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Hydrogen dissociation measurement puts theory at odds with experiment 15 July 2018
Will Science Ever Solve the Mysteries of Consciousness, Free Will and God? 15 July 2018
A Physicist Wants to Bend Time with Lasers to Save His Father 15 July 2018
Scrambling Time and Causal Structure of the Photon Sphere of a Schwarzchild Black Hole 14 July 2018
Tuning into quantum: Scientists unlock signal frequency control of precision atom qubits 13 July 2018
First machine learning method capable of accurate extrapolation 13 July 2018
Could Brain Stimulation Slow Cancer? 13 July 2018
100 bats and a long, dark tunnel: one neuroscientist’s quest to unlock the secrets of 3D navigation 13 July 2018
NASA Discovers Two Asteroids Hours After They Slipped Past Earth 13 July 2018
How might dark matter interact with ordinary matter? 13 July 2018
New Quantum Computer Milestone Would Make Richard Feynman Very Happy 13 July 2018
Hubble and Gaia team up to fuel cosmic conundrum 13 July 2018
NASA accidentally burned ‘life on Mars’ evidence decades ago 12 July 2018
Ideal Mergers for Measuring Cosmic Expansion 12 July 2018
IceCube pinpoints an extragalactic neutrino source 12 July 2018
Can ultrashort electron flashes help harvest nuclear energy? 12 July 2018
Graphene smart membranes can control water 12 July 2018
Ammonia—a renewable fuel made from sun, air, and water—could power the globe without carbon 12 July 2018
Open and Shut Case (?) 12 July 2018
Single subatomic particle illuminates mysterious origins of cosmic rays 12 July 2018
Researchers Move One Step Closer to High-Performance Quantum Computing 12 July 2018
Breakthrough in construction of computers for mimicking human brain 12 July 2018
Chemists achieve unprecedented molecular triple jump with multi-ringed metal complexes 12 July 2018
Discovery of Massive Granite Sarcophagus Presents Mystery of Who Is Inside 12 July 2018
Alien Planets Without Oxygen Could Still Be Home To Extraterrestrial Life 12 July 2018
Alien BREAKTHROUGH: Scientists discover nearby planet could HOST LIFE 12 July 2018
The US Military Has a New Facility for Overseeing Nuclear War 12 July 2018
The rise of artificial intelligence DDoS attacks 12 July 2018
Magnetic vortices: Two independent magnetic skyrmion phases discovered in a single material 12 July 2018
How to build a real time machine 10 July 2018
Why graphene hasn’t taken over the world...yet 10 July 2018
Method of Making Oxygen from Water in Zero Gravity Raises Hope for Long-Distance Space Travel 10 July 2018
Photonic Quantum Computing may be Closer Than Previously Thought 10 July 2018
Qubits as valves: Controlling quantum heat engines 10 July 2018
The future internet could be built of diamonds 10 July 2018
To Make Sense of the Present, Brains May Predict the Future 10 July 2018
Underlying mechanism discovered for magnetic effect in superconducting spintronics 10 July 2018
Manipulating single atoms with an electron beam 10 July 2018
Conductive property of graphene, advancing promise of solar technology 10 July 2018
Hunt for dark matter turns to ancient minerals 10 July 2018
The Human Eye Could Help Test Quantum Mechanics 10 July 2018
A step closer to single-atom data storage 10 July 2018
Physicists uncover why nanomaterial loses superconductivity 09 July 2018
Life on Mars Could Have Gotten an Early Start, 'Black Beauty' Meteorite Suggests 09 July 2018
A Hot Topic in the Quantum Hall Effect 09 July 2018
Generating electrical power from waste heat 09 July 2018
Think You Know How Disruptive Artificial Intelligence Is? Think Again 07 July 2018
Researchers upend conventional wisdom on thermal conductivity 07 July 2018
There Are 121 Giant Planets In The Milky Way With Moons That Could Harbor Alien LifeTo read more, click here. 07 July 2018
Non-von Neumann zettaFLOPS supercomputers, yottaFLOPS cryogenic supercomputers and beyond with molecular nanotechnology 07 July 2018
