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Why quantum cryptography could be a one-way street 28 April 2016
Losing Light in a BEC 28 April 2016
'Game-changer' for photonics applications: Researchers demonstrate record optical nonlinearity 28 April 2016
Scientists Claim to See a “New State” of Water 28 April 2016
Artificial intelligence now fits inside a USB stick 28 April 2016
Did Black Hole “Mimickers” Produce LIGO Signal? 27 April 2016
James Webb's mirror is revealed 27 April 2016
Ingenious method enables sharper flat-panel displays at lower energy costs 27 April 2016
Theory establishes a path to high-performance 2-D semiconductor devices 27 April 2016
A Math Genius Like No Other Comes to the Big Screen 27 April 2016
That mighty thud was CERN dropping 300TB of raw collider data to the Internet 27 April 2016
This Ion Thruster Is The Futuristic Engine That Will Take Us To Mercury 27 April 2016
SpaceX plans to send its Dragon spacecraft to Mars 27 April 2016
Graphene steps into biomedicine 26 April 2016
Quantum filter integrates 20,000 Josephson junctions 26 April 2016
Gravitational Waves from Black Hole Megamergers are Weaker than Predicted 26 April 2016
Can Starshot Work? 26 April 2016
Is the universe littered with WORMHOLES? Supermassive black holes laced with dark matter could produce 'tunnels' in space 26 April 2016
Bizarre signals coming from a far-flung planet were caused by ferocious lightning storms 26 April 2016
Why Space and Time Might Be an Illusion 26 April 2016
Rare Earth atoms see the light 25 April 2016
Did Asteroid Impacts Incubate Mars' Ancient Oceans? 25 April 2016
New CRISPR Gene Editing Method Can Edit Single Letters of DNA 25 April 2016
Lockheed's New Asteroid Endeavor Has Deep Roots 25 April 2016
Hacking the LHC to sift trash could help find a mystery particle 25 April 2016
Scientists take next step towards observing quantum physics in real life 25 April 2016
Physicists demonstrate using non-polarized light to produce spin voltage in metal for first time 25 April 2016
Why Is NASA Getting Ready To Fight A War In Space? Space Weapons On The Rise 25 April 2016
Dark Matter + Black Hole = Wormhole? 25 April 2016
Study Suggests Donnie Darko-Like Wormholes Are Possible 25 April 2016
NASA Plans a Journey to the Ocean at the Center of an Icy Moon 25 April 2016
Quantum Computing Technology Reaches New Milestone; Quantum Data Bus Finally Attainable? 24 April 2016
The Universe, where space-time becomes discrete 24 April 2016
Saturday Night Science: Coming Home 24 April 2016
'Lack of political will' strains space program 24 April 2016
Mind. Blown. Brain-controlled drone race pushes future tech 23 April 2016
Unveiling the grammar of biological cells 23 April 2016
The big question of 'how physics makes us free' 23 April 2016
Bell Correlations in a Bose-Einstein Condensate 23 April 2016
Exoplanet Atmospheres - Chemistry, Formation Conditions and Habitability 23 April 2016
Habitability of planets on eccentric orbits: the limits of the mean flux approximation 23 April 2016
Dark matter does not contain certain axion-like particles 23 April 2016
Stephen Hawking Suggests Black Holes Are Possible Portals To Another Universe 23 April 2016
First direct evidence of ancient Mars’s oxygen-rich atmosphere 23 April 2016
Dust of Life From the Great Beyond 23 April 2016
Exoplanetary Atmospheres: Chemistry, Formation Conditions, and Habitability 23 April 2016
Neil deGrasse Tyson says it’s ‘very likely’ the universe is a simulation 23 April 2016
NASA Will Test a Solar Electric Propulsion System on the Asteroid Redirect Mission 23 April 2016
Would YOU want to live forever? Expert claims we could extend our lives and become 'virtually immortal' as soon as 2029 21 April 2016
