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Part 1. Machine intelligence with natural human consciousness is today 2015 now more likely than ever because of several converging discoveries. First, we have Stuart Hameroff's discovery that some anesthetic molecules work by jamming the protein dimer molecular switches in the nanometer scale microtubule "cable signal networks"that look like computer chip architecture under the electron microscope. The microtubules are even found in single-cell organisms and control probably every function of life. Second we have David Bohm's 1952 papers on his extension of de Broglie's pilot wave theory. There was a great debate at the Solvay conferences in the 1920s and, unfortunately for the progress of physics, Bohr's Copenhagen Interpretation won the day and de Broglie prematurely abandoned his theory. Bohr was an idealist thinking that the quantum information field "wave function" was a complete description of reality. Einstein, in de Broglie's camp mocked Bohr by saying "Do you really think the moon is not there when no one looks?" Heisenberg, Von Neumann, Wigner, Wheeler all swallowed Bohr's narrative. They had to invoke a "miracle" in Bohr's essentially magical thinking that the electrons, atoms, molecules , electromagnetic  and gravitational fields of modern technology "collapsed" into existence from this "thought like" quantum wave. Sir Roger Penrose describes this Copenhagen view as well as Hameroff's microtubules in his several popular books such as "The Emperor's New Mind." The now popular "many worlds" picture of quantum theory does not have collapse, but suffers from what Wheeler called "excess metaphysical baggage" requiring an infinity of copies of us in parallel universes. Indeed, David Deutsch and Max Tegmark are charismatic proponents of this point of view. All the quantum pundits from Bohr on associated the quantum wave function with thought, mentality, at least as an analogy if not a strict literal identification. For example, in the 1920s Sir James Jeans wrote that the universe appears more like a great thought than a great machine - as the Newtonians imagined. David Chalmers in his papers and books on the "hard problem" of how our conscious awareness and feelings ("qualia") fit into physical science noted that there must be something in the objective world that is intrinsically irreducibly mental. It's there right in front of our noses - the quantum wave function is intrinsically mental. Henry Pierce Stapp describes it as "thought like." Stapp, following Wigner, Von Neumann, London posits that it's the miraculous collapse of the thought like quantum information field into electrons, atoms, molecules, classical electromagnetic and gravitational fields that creates the classical world that we experience in our "stream of consciousness" (William James).  Bohm's 1952 picture is different. The young Bohm says that both quantum waves on the one hand, and classical objects like electrons, protons, neutrons, atoms, molecules crystals, electromagnetic and gravity fields exist as our common sense tells us, but that under certain conditions they are significantly interfered with by the quantum information fields. This is like volition in which pure thought moves matter. From this point of view free will is much less an enigma. However, that is only half the story. I must digress to the story of Einstein's relativity. Einstein in 1905 finished his special relativity leading to the atomic and hydrogen bombs a half century later. Try as he might, he could not fit Newton's gravity into special relativity. It took him ten years of struggle learning tensor calculus from his friend Marcel Grossmann, having his "happiest thought" that the painter falling off his ladder in Zurich said he was "weightless" (equivalence principle) and finally, perhaps most importantly, Einstein's generalization of Newton's action-reaction principle. Einstein finally realized that what was wrong with special relativity (i.e. incomplete) was that its four-dimensional spacetime continuum geometry was rigid an absolute structure that told matter and electromagnetic fields how to move without any back-reaction of matter and electromagnetic fields on the continuum.  That is, spacetime was not only the stage, on which matter and field played their part, but spacetime was also an active player in the tale leading to the "geometrodynamical field" of exploding big bangs, accelerating dark energy hologram simulated universes, dark matter galactic halos, black holes, and perhaps even the time-traveling back-from-the-future wormhole stargates of the film "Interstellar." In the same way, David Bohm with his assistant Basil Hiley finally realized in the early 1990s that like special relativity, orthodox quantum theory also violated Einstein's generalized action-reaction principle. Spacetime tells matter how to move and matter tells spacetime how to curve to create real gravity in accord with the action-reaction principle. Similarly, the de Broglie-Bohm pilot wave "mental" quantum information field tells matter, electromagnetism and even gravity how to move but there is no corresponding back-reaction of matter, electromagnetism (also sub-nuclear weak and strong gauge fields) and gravity on their respective quantum information fields. Indeed, it is this absence of direct back-reaction that prevents quantum entanglement from being exploited as a stand-alone command, control, communication channel not needing classical electromagnetic signals to locally decrypt. Indeed, the alleged security of quantum entanglement devices rests on shaky ground and may be an illusion. See David Kaiser's "How the Hippies Saved Physics" for a popular history of this topic.  If gravity is the back-reaction of matter on the spacetime continuum, what is the physical meaning of the back-reaction of matter and all the local gauge fields including gravity on their respective quantum information pilot fields? Simple, it's consciousness, qualia are excited states of the Bohm pilot field induced by the direct back-reaction of the matter etc. they are piloting. That's the key idea - the new hypothesis I am proposing as the solution to the mind-matter hard problem. If this is true, then naturally conscious machine intelligence is in the offing if we construct artificial microtubules in the appropriate non-equilibrium dissipative structure way. Indeed, the uploading of human consciousness into the Cloud may also be possible once this simple universal mechanism for consciousness is properly understood and exploited by creative nano-engineers working with biologists. Finally, there were objections to Bohm's theory that it was not relativistic and that particle paths and electromagnetic fields between strong measurements did not exist. That is no longer the case because of Yakir Aharonov's "weak measurement" theory using both back-from-the-future "destiny" quantum information as well as the orthodox past-to-present "history" quantum information waves. Australian physicist Rod I. Sutherland has taken Aharonov's work even further applying it to Bohm's 1952 pilot-wave/be-able picture showing that it is completely relativistic both for special and general as well as not needing higher dimensional spaces to describe entangled systems in which the whole is greater than the simple sum of its parts.
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