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Killer robots will leave humans 'utterly defenceless' warns professor (Baloney!) 27 May 2015
A Robot That Can Perform Brain Surgery on a Fruit Fly 27 May 2015
Endless oscillations, destined never to relax: A theoretical study on quantum systems 27 May 2015
An Algorithm That Can Help Robots Walk Off Injuries 27 May 2015
Quantum magnetic ordering: Moving out of equilibrium 27 May 2015
How Spacetime is built by Quantum Entanglement: New Insight into Unification of General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics 27 May 2015
Quantum computer emulated by a classical system 27 May 2015
Can extra dimensional effects allow wormholes without exotic matter? 27 May 2015
Air2Nitrous device claimed to cut vehicle exhaust emissions by 90 percent 27 May 2015
'Delayed choice' experiment confirms quantum theory weirdness 27 May 2015
Why Aren't The Aliens Here Already? (Huh?) 27 May 2015
Physicists solve quantum tunneling mystery 27 May 2015
Sean Carroll: Warp Drives and Scientific Reasoning 27 May 2015
The 3D Printers that Print 3D Printers 26 May 2015
Astrophysicist provides new fluid dynamics insights 26 May 2015
A Boost for Superconducting Logic 26 May 2015
Squeezed quantum cats 26 May 2015
Curiosity rover adjusts route up Martian mountain 26 May 2015
Mission to Europa will test Jupiter moon's friendliness to life 26 May 2015
New Mathematics Could Neutralize Pathogens That Resist Antibiotics 26 May 2015
Book Discussion on Preparing for Contact 26 May 2015
Science historian tells a timely story about Einstein and his most dangerous critic 26 May 2015
The "Quantum" Sleeping Beauty --Why Einstein's Paper Took Half a Century to Make an Impact 26 May 2015
Protocol corrects virtually all errors in quantum memory, but requires little measure of quantum states 26 May 2015
DOE Makes Graphene Ready for Prime Time 26 May 2015
Do atoms going through a double slit ‘know’ if they are being observed? 26 May 2015
Did Curiosity Rover Cause Mars' Mysterious Methane Spike? 26 May 2015
The monopoly of aluminium is broken 25 May 2015
Breakthrough for electric cars: Supercapacitors from miracle substance graphene charges batteries in 4 minutes 25 May 2015
Elon Musk is terrified that Google CEO Larry Page will accidentally create 'evil' robots that take over the world 25 May 2015
Einstein and Schrödinger: The price of fame 25 May 2015
Planets in Other Universes: Habitability constraints on density fluctuations and galactic structure 25 May 2015
Feynman and the Bomb 25 May 2015
US SPACE Act extends easy ride for commercial space ventures 23 May 2015
Could Chromatin Organization be the Key to Eternal Youth? 23 May 2015
New semiliquid battery competitive with both Li-ion batteries and supercapacitors 22 May 2015
The past, present and future of smartphone batteries 22 May 2015
Clearest Photo Ever Of Ceres' Bright Spots Still Doesn't Answer Mystery 22 May 2015
In search of quantum computing’s Holy Grail 22 May 2015
The new shape of fusion 22 May 2015
How to make continuous rolls of graphene 22 May 2015
Quantum signatures of electronic transport in graphene discovered 22 May 2015
Visualizing how radiation bombardment boosts superconductivity 22 May 2015
Quantum-mechanical Models Predict New Phase of Matter 22 May 2015
Could 'green rust' be a catalyst for Martian life? 22 May 2015
Eight Things To Know As The Large Hadron Collider Breaks Energy Records 22 May 2015
Are Dying Carbon Stars The Ultimate Source Of Our DNA? 20 May 2015
Spatial Tests of Dark Matter 20 May 2015
Fundamental magnetism discovery: New class of swelling magnets 20 May 2015
Moore's Law Keeps Going, Defying Expectations 20 May 2015
Cubesat: Small-satellite technology to observe physical phenomena far from Earth 20 May 2015
Microsoft’s HoloLens Will Put Realistic, 3-D People in Your Living Room 20 May 2015
Toward 'green' paper-thin, flexible electronics 20 May 2015
Why Elon Musk Isn’t Going to Mars Any Time Soon 20 May 2015
Hang gliders on Mars: So crazy it just might work 20 May 2015
Martian travel posters promote the wonders of the red planet: SpaceX adverts showcase jetpack tours, views from the moons of Mars and cable car trips up Olympus Mons 20 May 2015
Physicists find ways to increase antihydrogen production 20 May 2015
Quantum physics: What is really real? 20 May 2015
Is metallic glass poised to come of age? 20 May 2015
Greetings from Earth! New Horizons could make contact with aliens after its historic flyby of Pluto in July 19 May 2015
Tiny Solar Sail 'Cubesat' Launching with X-37B Space Plane on Wednesday 19 May 2015
How the Universe Pulled a Vanishing Act 19 May 2015
Nonphotosynthetic Pigments as Potential Extraterrestrial Biosignatures 19 May 2015
Printing 3-D graphene structures for tissue engineering 19 May 2015
Scientists restore youthful vigour to adult brains 19 May 2015
New hydrogen-isotope measurements refine the picture of water on Mars 19 May 2015
Scientists print low cost radio frequency antenna with graphene ink 19 May 2015
Quantum Life Spreads Entanglement Across Generations 19 May 2015
'Young blood' anti-ageing mechanism called into question 19 May 2015
Here's how to download the code NASA uses in its rockets 19 May 2015
Computing at the speed of light: Team takes big step toward much faster computers 18 May 2015
Meet Lily 18 May 2015
Researchers hone technique for finding signs of life on the Red Planet 18 May 2015
How close are we to finding aliens? 18 May 2015
Google's Quest for Immortality 17 May 2015
Consciousness Does Not Compute (and Never Will), Says Korean Scientist 17 May 2015
NASA: 10,000-year-old Antarctic ice shelf will disappear by 2020 17 May 2015
Revolution in out understanding of time, quantum & conscioussness 1 17 May 2015
All hail the Standard Model, once again 17 May 2015
Within colors of bees and butterflies, an optical engineer's dream is realized 17 May 2015
Quantum physics on tap: Nano-sized faucet offers experimental support for longstanding quantum theory 17 May 2015
Max Tegmark (MIT): Nuclear War from a Cosmic Perspective 17 May 2015
Particle physics discovery raises hope for a theory of everything 17 May 2015
Oak Ridge team demonstrates first large-scale graphene fabrication 17 May 2015
Tiny diamonds wrapped in graphene get rid of friction 17 May 2015
Dark Energy: Reason for the Existence of a Classical Universe? 17 May 2015
Why humanity may yet reach the stars 17 May 2015
Scientists Unravel the Mysteries of Spider Silk with New Model 17 May 2015
Superhydrophobic glass coating offers clear benefits 14 May 2015
Intense lasers cook up complex, self-assembled nanomaterials, fast 14 May 2015
Electron pairing without superconductivity seen at long last 14 May 2015
CLAIRE brings electron microscopy to soft materials 14 May 2015
Found: giant spirals in space that could explain our existence 14 May 2015
Performance degradation mechanism of a helicon plasma rocket thruster 14 May 2015
Silicon Chips That See Are Going to Make Your Smartphone Brilliant 14 May 2015
Time traveling particles in the LHC: Part I 14 May 2015
A New Way of Looking at Placebos: An Entanglement Theory 14 May 2015
Genetically engineering life forms to travel and colonize space 14 May 2015
EmDrive and 'warp drive' are two different things - Nasa's still working on EmDrive 14 May 2015
Lawrence M Krauss: The Big Unanswered Questions 14 May 2015