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Physicists have long been resolving and looking for a single theory that could elucidate the whole Universe. This includes what really makes up the Universe.

According to Michio Kaku, a physicist at the City College of New York and the co-founder of string field theory, which is a branch of string theory, stated that "string theory" could have the potential to be a "Theory of Everything," which is a mathematical model that denotes all fundamental forces and forms of matter. He further said that string theory is made up of dynamic strings and whose motions in space are the keys to understanding the Universe, as noted by Science Alert.

So, how does "string theory" works? Physicist Michio Kaku explained that dark matter, which is composed of about 23 percent of the Universe, is the succeeding vibration thing. He further explained that the dark energy, which comprises of about 68 percent of the Universe, occurs once the equilibriums of the superstring were fragmented. In "string theory," each vibrating string relates to a unique particle. He added that there are nearly more dimensions to the Universe than the four they previously thought that stood for everything.

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