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Two Photons into One 22 October 2014
New amplifier design could improve quantum circuits 22 October 2014
Dark matter signal points to exotic black-hole origins 22 October 2014
A 'Star Wars' laser bullet 22 October 2014
Lockheed looks for partners on its proposed fusion reactor 22 October 2014
Platinum Catalysts Are Outshined By Graphene Quantum Dots 22 October 2014
Wrinkles in Spacetime: The Warped Physics of Interstellar 22 October 2014
Richard Dawkins: What are aliens like? 22 October 2014
Materials for the next generation of electronics and photovoltaics 21 October 2014
Sleepy sun could make Mars trips deadly 21 October 2014
Exomoons Could Be Abundant Sources Of Habitability 21 October 2014
Critics attack new 10-year US fusion plan 21 October 2014
Quantum holograms as atomic scale memory keepsake 21 October 2014
Scientists Create Possible Precursor to Life 21 October 2014
Does Lockheed Martin Really Have a Breakthrough Fusion Machine? 20 October 2014
Physicists see potential dark matter from the Sun 20 October 2014
Physicists create reversible laser tractor beam 20 October 2014
Stephen Hawking: We will have cleaner and cheaper power in 10 years 20 October 2014
See-through sensors open new window into the brain 20 October 2014
Puzzling new behaviour observed in high-temperature superconductors 20 October 2014
Don’t get too excited, no one has cracked nuclear fusion yet 19 October 2014
Crystallizing the DNA nanotechnology dream: Scientists have designed the first large DNA crystals 19 October 2014
Scientists can now simulate curved space-time in a lab 19 October 2014
Imaging electric charge propagating along microbial nanowires 19 October 2014
Haag's theorem casts doubt on unitary S-Matrix theory of black hole firewalls 19 October 2014
Cheaper Than Coal? Fusion Concept Aims to Bridge Energy Gap 18 October 2014
One Week after the E-Cat Report, the Story Awaits Final Resolution 18 October 2014
MFMP Plans E-Cat Replication Attempt Starting in 6 Days, Design Posted 18 October 2014
White House Seeks Advice On "Bootstrapping A Solar System Civilization" 18 October 2014
Lockheed Skunk Works Compact Fusion 18 October 2014
Graphene-like substance generates electricity when stretched 18 October 2014
Has Lockheed Martin really made a breakthrough in nuclear fusion technology? 18 October 2014
Why quantum computing will be civilisation's next big revolution 18 October 2014
Suspended Animation In Space Travel: What Scientists Still Need To Learn 18 October 2014
Superconducting circuits, simplified 17 October 2014
Mapping the relationship between two quantum effects known as topological insulators 17 October 2014
NASA, SpaceX Share Data On Supersonic Retropropulsion 17 October 2014
Tabletop experiment could detect gravitational waves 17 October 2014
Air Traffic Control for Drones 17 October 2014
Updated: Are old secrets behind Lockheed's new fusion machine? 17 October 2014
Autodesk Genetic Engineer is Able to 3D Print Viruses, Soon to Attack Cancer Cells 17 October 2014
Did Jesus Save the Klingons? 16 October 2014
Magnetic mirrors enable new technologies by reflecting light in uncanny ways 16 October 2014
Spacecraft seek geysers without human help 16 October 2014
Lockheed Martin pursues compact fusion reactor concept 16 October 2014
Closing In On Quantum Computing 16 October 2014
A simple and versatile way to build 3-dimensional materials of the future 16 October 2014
Dark matter may have been detected – streaming from the sun’s core 16 October 2014
Will ET Pray? Extrasolar Planets, Extraterrestrial Life, and Religion 16 October 2014
Will Humans Start Colonizing Mars in Ten Years? 16 October 2014
Black-hole analogue works like a laser 15 October 2014
A new piece in the high-temperature superconductivity puzzle: 'Dressing' in superconductors 15 October 2014
Astronomers spot faraway Uranus-like planet: First 'ice giant' planet found in another solar system 15 October 2014
U.S. fusion plan draws blistering critique 15 October 2014
Exotic Propulsion Intiative at the Space Studies Institute 15 October 2014
The Dismal Future of Interstellar Travel(Not!) 15 October 2014
Superconductivity Claimed Above 95 Celsius 15 October 2014
Genetically Mass Produced Dragline Spider Silk Now Ready For Commercial Weaving 15 October 2014
Mind-Blowing $1.4 billion Thirty Meter Telescope begins construction in Hawaii 14 October 2014
Slippery when dry: Graphene proves a long-lasting lubricant 14 October 2014
New Exotic Particle Could Help Explain What Holds Matter Together 14 October 2014
Could "Copenhagen Wheel" reinvent the urban commute? 14 October 2014
Unstoppable magnetoresistance in a material 14 October 2014
Quantum test strengthens support for EPR steering 14 October 2014
Is matter falling into the massive black hole at the center of the Milky Way or being ejected from it? 14 October 2014
Graphene-Painted Batteries Could Revolutionize Electric Vehicles 14 October 2014
MIT demonstrates foldable graphene supercapacitor 14 October 2014
Paul March Reactionless Drive Interview 14 October 2014
DESTAR phased array laser systems for defending against asteroids and for space exploration 14 October 2014
Researchers make first observation of atoms moving inside bulk material 14 October 2014
Powerful quantum computers move a step closer to reality 14 October 2014
NASA plans missions to mine water on the moon 13 October 2014
Breakthrough Replicates Human Brain Cells for Use in Alzheimer’s Research 13 October 2014
Physicists set new records for silicon quantum computing 13 October 2014
Ultra-fast charging batteries that can be 70% recharged in just two minutes 13 October 2014
Desktop sonic black hole emits Hawking radiation 12 October 2014
A novel platform for future spintronic technologies 12 October 2014
Getting sharp images from dull detectors 10 October 2014
Cold fusion reactor verified by third-party researchers? Appears to have 1 million times the energy density of gasoline 10 October 2014
Theoretical exotic state of matter in which electrons barely interact with each other 10 October 2014
Z machine makes progress toward nuclear fusion 10 October 2014
Topological defects in the fabric of space and time 10 October 2014
Treating time travel quantum mechanically 10 October 2014
Microsoft’s Strange Quest for the Topological Qubit 10 October 2014
EXCLUSIVE: Apparent violation of no entanglement signaling theorem in orthodox quantum theory gedankenexperiment, Oct 9, 2014 09 October 2014
BREAKTHROUGH: Conscious Brain-to-Brain Communication in Humans Using Non-Invasive Technologies 09 October 2014
Hypothetical new cosmological model known as Higgsogenesis 09 October 2014
Two new strange and charming particles appear at LHC 09 October 2014
A cold-atom ammeter: Superfluid current is only as strong as its weak link 09 October 2014
Temperature and water vapor on an exoplanet mapped 09 October 2014
Discovery of new subatomic particle sheds light on fundamental force of nature 09 October 2014
Giving Graphene a Rest 09 October 2014
Gravity rivals join forces to nail down Big G 09 October 2014
An Industrial-Size Generator That Runs on Waste Heat, Using No Fuel 09 October 2014
Dark matter is only half what we thought, say scientists 09 October 2014
Inside exotic dead stars are densely packed waffle-like piles of protons and neutrons: A clue to new materials design? 08 October 2014
University of Washington fusion reactor concept could be cheaper than coal 08 October 2014
'Endless possibilities' for bio-nanotechnology 08 October 2014
Who was the real Abdus Salam? 08 October 2014
How 3-D Printing is Revolutionizing the Display of Big Data 08 October 2014