How Will Future Civilizations Survive the Accelerating Expansion of the Universe? 07 July 2018
Implanting diamonds with flaws to provide key technology for quantum communications 07 July 2018
Researchers develop 'MicroMegascope': imaging with a tuning fork 05 July 2018
Collective Spin Behavior in an Ultracold Quantum Gas 05 July 2018
Scientists pump up chances for quantum computing 05 July 2018
Test tube artificial neural network recognizes 'molecular handwriting' 05 July 2018
What Is the Sun Made Of and When Will It Die? 05 July 2018
Here's What Life On Other Planets Might Look Like According To Scientists 05 July 2018
There Won’t Be a Single Moment When We “Discover” Alien Life 05 July 2018
Semiconductor quantum transistor opens the door for photon-based computing 05 July 2018
Life on Mars: Resilient bacteria thriving in briny water could live on Mars and Jupiter 05 July 2018
Google’s artificial intelligence ethics won't curb war by algorithm 04 July 2018
The dawning of the molecular computing age? Groundbreaking service to store vast amounts of data on DNA pellets revealed 04 July 2018
New experimental results from the largest and most sophisticated stellarator 04 July 2018
Even phenomenally dense neutron stars fall like a feather 04 July 2018
The hunt is on to find why some bacteria survive in space 04 July 2018
Time examined and time experienced 03 July 2018
This Is How Much Dark Matter Passes Through Your Body Every Second 03 July 2018
As Space Becomes a Busy Place, NASA Bolsters Its Planet-Contamination Police 03 July 2018
Think big, go small 03 July 2018
Observing the universe with a camera traveling at near the speed of light (Huh? 20 percent of the speed of light is nowhere "near the speed of light.") 02 July 2018
Game changing invention to revolutionise cybersecurity 02 July 2018
Mysterious high-energy event in IceCube could be a tau neutrino 02 July 2018
The First Stars May Shed Light on Dark Matter 02 July 2018
Restoring sight with retinal prostheses 02 July 2018
There’s no limit to longevity, says study that revives human lifespan debate 02 July 2018
'Breakthrough' algorithm exponentially faster than any previous one 02 July 2018
Salamander’s Genome Guards Secrets of Limb Regrowth 02 July 2018
India To Launch Chandrayaan-2 Mission That Will Hunt For Nuclear Fusion Fuel On The Moon 01 July 2018
Tech companies just woke up to a big problem with their AI 30 June 2018
Can Artificial Intelligence Keep Your Home Secure? 30 June 2018
Thai cave rescue: Drones, dogs, drilling and desperation 30 June 2018
New Dark Age by James Bridle review – technology and the end of the future 30 June 2018
Boeing's Hypersonic Vision: A Sleek Passenger Plane That Can Hit Mach 5 30 June 2018
How China Is Trying to Invent the Future as a Science Superpower 30 June 2018
Could Quantum Computing Be the End of Free Will? 30 June 2018
Mach Effect Propellentless Starship Thruster still works as Tajmar team made substantial mistakes in their tests 30 June 2018
Mini machines can evade friction by taking quantum shortcuts 29 June 2018
Unlocking the promise of approximate computing for on-chip AI acceleration 29 June 2018
Stellarator record for fusion product / first confirmation for optimization 29 June 2018
Curvature Invariants for Lorentzian Traversable Wormholes 29 June 2018
Searching for the Quantumness of Gravity 29 June 2018
Novel hybrid catalyst to split water discovered 29 June 2018
Quantum gas reveals first signs of path-bending monopole 29 June 2018
Experiment Provides Further Insights into Higgs Boson Physics 29 June 2018
Mars valleys traced back to precipitation 29 June 2018
Is Colonizing Mars the Most Important Project in Human History? 29 June 2018
More Clues That Earth-Like Exoplanets Are Indeed Earth-Like 29 June 2018
U.S. Special Operators Eye Adding Suicide Drones To Their Stealthy Speedboats 28 June 2018
MyDefence Launches PITBULL – Wearable Counter UAS Jammer 28 June 2018