Can Physicists Ever Prove the Multiverse Is Real? 21 April 2016
Humans have pondered aliens since medieval times 21 April 2016
Diphoton bump at LHC leads to generation of hundreds of theoretical papers 21 April 2016
Why Intel’s Job Cuts May Be Just the Beginning 21 April 2016
System creates on-demand 'nanotube forests,' has potential industry applications 21 April 2016
Engineers Race to Entomb the Decaying Chernobyl Reactor 21 April 2016
Battery tech with off-the-charts charging capacity 21 April 2016
We Still Haven’t Found a Fountain of Youth in Our DNA 21 April 2016
The atom without properties 21 April 2016
In Cold Fusion 2.0, Who's Scamming Whom? 21 April 2016
Lockheed Martin will construct the "interplanetary" road for space travel 21 April 2016
Bizarre 'Bell' entanglement is spotted in large numbers of atoms for the first time: Correlation takes us another step closer to superfast quantum computers 21 April 2016
Handle with quantum care 21 April 2016
Waveguide with integrated carbon nanotubes for conversion of electric signals into light 20 April 2016
Magic Leap Has a Headset, but Its Technology Is Still Mysterious 20 April 2016
The Untold Story of Magic Leap, the World’s Most Secretive Startup 20 April 2016
To find ET, look at who’s (maybe) looking at us 20 April 2016
With simple process, engineers fabricate fastest flexible silicon transistor 20 April 2016
Testing quantised inertia on the emdrive 20 April 2016
The puzzle of flyby anomolies 20 April 2016
How alien can a planet be and still support life? 20 April 2016
European Scientists Weigh Possibility of Visiting Jupiter's Europa 20 April 2016
The Curious Link Between the Fly-By Anomaly and the “Impossible” EmDrive Thruster 20 April 2016
We are closing in on possible whereabouts of Planet Nine 20 April 2016
The Imprecise Search for Habitability 20 April 2016
Liver damage in space mice raises doubts for human exploration 20 April 2016
Incredible Light Trick Makes Backward Time Travel Possible 19 April 2016
Space-Grown Mouse Embryos Are a Step Toward Human Colonization 19 April 2016
Electronic Blood: Powering machines of the future 19 April 2016
Flying tanks: Russia’s robotic Armata system to have own scout drone 19 April 2016
Why We Desperately Need to Study More Female Astronauts 19 April 2016
Theorizing about the LHC's 750 GeV bump 19 April 2016
New telescopes will search for signs of life on distant planets 19 April 2016
New 3-D Printing Technique Makes Tougher Ceramics 19 April 2016
New technique to probe 'noise' in quantum computing 19 April 2016
Yuri Milner's Starshot Won’t Find Alien Life, but Will Open the Final Frontier 19 April 2016
Flowing salt water over graphene generates electricity 18 April 2016
Science Or Fiction: Could Parallel Universes Be Real? 18 April 2016
Inverse spin Hall effect: A new way to get electricity from magnetism 18 April 2016
Gravitational wave hunters gear up to detect extreme black holes 18 April 2016
Will we know extraterrestrial life when we see it? 18 April 2016
Forging a role in low-end nuclear fusion 18 April 2016
Quantum computing closer as RMIT drives towards first quantum data bus 18 April 2016
Google, NASA put big money on D-Wave's quantum computer 18 April 2016
Scientists Pinpoint Milky Way's Most Habitable Neighborhoods 17 April 2016
Race for Latest Class of Nuclear Arms Threatens to Revive Cold War 17 April 2016
Greenland’s Ice Sheet Sees Alarming Meltdown 17 April 2016
Is Alpha Centauri The Best Place To Look For Aliens? 17 April 2016
Debate Intensifies Over Dark Disk Theory 16 April 2016
Human Intuition Defeats Artificial Intelligence in Quantum Computing Game 16 April 2016
Space station turf war is coming – who will own low Earth orbit? 16 April 2016