scratch 28 May 2016
Magic Leap’s Latest Surprise: It’s Working on Robots 28 May 2016
US advised to stick with troubled fusion reactor ITER 28 May 2016
Electrical properties of superconductor altered by 'stretching' 28 May 2016
The Real Problem With Fusion Energy 28 May 2016
Is Kinetic Energy the Future? 28 May 2016
How Chilling With Brian Eno Changed the Way I Study Physics 28 May 2016
Shoot an atom into silicon, and you may have the beginnings of a quantum computer 28 May 2016
Rosetta's Comet Contains Ingredients For The Origin of Life 28 May 2016
Planet 1,200 Light-years Away Is A Good Prospect For Habitability 28 May 2016
Number of habitable planets could be limited by stifling atmospheres 28 May 2016
Awake in a Nightmare 28 May 2016
Position Detector Approaches the Heisenberg Limit 26 May 2016
Doubling down on Schrödinger's cat 26 May 2016
Mars Missions Can Be Risky For Astronauts Due To Solar Superflare 26 May 2016
Alien Civilizations: Could We Communicate With Intelligent Beings That Resemble Spiders, Squids? 26 May 2016
Artificial Intelligence Is Far From Matching Humans, Panel Says 25 May 2016
New technique controls autonomous vehicles on a dirt track 25 May 2016
Hunting for dark matter's 'Hidden Valley' 25 May 2016
Silicon quantum computers take shape in Australia 25 May 2016
Where Is New Physics Hiding, And How Can We Find It? 25 May 2016
ISS under attack? Bizarre 'UFO or missile filmed by International Space Station' 25 May 2016
Has a Hungarian Physics Lab Found a Fifth Force of Nature? 25 May 2016
Mars, Underground 25 May 2016
Optics breakthrough to revamp night vision 24 May 2016
Precise atom implants in silicon provide a first step toward practical quantum computers 24 May 2016
Solar and Wind Energy From the Same Device 24 May 2016
Transparent, flexible supercapacitors pave the way for a multitude of applications 24 May 2016
Space experts say sending humans to Mars worth the risk 24 May 2016
SpaceX Dragon Comes Home To Earth Carrying UCF 'NanoRocks' Microgravity Experiment 24 May 2016
Alien Contact Possible If Humans Send Space Signals With Inbuilt Instruction Manual, Claims Expert 24 May 2016
Maybe Life in the Cosmos Is Rare After All 24 May 2016
New evidence could break the standard view of quantum mechanics 24 May 2016
U.S. lawmaker orders NASA to plan for trip to Alpha Centauri by 100th anniversary of moon landing 24 May 2016
NASA to be ordered to literally aim for the stars in House funding bill 24 May 2016
Extraterrestrial Life and 50 Years of NASA Harassment Part I 24 May 2016
Scientists Are Convinced They Would Find Life in Jupiter's Ocean Moon Europa 23 May 2016
Scientist Says Life Forms On Mars May Have Been Destroyed 23 May 2016
Scientists Can Virtually Wander Around Mars for Miles with HoloLens 23 May 2016
Discovery could energize development of longer-lasting batteries 23 May 2016
The search for alien life: lifting our eyes far above the horizon 23 May 2016
Are ALIENS living in a massive base near the 'most mysterious star in the galaxy'? 23 May 2016
First contact: how we’ll get the news that we found aliens 23 May 2016
Alien Life Forms May Be Found On Jupiter's Europa And Saturn's Titan 22 May 2016
Inside Vicarious, the Secretive AI Startup Bringing Imagination to Computers 22 May 2016
Burning reactor fuel could have worsened the Fukushima disaster 22 May 2016
WATCH: How to solve the famous 'grandfather paradox' of time travel 22 May 2016
Has the age of quantum computing arrived? 22 May 2016
New Study: Ten-Billion-Trillion To One. We Are NOT The Only Technologically Advanced Civilization 22 May 2016
The Holy Grail of Crackpot Filtering: How the arXiv decides what’s science – and what’s not 21 May 2016
We have the technology to find alien broadcasts carried by lasers, says physicist 21 May 2016
Want Humans on Mars? Start With a Martian Space Station 21 May 2016
Computing a secret, unbreakable key 21 May 2016
The Search Is On for (Cheap) Nuclear Fusion 21 May 2016
Researchers demonstrate size quantization of Dirac fermions in graphene 21 May 2016
Graphene: A quantum of current 21 May 2016
Too Bad We Didn’t Find Aliens Before the Internet Was Invented 21 May 2016
Physicists just found a link between dark energy and the arrow of time 21 May 2016
Hiding From Hostile Aliens Is No Longer An Option 21 May 2016
The Tech From a New Interstellar Mission Could Help Us Find E.T. 21 May 2016
How Would Our Universe Be Different Without Dark Energy? 19 May 2016
Researchers create 'rewritable magnetic charge ice' 19 May 2016
Insect-sized bot is first to both fly, land 19 May 2016
Gravitational Waves May Hold Dark Matter Secret 19 May 2016
How to Create a Malevolent Artificial Intelligence 19 May 2016
Ancient tsunami evidence on Mars reveals life potential 19 May 2016
U.S. Navy’s SPAWAR will pay D-Wave $11 million for quantum computer training 19 May 2016
Spider Silk Manufacturer to Open At Least Two More Production Plants 19 May 2016
Extraterrestrial oceans: Beneath the surface 19 May 2016
Scientists: We Most Likely Won’t Ever Be Able to Communicate With Extraterrestrials 19 May 2016
Hiding From Hostile Space Aliens Is No Longer An Option 19 May 2016
Here's Why It's Illegal to Seed Planets With Alien Lifeforms From Earth 19 May 2016
Mysterious Mars Methane Spike Not a Seasonal Event 19 May 2016
IBM's Macromolecule May Kill Ebola, Influenza, And Other Deadly Viruses 18 May 2016
Solar cells of the future could be based on iron molecules 18 May 2016
DNA Sequencing To Finally Happen In Space This Summer? 18 May 2016
Pinball planets: How life could start in a violent solar system 18 May 2016
Photonics advances allow us to be seen across the universe, with major implications for search for extraterrestrial intelligence 18 May 2016
How Do We Talk to Aliens? Scientists Meet in Puerto Rico to Hash It Out 18 May 2016
Where Might Alien Life Be Hiding - Europa or Titan? 18 May 2016
IBM's new memory is over 50 times faster than flash and could soon be just as cheap 18 May 2016
London to New York in 35 minutes: Successful hypersonic Mach 7 engine test brings high-speed air travel a massive step closer to reality 18 May 2016
Space exploration will spur transhumanism and mitigate existential risk 18 May 2016
Fear Of Not Knowing 18 May 2016
You Can Help Scientists Find Out If This Star Is Hiding Alien Megastructures 18 May 2016
Researchers discover melanin could make for great batteries 17 May 2016
New Support for Alternative Quantum View 17 May 2016
Who Will Run the Chinese SpaceX? Space Race Capitalism Has Arrived in Beijing 17 May 2016
The Collider That Could Save Physics 17 May 2016
New type of graphene-based transistor will increase the clock speed of processors 17 May 2016