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Growing large-volume protein crystals bigger, better in space 25 July 2016
'Exceptional points' give rise to counterintuitive physical effects 25 July 2016
NASA’s new DNA sequencer on the ISS could be used on aliens 25 July 2016
CP violation or new physics? 25 July 2016
‘Tractor beams’ build atom-by-atom assembly in mid-air 25 July 2016
Newly discovered material property may lead to high temp superconductivity 24 July 2016
Watching neurons talk in a living brain 24 July 2016
Two Atoms Can Jointly Absorb One Photon 23 July 2016
Scientists program cells to remember and respond to series of stimuli 23 July 2016
Will The 'Great Attractor' Defeat Dark Energy? 23 July 2016
Vitamin Powered Batteries Are Greener Alternative To Metal Ion Based Batteries 21 July 2016
Unconventional quasiparticles predicted in conventional crystals 21 July 2016
Mining Black Hole Collisions for New Physics 21 July 2016
Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Technology: Cargo Shipping At 745mph Possible; Putin, Russia Support Project 21 July 2016
This protein designer aims to revolutionize medicines and materials 21 July 2016
Students calculate how to build Star Trek photon torpedoes 21 July 2016
Researchers make leap in measuring quantum states 21 July 2016
Error fix for long-lived qubits brings quantum computers nearer 21 July 2016
Dark Matter May Be Completely Invisible, Concludes World's Most Sensitive Search 21 July 2016
Harvesting water from air with less energy 20 July 2016
NASA Unveils Its Future Plans For The Solar System 20 July 2016
New device lengthens the life of quantum information 20 July 2016
Short-wavelength spin waves generated directly for the first time 20 July 2016
New nanoscale technologies could revolutionize microscopes, study of disease 20 July 2016
Attempt to explain away ‘dark energy’ takes a hit 20 July 2016
Human brain mapped in unprecedented detail 20 July 2016
First atmospheric study of Earth-sized exoplanets points to possible habitability 20 July 2016
Quantum Computer Accurately Simulates Hydrogen Molecule, Could Revolutionize Many Industries 20 July 2016
How Lockheed Martin Plans To Set Up A Base Camp In Mars' Orbit 20 July 2016
What shape are photons? Quantum holography sheds light 20 July 2016
A Debate Over the Physics of Time 19 July 2016
Mars 2020 Mission Brings EDL Microphones To Hear Mars Sounds 19 July 2016
Russia Is Developing Hypersonic Stealth Nuclear Space Bomber, Report Says 19 July 2016
People May Sense Single Photons 19 July 2016
2 Newfound Alien Planets May Be Capable of Supporting Life 19 July 2016
Weird quantum effects stretch across hundreds of miles 19 July 2016
Upsizing nanostructures into light, flexible 3-D printed metallic materials 18 July 2016
All you need for quantum computing at room temperature is some mothballs 18 July 2016
Chasing the Exciton Condensate 18 July 2016
Smallest hard disk to date writes information atom by atom 18 July 2016
The birth of quantum holography: Making holograms of single light particles! 18 July 2016
SpaceX Lands Another Rocket 18 July 2016
NASA's Kepler confirms 100+ exoplanets during its K2 mission 18 July 2016
Surface composition determines temperature and therefore habitability of a planet 15 July 2016
Three Puzzles Inspired by Ramanujan 15 July 2016
A Bird’s-Eye View of Nature’s Hidden Order 15 July 2016
Russian Military Plans On Launching Weaponized Space Plane 15 July 2016
Opinion: Can Aircraft And Space Traffic Coexist? 15 July 2016
Scientists move one step closer to creating an invisibility cloak 15 July 2016
Here’s how the world could end—and what we can do about it 15 July 2016
Holes Found In Sun's Atmosphere, Will These Cause Danger? 15 July 2016
IBM Quantum Computing Push Gathering Steam 15 July 2016
Quantum Superconducting Advance 15 July 2016
A Major Breakthrough Graphene Battery Takes Just 15 Minutes To Recharge 15 July 2016
Quantum Communications—Replacing the Slow Speed of Light 15 July 2016
Welcome To The Entanglement 15 July 2016
Nonverbal Autistic Child Demonstrates Remarkable Telepathic Abilities To A Neuroscientist 15 July 2016
Meet the Guy Who Left the SETI Institute to Talk to Aliens 15 July 2016
Organic computers are coming 15 July 2016
'Space Plane' which could fly anywhere in the world in four hours secures €10,000 development contract 14 July 2016
New light harvesting potentials uncovered 14 July 2016
Graphene sheets tear themselves to ribbons 14 July 2016
Were There Aliens Before Us? (stupid question) 14 July 2016
Can An Unstable Vacuum Drive The Expansion Of The Universe? 13 July 2016
Could Dark Energy Be Caused By Frozen Neutrinos? 13 July 2016
Still mysterious, aging may prove malleable 13 July 2016
Using wireless interface, operators control multiple drones by thinking of various tasks 13 July 2016
Invisible particles 'seen' for the first time 13 July 2016
Researchers generate 3D images using just one photon per pixel (w/ video) 13 July 2016
Electrical waves travel through bioengineered tissue 12 July 2016
Scientists are grappling with this critical risk to a human mission to Mars 12 July 2016
Researchers blur the line between classical and quantum physics by connecting chaos and entanglement 12 July 2016
If life can make it here, it can make it anywhere 12 July 2016
What alien life will REALLY look like: Researchers claim they are 'confident' of finding complex, animal-like creatures 12 July 2016
Watch out, silicon chips: Molecular electronics are coming 11 July 2016
Diamond coupled to carbon nanotube could be used for quantum information processing 11 July 2016
Relativistic electrons trapped within graphene quantum dots 11 July 2016
Space News Update: Lack Of Gravity May Cause Astronauts' Eyesight To Deteriorate 11 July 2016
Scientists grow atomically thin transistors and circuits 11 July 2016
Looking to space as an asteroid miner 11 July 2016
Scientists have spotted a 'vanishing' star they think could be evidence of aliens 11 July 2016
The Very Strange -- And Fascinating -- Ideas Behind IBM's Quantum Computer 11 July 2016
Manipulating superconducting plasma waves with terahertz light 11 July 2016
The Mind–Body Problem, Scientific Regress and "Woo" 11 July 2016
Chemistry professor is first to use light to make gold crystal nanoparticles 10 July 2016
Water Clouds Observed Outside The Solar System, WISE 0855 Looks Like Jupiter! 09 July 2016
Cosmologist Paul Davies proposes theory that building blocks of life may not be chemicals but information 09 July 2016
How Feynman Diagrams Almost Saved Space 08 July 2016
Air Force Chief Scientist: Hypersonic Weapons by 2020s 08 July 2016
Quantum processor for single photons 08 July 2016
New clues could help scientists harness the power of photosynthesis 08 July 2016
Could Vanishing Stars Be A Clue To Alien Life? 08 July 2016
Extra dimensions, gravitons, and tiny black holes 08 July 2016
Google Tests New Crypto in Chrome to Fend Off Quantum Attacks 08 July 2016
New record in microwave detection 08 July 2016
Quantifying the origins of life on a planetary scale 08 July 2016
SETI Institute calls for new tools in search for extraterrestrial intelligence 08 July 2016
This mysterious orange moon 800 million miles from Earth might be home to a unique form of alien life 08 July 2016
Atomic bits despite zero-point energy? 08 July 2016
CIA's Project "STARGATE" Dataset 06 July 2016