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New proposal for entanglement signaling 17 September 2014
UCI team is first to capture motion of single molecule in real time 16 September 2014
The future face of molecular electronics 16 September 2014
Relativity is Right on Time, Again 16 September 2014
First water-based nuclear battery can be used to generate electrical energy 16 September 2014
Mars homes could be built in 24 hours using 3D printers 16 September 2014
Probleme mit String Theory 15 September 2014
Dark Energy Explained? 15 September 2014
Planets with Oddball Orbits Like Mercury Could Host Life 15 September 2014
Martian meteorite yields more evidence of the possibility of life on Mars 15 September 2014
Invisibility cloaks closer thanks to ‘digital metamaterials’ 15 September 2014
Elon Musk: SpaceX Wants To Build A City On Mars 14 September 2014
Happy 75th, to Jack Sarfatti! 14 September 2014
Happy 75th, Jack Sarfatti! 14 September 2014
Study sheds new light on why batteries go bad 14 September 2014
Water-splitter could make hydrogen fuel on Mars 14 September 2014
Surging Carbon Dioxide Shows Clean Tech Failure 14 September 2014
Three's a charm: NIST detectors reveal entangled photon triplets 14 September 2014
A tool for measuring atomic properties at the quantum limit 13 September 2014
Fluid mechanics suggests alternative to quantum orthodoxy 13 September 2014
World's First Three-Dimensional Printed Car Made in Chicago 13 September 2014
Graphene: $10 Bet Leads to Breakthrough in Production of the Wonder Material 13 September 2014
NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover Arrives at Martian Mountain 13 September 2014
UPDATED Sept 14, 2014 Physical Meaning of Gauge in Gravity & EM 12 September 2014
Are we CGI in a world hologram simulation? 11 September 2014
Alien life search: Spotting atmospheric chemistry of alien worlds devoid of life 11 September 2014
Major discovery! New species of electrons can lead to better computing 11 September 2014
What Hawking really meant 11 September 2014
A "soft" machine that walks through snow, flames and can be run over by cars 11 September 2014
Stanford engineers help describe key mechanism in energy and information storage 11 September 2014
The quantum computing revolution is a step closer 11 September 2014
Diamond and Silicon Get Entangled 11 September 2014
Ceramics don't have to be brittle: Materials scientists are creating materials by design 11 September 2014
Graphene paints a corrosion-free future 11 September 2014
The sound of an atom has been captured 11 September 2014
Researchers create a Maxwell’s demon with a single electron 11 September 2014
NASA to Send Sample-Return Mission to Earth-Bound Asteroid [Video] 11 September 2014
A Super-Strong and Lightweight New Nano Metamaterial 11 September 2014
Are aliens hiding on MOONS? Hunting for ET on planets' satellites may be our best chance at first contact, claims expert 11 September 2014
Is desperation for new physics clouding our vision for new colliders? 10 September 2014
Molecular self-assembly controls graphene-edge configuration 10 September 2014
Electronics that need very little energy? Nanotechnology used to help cool electrons with no external sources 10 September 2014
Maven Mission Could Help Unlock Mars’s Secrets 10 September 2014
Researcher tracks photons to develop unprecedented quantum technology 10 September 2014
New Quantum Particle Calculations Make Waves in Field 09 September 2014
Squeezed quantum communication: Flashes of light in quantum states transmitted through atmosphere 09 September 2014
'Solid' light could compute previously unsolvable problems 09 September 2014
New Study Revisits Miller-Urey Experiment at the Quantum Level 09 September 2014
Sapphire Screens Would Test Apple’s Manufacturing and Design Skills 09 September 2014
Holography entangles quantum physics with gravity 09 September 2014
Stephen Hawking Fears Higgs Boson Doomsday, and He's Not Alone 09 September 2014
Microwave Photons Move Out of Equilibrium 08 September 2014
Two Orbiters, One Comet Arriving At Mars Soon 08 September 2014
The first low-energy optical transistor component heralds a new era of 'photonic' technology 08 September 2014
Layered graphene sandwich for next generation metamaterial based electronics 08 September 2014
Europa's icy plate tectonics may support life 08 September 2014
Topological Photonics 08 September 2014
Diamond Nanophotonics 08 September 2014
NASA Curiosity catches cloud cover over Mars, suggests water and presence of life 08 September 2014
New paper by Towler and Valentini 07 September 2014
Conversation of Jack Sarfatti with Deepak Chopra Sept 7, 2014 1 07 September 2014
A New Practical Use For Graphene Will Revolutionise Night Vision Technology 07 September 2014
Icy Jupiter moon may be actively recycling its surface 07 September 2014
Hunt for alien life is not a question of ‘if’ but ‘what’ 06 September 2014
Mother of Higgs boson found in superconductors 06 September 2014
First graphene-based flexible display produced 06 September 2014
Rotating Ellis Wormholes in Four Dimensions 06 September 2014
Low power starship warp drive 05 September 2014
How much gravity is enough? 04 September 2014
Chameleons and holograms: Dark energy hunt gets weird 04 September 2014
'Soccer-ball' robots to patrol space for deadly junk 04 September 2014
A metallic alloy that is tough and ductile at cryogenic temperatures 04 September 2014
The Graphene Effect 04 September 2014
Quantum Photonics on a Chip 04 September 2014
A new model for a cosmological enigma -- dark matter: Solving long-standing and troublesome puzzles 04 September 2014
Google Launches Effort to Build Its Own Quantum Computer 04 September 2014
Scientists Prepare to Solve Mystery of Sumerian DNA 03 September 2014
Vaidman's Experiment Proves Aharonov is correct 03 September 2014
DNA May Have Had Humble Beginnings As Nutrient Carrier 03 September 2014
Breakthrough for carbon nanotube solar cells 03 September 2014
Non-volatile memory improves energy efficiency by two orders of magnitude 03 September 2014
Superabsorbing rings could lead to better cameras and solar cells 03 September 2014
Metamaterial microwave holographic imaging system 03 September 2014
Google is is planning to build its own quantum computing processors 03 September 2014
Sarfatti Commentary: New insight into the meaning of gauge freedom in both electromagnetism and gravity 02 September 2014
Sprinkling spin physics onto a superconductor 02 September 2014
New synthesis method may shape future of nanostructures, clean energy 02 September 2014
Tensor networks get entangled with quantum gravity 02 September 2014
A Salty, Martian Meteorite Offers Clues to Habitability 02 September 2014
Big Bang ruled out as origin of lithium-6 02 September 2014
Scientists create renewable fossil fuel alternative using bacteria 02 September 2014
Time Travel Simulation Resolves “Grandfather Paradox” 02 September 2014
Sarfatti Comments Key Physics Concepts V1 (under construction) 01 September 2014
Macroscopic quantum teleportation: the story of my chair 01 September 2014
Fine-tuning quantum features to develop future technologies 01 September 2014
Sarfatti 1975 -> Susskind 2013 ER = EPR 31 August 2014
Could we soon send emails 'telepathically'? Scientist transmits message into the mind of a colleague 5,000 miles away using brain waves 31 August 2014
Progress on a Powerful New Way to Generate Electricity 30 August 2014
Pioneer strategy for creating new materials 30 August 2014
Transgenically Produced High Strength Dragline Spider Silk Ready for Commericial Applications 30 August 2014